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"Why is there never any food in the house when you are home?" I complain, slamming the fridge door shut. I glare at my brother, who grins at me and throws an apple in my direction.

"Eat that, and shut the fuck up."

I contemplate throwing it at his head when his wife walked in.

"Ethan, don't curse. It's vile. Hey Liam, how are you?"

Tanya was a size eight, petite woman who always looked immaculate, even when she woke up in the morning. She wore a sports bra and tight leggings which showed off her figure perfectly. Her long blonde hair was in a sleek high ponytail, her face made up to perfection.

"Hey Tanya. Off to the gym?"

I pop the lid off the orange juice as I held it to my lips, causing her to grimace.

"Don't you use a glass? Ew."

She lightly kissed Ethan on the cheek as he smiled at her, showing his dimples.

"Bye babe."

She left and I stared at him with envy.

"Bro, your wife is so hot. I bet you have sex life," I lean on the counter as he lifted his eyes to mine.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

My brother was in town with work, and my parents had insisted they stayed here. Tanya had the luxury of being a stay at home wife, so her days were filled with the gym, exercise classes and lunches with friends. My brother was a lawyer; a damn good one that earned a lot of money putting the bad guys in prison.

He was also one of the best looking dudes ever born; other than me of course, so he was pretty much perfect. He stared at his phone before he glances over at me.

"So, any hotties on the horizon for you? Or have you fucked them all, Romeo that you are?" he drawls sarcastically, looking at me with interest.

"Actually, I could do with your advice," I say thoughtfully, as he raises his eyebrows. He leans back in his chair, arms folded.

"Go on, I am intrigued."

"So the guys bet me I couldn't sleep with this girl. She's super hot, but she doesn't seem interested."

He laughed then and looked at me.

"You are joking. A bet? Poor girl. Can't you find your entertainment any other way? I am not helping you nail someone for a bet. You hardly need the money."

He picked up his phone again, clearly finished with the conversation.

"Yeah it was a bet. But now I am like, into her."

I felt my cheeks begin to redden as he grins at me in amusement.

"Because she is playing hard to get? Wow, you are a walking cliche."

"I'm sure she is seeing someone. I need to find a way to talk to her," I mutter, annoyed that Ethan thought I couldn't actually like someone.

He ignored me, a smile playing on his lips as he read a text or something on his phone.

"Ethan," I snapped, suddenly annoyed.

"What?" he exhales with boredom. "Ask her out then? It's a no brainer surely.'

He sighed then as I folded my arms.

"Ah man. Just like, invite her over for dinner sometime. Theres always something going on here, Mum's always throwing dinner parties."

"Oh yeah, I don't think its her thing. She's a bit, odd. She doesn't even like you calling her Connie, for fucks sake."

I sipped the orange juice, before I noticed my brother staring at me darkly.

"What did you say?"

I drain the remainder of the orange juice, tossing the empty carton into the bin.

"She doesn't like nicknames. She likes to be called Constance."

I roll my eyes as his face pales.

"Constance Vilderwell?"

He swallowed as he looked at me with an expression on his face I couldn't quite place.

I frown at him, puzzled.

"Yeah. See I could probably see myself with someone like her you know? She's clever, hot, and she doesn't put it about. Me and the guys think she's a virgin. Well, whether or not Harry changes that, I don't know.'

I shrugged as he gripped his phone tightly.

"Leave her alone. I mean, wide berth. Leave. Her. Alone."

My eyes met his then as I frowned.

"What? Why? She's hardly your type, Mr Married at twenty one."

I turn back to the fridge to double check I had not missed any food when I hear him speak quietly.

"It's complicated," he murmurs, and I turned around to face him in astonishment.

"What's fucking complicated?" I demand, fed up of his games.

Our eyes blazed against one another then as our Mother walked into the room, clipping her earrings in as she did.

"Hello my boys! Ah Liam, the food is being delivered today, so maybe pop out and get some breakfast. Where's Tanya Ethan?"

Ethan fixed his eyes on my mother, his smile broadening.

"Hey ma. She's at the gym. I will take little Liam for some breakfast."

His eyes met mine and I scowl at him.

"Hardly little Ethan, there's like five years between us."

He smiled then, and stood up, slipping his phone into his pocket.

"It's not the years that count. It's the experience."

He winked at me then as my Mum rolled her eyes playfully. I followed him to his car, seething.

Exactly what had gone on between him and Constance?

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