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Everything about Averly was Contagious. The way she smiled and laughed and the way she moved and danced. Everything she did was captivating. However, for her, she was anything but Contagious. She kepts a secret from everyone around her including her best friend and all time crush; Jonah. When everything came spiraling down, and she no longer had control over her secret, it was uncertain what Jonah would do. With all the stress over her and the pain that constantly purses at her, will this be Averly's final ruin? !! This is one of my firs books ever written so it may not be perfect,but it is really really good.!!

Romance / Drama
Beaujolais Vorster
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Chapter 1

“I gotta go mom Jonah is waiting.” I yell as I walk down the stairs and past the kitchen on my way out the door. Only to be pulled back by my mom while she gives me a small smile “have you eaten?”

I shake my head “no, I don't want to be late for Jonah.” she rolls her eyes at me “well, you have to eat to take your medication, you know what happened last time you didn’t.”

I nod my head before pouting “but mom, Jonah ... ” again she rolls her eyes while pushing me into the kitchen “look, I know you are hopelessly in love with your best friend but Jonathan can wait.”

I roll my eyes and sit down by the kitchen table and my mom places some cereal in front of me “look mom, he doesn’t need to know about the love thing and besides,” I shrug taking a bite “he doesn’t even like me like that.”

She hums making sure I know she doesn’t believe me and I sigh finishing off my cereal and getting up to grab a glass of water.

“I tell you now, he loves you more than you love him. Maybe he might even ask you out soon.” I spin around with wide eyes taking all my pills from her.

“Mom, no way.” she laughs and shakes her head as I down the whole pile of medication.

“Your next appointment is in two days, are you going to tell the boy about it?” shaking my head I take my bag again. “He deserves to know, he is your closest friend anyway.” she defends him and I shake my head even faster.

“No mom, no one besides you and my principle and later Mr. Carson knows about it and can know about it and I would like to keep it that way because I like being treated normally.” I state matter - of - factly while starting to walk out of the kitchen to the door.

When a horn blares I feel my heart flutter and open the door hearing my mom yell “tell him.”

“No way!” I yell back closing the door and walking down the steps. By the time I get to the bottom of the stairs, as usual, I am out of breath and get into a coughing fit.

Only this time it is much worse, it pains more than the other times and I cough so much I have to stop and bend down with my hands on my knees to breath.

This never happens so badly, never. I hear a car door slam shut and footsteps rush my way before a hand is placed on my back “Averly! Stop coughing you are making me worry!”

I ignore him and take deep breaths through my coughing as much as I can and within a few minutes I am okay again.

Immediately after I stop coughing Jonah pulls me into a tight hug sighing of relief “you scared me.” I can hear his rapid heartbeat as he kisses the top of my head before pulling away.

He grabs my school bag and starts leading me to his car before opening the passenger seat and letting me get in before he gets in on his side.

“Thanks for picking me up Jonah.” I say with a small smile feeling extremely tired.

At least I am used to it by now so it doesn’t bother me too much.

“No problem Ava, just never scare me like that again. I mean, you always cough but never so much.” seeing the glint in his green eyes as he looks over at me before turning the car on makes my heart flutter.

This is my best friend Jonathan Kyle Parker, but everyone calls him Jonah. He has brown eyes and brown hair, the most amazing smile and an amazing build. He plays basketball and always makes sure I go to his games, if I don’t he doesn’t play.

A bit dramatic if you ask me ...


We met 6 years ago when I was walking home in the rain and he offered me a ride, we spoke and got to know each other and we ended up as best friends.

Soon I developed feelings for him but I don't think I'll ever tell him since it could ruin our friendship.

I wish he would love me though . . . so much.

Letting out a sigh I turn and watch the trees pass by as we drive the all too familiar route to school.

He is oddly quiet this morning, which he never is. However, I don’t have the energy to try and find out why.

Softly I hear him talk to himself saying ‘just do it you coward’ but that is the last I hear before I start dosing off . . .

“Averly, get up. How do you fall asleep during a five minute drive?” Jonah’s voice pulls me out of my sleep while he shakes my shoulder.

My eyes flutter open and I smile when I see his brown eyes looking at me amused.

“I just showed you how.” letting out a chuckle he takes a step back and lets me get out before handing me my bag.

“Thanks, I have to go talk to my P.E. teacher before class so I will see you at lunch.” I start walking away but he pulls me back and gives me an odd look.

“Averly I have something I want to say ...” I give him a look saying ‘go ahead’ along with a nod and he rubs the back of his neck taking a deep breath.

“Ava I-” and then he freezes. His mouth opens and closes but no words come out.

After about a minute of trying he lets out a long and defeated sigh as he shakes his head “I want you to have an amazing day!” he says smiling at me.

A bright smile takes over my features as I hug him and nod “you too.” I say quickly and then start walking away to my P.E. class.

I see him kick the road looking angry when I turn back but I shrug it off and continue walking with my head down.

Soon enough I make it to my destination and pull open the door to Mr. Carson’s office.

He gives me a bright smile allowing me to sit down “how can I help you Averly?”

I smile politely before taking a deep breath and getting my note from my bag “well, Mr. Carson, yesterday you said that we are going to start doing proper P.E. from today and I came to tell you that I can’t.”

Did I forget to mention that the New Year started only two days ago? No? Well it did.

I have never had to take P.E. because the principle knows of my problem but for University it has to be on my certificate.

Raising an eyebrow at me he intertwines his fingers together and leans on his elbows “and why not?”

I give him my letter and he quickly reads it before looking up at me again and scanning my features.


“Coronary Artery Disease?” I nod my head yes and take a moment before explaining.

"That doesn't sound too bad." he says and I narrow my eyes for a second before explaining.

“No one besides you, my mother and the principle knows, but I was born with it. It is a heart disease I won’t explain what it does to my heart because it will take too long, but my doctor said that I may not do any heavy activities. I have been living with the disease for too long now and it is very dangerous. I can easily lose air and that can' be good.”

He gives me a sympathetic look before nodding “It’s okay. Just out of curiosity, is that why you are randomly tired and out of breath? Or why you cough so much and look weak sometimes?”

Again I nod “yes, those are only a few of the symptoms but please no one else can know or everyone will treat me different and give me that same look you are giving me now.”

“Does Jonathan know?” I shake my head “I don’t want people worrying unnecessarily.”

He smiles in understanding before wishing me luck and letting me out of his office as the bell rings and I start making my way to class.

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