The Mafia

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Sophia POV

I was shocked, he was the same man from the park, how I wish the earth swallow me.

"Are you going to stare for along time Miss Smith" The stranger said.

I shook my head no.

"Words Miss Smith" he said in a demanding way.

"No". Sophia Said.

"Very well, shall we start this interview Miss Smith" he said.

“Yeah" I said feeling uneasy for this interview.

"I looked at your CV, Miss Smith, and it shows here that you did not go to college, may I know why?" he asked raising his eyebrow.

Due to personal circumstances" I said. "And what are these personal circumstances" he said.

"I don’t think that it matters all you have to know is that I joined a business institute and know everything about the office" Sophia Said.

It seemed to me that he was angry but he deserve it, he should not have asked me this particular question if this is something that does not concern him

"Okay then if you are going to work here than there is rules you have to follow" he said smirking

After I get out from his office and of course listened to all his stupid rules, I knew that he was up to something he doesn’t wants me as his assistant, no he wants me as his servant..

I should be in his stupid office 7 o'clock a.m before all the workers, I mean what the f#$&, and there is more, he want his black coffee at 8 o'clock and if I didn't bring it on time than there is a punishment, and there is more and more...

I entered home finding it empty, maybe mom took liam with her for shopping.

Ring Ring


"God Jasmine I can hear you" I said rolling my eyes.

"Oops sorry, anyway why didn't you call me" Jasmine asked.

"I was busy in finding a new job".

"And did you find" Jasmine asked.

"Yeah" I said remembering my so called boss.

"Okay with who are you going to work and which industry" Jasmine asked.

"I don't know his name Jasmine but in SLD industries" I said.

"WHAT" Jasmine yelled.

"Why are you yelling jasmine I can hear you" I hissed.

"Do you know with who are you gonna work" Jasmine asked.

"No" I said confused.

"With the most billionaire man in this world, he is Salvatore De Luca, SDL" she said excited.

"Okay so what" I said confused.

"Are you joking Sophia " Jasmine Said.

"No jasmine so what if I’m working with it’s no big deal" I Said.

"Stupid Sophia you are working with the Greek god and you are saying no big deal really" Jasmine said dramatically.

"Jasmine please not this again" I said frustrated.

"Okay okay chill, I have to do some works I will talk to you later" Jasmine said.

"Okay bye"

Ring Ring

'Why can't I get some peace'

"Hello" I said confused.

"Hello, Am I speaking with Miss Sophia" Unknown.

"Yes ". "Miss Sophia your mom has been..."

What do you think, what happened to luciana?

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