The Mafia

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| F O U R

Sophia (POV)

I was sitting with mom and liam, we were talking and laughing, I love this moments with my two amazing people. I was happy to see jasmine again , I really need it.

ring ring

"Hello" Sophia said confused.

"Hello, is this miss.shopia"

"Yes this's she" Sophia said.

"Miss sophia, Anna is speaking with you from SDL industries company, we wanted to remind you the interview will be tomorrow at 9 o'clock."

"Okay thank you Anna for informing me" Sophia said smiling.

"Your welcome miss sophia"

End of call

"Who is that dear" Luciana said.

"It's from SDL industries, they informed me about the interview it will be tomorrow." Luciana nodded

The next morning

Sophia (POV)

I wake up at the sound of my alarm telling me it's 8 a.m, I was so excited for this interview, I really hope I get this job this time.

After showering I wear beige blouse with striped skirt and a simple heels.

"Mom I'm leaving" Sophia yelled.

"Okay dear" Luciana said.

It took thirthy minutes to arrive thank god I arrived 8:50, there is ten minutes left for the interview.

I go inside reaching for the reception, the design of the company was unique and beautiful, it was gold and brown color, this design was definitely for a billionaire.

"Excuse me, hi I'm sophia smith, I'm here for the interview.

"Hello miss Smith, you are here in time, Anna informed about you, anyway the interview is in the third floor suit one" She said smiling politely.

"Thankyou..." I said asking for her name.

"Mia" the girl said.

"Thankyou mia and please call me sophia" I said smiling at her.

I reached in time, after a few seconds I heard my name.

"Miss Smith your turn now"

I entered the office and saw a man, I can't see his face he was sitting on his chair giving me his back.

"Are you going to stare miss smith" A very familiar voice said.

"Excuse me" I said confused, but this confusion is turned shocked when he turned...

In that time I wished the earth splitting and swallows me.



Hello beautiful readers.

A new update for you.

Hope you like it.

Who's that person that makes sophia shocked?

Any guess guys.


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