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Chapter 11

“What?” Shock fills my tone as I look at the doctor with wide eyes “I am sorry Averly.”

I shake my head “do you think I want to make this place my home?” He shakes his head “then why won’t you help me get better? Last time I checked, telling someone their medication isn’t working doesn’t really go with making them better.”

Frustration takes over his face and he cuts me off “I am going to discharge you!” I freeze and silence fills the room.

“The meds might not be working, but you have been showing great improvement, especially mentally.” I nod and my mom walks out with him to get the papers.

Then as I am sitting all shocked and unmoving, Jonah walks in with a smile and a chocolate.

“Something sweet for my sweetie.” I turn my head to face him and a small smile graces my lips just before he gives me a small kiss.

“Thank you.” he nods and I put the chocolate on the table next to me “sorry I took longer than expected. The hospital gift shop made me go to the store because they say that I buy too much which is quite odd considering they want sales.”

I nod and smile at him “no problem. I was here and I promise you that I did not secretly go anywhere.” he smiles and takes my hand in his.

“I had another dream.” my ears perk up while I look at him “yes?” He takes a deep breath “I dreamt of looking at you in a gorgeous white gown. All healthy and happy. I dreamt of us getting married. It gave me hope, and don’t disagree because I know that you know I felt hopeless. Not anymore though.”

I smile and feel him squeeze my hand while I sit up a bit more. I then make him sit on the bed next to me and take his hand in mine again.

I put his hand on my heart and look him in the eyes “do you feel this heartbeat?” He nods and I smile “as long as you love me, this heartbeat won’t stop. I believe it.”

He smiles wide and looks me in the eyes as he leans in and soon connects our lips. The kiss is filled with hope and endearment.

When he pulls away, he leans his forehead against mine and cups my cheeks “then I won’t ever stop loving you.” I smile and kiss him again.

I kiss him like my life depends on it and I pour all of the love I can’t say into it.

When we pull apart he smiles at me and settles down “I promise that you will make it out of this Ava. I promise.” I smile and right then my mom walks in.

“Hello Jonathan, good to see you again.” he nods and gives my mom a salute “good to see you too Miss Green.” she nods and hands me a bag.

“Everything has been organized, here are some clothes for you to change into.” I thank her and look over at the nurse when she walks in and starts taking out my drip and disconnecting all of the wires.

“The doctor did give me even more medication for you and he is also trying a new and stronger drug for your kidneys. He had something else to say but refused to” I nod at mom and then my eyes land on a confused Jonah.

“What is going on?” I smile at Jonah and retract my arm once the nurse is done “I get to go home.”

As if a firecracker has been lit in his ass, Jonah starts to smile like a freak and then he gives me a hug and a kiss “that’s great! It means that you are doing better.”

I nod and he then helps me get to the bathroom before he closes the door and leaves me alone in the room.

Opening the bag, I notice the clothes my mom put in for me and smile. I pull on the blue jean and the white blouse before putting on my white converse and walking to the mirror after grabbing the brush.

I look at myself in the mirror and raise an eyebrow. I look happier, yet I look sicker.

I have bags under my eyes and my skin is dry. I look happier because inside I am happier.

I brush my hair and tie it up into a high ponytail before I grab the bag and walk out of the room.

Immediately Jonah and my mom smile at me and I also notice that the doctor is in the room as well.

“Averly, I upped your meds in hope that it will work. If you feel unsteady in any way . . . Immediately come here.” I nod and he smiles then gives me a hug “see ya in a few days kid.”

I nod and then Jonah takes my hand as we all walk to the cars. I am at peace the whole way home while mom is driving and Jonah is following us.

No words are spoken but we all know that words are not always needed. I am happy and at peace.

Yes I might still be sick and on meds, but I am going home and sleeping in my own bed.

That is worth millions at this moment.

When we arrive home, we all get out of the cars and walk into the house. I, of course, have a big smile on my face since I haven’t been here in ages; or what feels like ages.

I smile at both my mom and Jonah before I sit down on the couch and take a deep breath.

I feel like I am overreacting, but that I am not at the same time. However, when I think of all the nurses and people, the uncomfortable bed and the tests, then I feel like I have a right to be ‘overreacting’

“So what next my princess?” I smile at Jonah as he sits down next to me and nod in certainty to my answer “school.”

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