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Sex. Love. Affairs. You know the drill... Harry: 'Keep the fuck away from her. Do you understand me?'  'Or what?' He smiled wickedly.  I felt a hand on my arm, and her voice in my ear.  'Harry, come with me. Please. Harry.' Her grip tightened on my arm and I slowly released Liam, my eyes on his.  Suddenly she was in front of me, her blue eyes focused on mine as she pushed me back. . Follow the dreams, and options and DM's of Constance, Zachariah and their friends....

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My name is Constance Elizabeth Clare Vilderwell. I am seventeen years old, and I am a Gemini.

I like yorkshire puddings and gravy probably a little more than I should, but I can't stand mushrooms or onions. Yuck.

I have a brother called Zachariah Jeremiah Rupert Vilderwell. My mother reads a lot of classical books; hence the strange names. The one difference between my brother and I, other than the fact he is effortlessly cool and I have the grace of a garden gnome, is that he detests his full name, and I love mine. Call me Connie and you are in for a slap. Zachariah goes by Zach. Ridiculous isn't it? His friends even call him Zed Bomb, I can't even bring myself to comment on how atrocious that actually is, but they do. They all spend too much time playing video games, sleeping, eating, or talking about girls. Zachariah is a Gemini too, so really I can't have expected more from him. He is seventeen too, and if you haven't already guessed it- he is my twin. Older than me by like, a second, but he likes to convert that into years, the loser.

What else would you need to know about us? Well, I have the typical English looks. Although we are twins, we are physically nothing alike. I have deep mahogany colored hair with dark blue eyes, then I was sprinkled with freckles over creamy pale skin, quite the concoction. Yet Zeus decided my brother needed to look like an Adonis in comparison, and gave him gleaming blond hair, crystal sky blue eyes and olive skin. Seriously- what I would have done with that. Argh!

I have a best friend called Sydney, who has a massive crush on Zach, which irritates me terribly. Annoyingly, he seems to quite like her too, meaning whenever they are together I immediately turn into a third wheel.

Take this morning for example.

Sydney had stayed over, and was stretched out on my spare camp bed, her long legs in her pyjama shorts swinging back and forth as she typed away on her phone. Her silky blond hair cascaded down her back in natural curls making me sick with jealousy as I looked at my reflection, wondering if I could use a hedge trimmer to get through my coarse locks.

'Hey Con, have you seen my green Nike hoody, the one with-' In barges Zach, stopping as he sees Sydney on the floor, his eyes travelling up her legs like a hungry animal. He has clearly just showered, as he has a towel draped around his waist, creating a puddle on my plush carpet.

'Hey Sydney....' he drawls, leaning against the door.

Sydney glances over her shoulder nervously as she sits up, gazing at Zach like he was breakfast.

'Hey Zach.' She breathes dreamily as he winks at her.

'No Zach, I have no idea where your bogey green hoody is.' I roll my eyes as I survey my wardrobe for the millionth time. Why didn't I have anything I liked to wear? Seriously.

'Zach, can you get out of my room. Not only is the view hideous-'

'Hell no, its not.' Cut in Sydney, her eyes fixed on my brother, who smirked at me.

'But you are wetting my floor. Get out.'

I may as well not bothered speaking, as Zach addressed Sydney.

'So I heard about you and Abel. Bummer. ' He said one thing, but meant another entirely. Sydney had not long broke up with Abel Connor, her boyfriend of two years. Zach didn't do relationships, therefore couldn't possibly know that bummer was an inappropriate form of consolation. I cringed as Sydney giggled and flicked her hair over her shoulder.

'Yeah....bummer. Or not, depending how you view it.'

Zach grinned then and raised an eyebrow.

'I like my current view, put it that way.' He said flirtatiously, and at that point I marched over to the door, pushing him out and closing it firmly.

'Sydney. I swear if you want to get it on with my brother, I suggest you do it out of my bedroom. Yuck.' She shrugged playfully before leaning back down on the bed.

'He is so damn hot though, if he was my brother I would still fancy him.'

I turned to glare at her then, unable to believe her level of stupidity.

'Get out of my room right now you absolute perverted whore bag.' I demanded and she laughed loudly. She must be absolutely mad, that girl. She could have anyone in school, but since she had known Zach it had been an ongoing flirtathon between them, with nothing ever happening. I was starting to believe they did it to wind me up.

I slid my skinny jeans on and a my cream jumper, gathering my hair into a messy bun. My unruly eyebrows growled at me in the mirror and I stuck my tongue out at them in defiance.

I skipped out of my room whilst Sydney dressed, making my way past Zachs room and down the stairs. My father sat at the table, his shirt buttoned to the collar as he sipped his morning coffee. His hair was the image of mine, but he had lighter blue eyes than me. He glanced up at me as I walked in and chuckled.

'Sydney and Zachariah strike again? Honestly Constance, one of these days it will just happen and you will be powerless to stop it.' he teased as I buttered some toast. I grimaced as I slid opposite him at the table.

'I suppose Sydney wouldn't be a bad sister in law, if she made it that far. I don't think Zach will ever truly settle down though, that's my concern for her.' I mused aloud, and my dad shook his head in disbelief, his eyes twinkling.

'Not everyone marries their first love, Constance. I just fell lucky.' He smiled then as I gazed at him happily.

'I love that you and mum fell in love at sixteen, I am already a year behind and no sign of anyone semi decent yet.' I sighed.

'You have your brows to blame for that.' said Zach cheerfully as he stole the toast from my plate, ruffling my bun as he walked to the fridge.

'Yeah I wasn't eating that Zach.' I said pointedly as I poured orange juice into my glass.

He leaned back, beaming at me as he did. My dad chuckled and shook his head, dropping another slice of toast onto my plate.

'Thanks dad, I can only apologise that Zach is such a Neanderthal.'

'I like Neanderthals.' Said Sydney boldly as she walked in, looking like a vision of beauty. Zach munched his toast thoughtfully as he watched her reach for the cereal, tilting his head as she did.

Would these two just get a room already?

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