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Chapter 10

“Your move pretty boy.” Jonah chuckles and shakes his head as he puts down his card.

We are busy playing UNO, the card game, in my room. Yes, I am still in this hospital. They are feeding me different drugs for my problems and are monitoring my kidneys and heart and lungs.

I know that they have given me something for swelling and aches, but that is all I know.

I simply know what my condition is, what it does and how I have it. Don’t ask me about anything else because I don’t know.

Jonah and I keep playing until he wins . . . again, and then I give up “c’mon one more game, babe.” I shake my head “I have already lost enough times, thank you.” he rolls his eyes “okay, I just thought that maybe this one time will be your lucky time.”

I shake my head and he packs everything up and stands from his chair to put the card giving machine away.

Only, somehow he slips and lands on his butt making me burst out laughing. The laughter is uncontainable.

Once I have calmed down my laughter to occasional giggles, I notice that Jonah is staring at me lovingly.

“What?” He smiles and grabs my hand as he sits again “it’s nice hearing you laugh again.”

I smile and look down at my lap, but he places two fingers under my chin and makes me look him in the eyes.

“I love you so much.” I smile and he then connects our lips. The kiss is magical, literally. I feel my skin heat up and my stomach goes into a frenzy.

When he pulls away, I lay my head on my pillow and sigh “what would you name our first daughter?”

“Lilly” he answers with no hesitation or uncertainty in his voice.

“Why Lilly?”

“Because your favorite flower is a Lilly and she would have your looks meaning she would be just as beautiful as the flower, if not, even more beautiful.” I smile at him and see him staring at me lovingly before his eyes go to our hands.

My hand is over his on the bed and I know he is looking at the wires and plasters around my hand.

I also know that this is hard for him. He won’t tell me, but I know that he can’t believe it. I also know that he is still convincing himself to believe his dream.

Why can he dream it, but not believe it though?

He is scared.

He doesn’t want me to die and I also don’t want to die, but the possibility plays in his mind even though I know I won’t die.

Why else would we both have the same dream? A dream where I am fine.

He might not want to tell me just how hard this is for him, but I know him well enough to know all this.

I give his hand a squeeze and he looks up at me taking a deep breath before he takes my hand in his and puts it on his heart after giving my knuckles a kiss.

“I’m not going to die Jonah.” his eyes hold hope when I speak, but I know he also has the doubt.

I want to shout it at him that he shouldn’t feel the way he does, but how can I tell him things like that if I can’t even tell him that I love him?

I want to, but I just know that I shouldn’t tell him yet. So I don’t.

I am about to speak again, but the door bursts open and my mom runs in. She is in tears and looks like she is losing her mind. Immediately she hugs me close and starts to mumble things.

The doctor walks in staring at my mother and I decide not to ask any questions. After she lets me go, she sits down on a chair and takes a hold of my hand with her shaky and cold fingers “don’t believe them Ava.” I raise an eyebrow.

My mom has officially lost it. “Remember that you are not going to die, and if you feel like losing hope or giving up. Averly, I beg you don’t. I can’t live if you died too.” I smile softly at my mom “I won’t die mom.”

She finds comfort in my words and the doctor clears his throat. It is then that I notice the nurse standing with a wheelchair.

“Averly, I would like to do an examination on you to see if you are handling the medication well.” I nod and let go of Jonah and my mom’s hands.

The nurse helps me to get up and in the wheelchair and then she pushes me all the way into an examination room.

I sit on the bed and the doctor smiles at me “I like your attitude Averly.” I smile again and nod before they put that funny thing on my finger and wrap the material around my arm.

They take my blood pressure and listen to my heartbeat before the doctor writes something down. Then they do reflex tests and I seem to still have my reflexes. They take my temperature and then the doctor writes something down again.

“Okay, tell me do you feel pain in your back at all?”

“Sometimes but it’s only mild.” he writes it down with a hum “and do you feel the urge to go to the bathroom a lot?” I shake my head “no, I don’t at all.” his eyes widen as he writes it down.

“Okay thank you” the nurse smiles and lets me into the chair again “don’t worry Averly. I also know you will get better.” I smile at the nurse and when we get to the room I smile at Jonah who is holding a packet of skittles and wiggling his eyebrows.

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