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Chapter 12

“Are you ready for this?” I nod while mentally going over my checklist. Besides, I did take the thousands of pills prescribed.

Jonah nods and gives me a kiss before we get out of the car and he grabs my bag before I can and then my hand.

“Now, if you feel funny at any moment, you let me know immediately and we will go to the doctor. Your mom did phone the principal and she did tell him everything.” I nod and ignore the slight pain in my back.

I just got discharged and I most certainly am not going back just because I have a small back ache and feel a tiny bit dizzy.

I ignore all of it. Everything. Even though I do feel a bit nauseous and sleepy. I will have a good day today and every day from now on.

I give Jonah’s hand a squeeze and we then enter the school. Deep breaths. I feel him squeeze my hand back in reassurance and then he walks me to my locker where I immediately open it and wish that the earth would swallow me whole.

“Babe, don’t worry about them. They are nosy. I mean, if there was a girl who randomly disappeared for two weeks and then came back like it’s nothing; I would also stare and whisper.” I give him a blank look before speaking in a flat tone “gee thanks for all the mental support.”

He rolls his eyes as the bell rings and I grab my history book before closing my locker and walking to class with him again.

However, when he walks in with me, I raise an eyebrow “I know that you have the same subjects, but I think that you are forgetting the fact that you are in the other classes.”

Jonah shakes his head with a smile “nope, I had the principal transfer me to your classes so that I can keep an eye on you.” I roll my eyes and walk to my desk “and they wonder why I never told him.”

Soon enough, he has sorted things out with the teacher and has his butt on the chair next to mine “okay class, today we are just going to talk.”

I raise an eyebrow and Jonah shrugs. One of the students in front put up their hands, but they take it down as soon as the teacher starts explaining.

“We are going to have a group talk about war. The army back then and the army now; how war has grown.” we all hum in understanding and then the teacher takes a seat facing all of us.

“Who would like to start us off?” A girl raises her hand and the teacher smiles and nods her way “I think that our army has gone down. Not enough people are doing anything in the country, I mean, people go to the army and sit around. In Afghanistan they are killing our people because we have no idea what we are doing.” I raise an eyebrow at the girl. People are getting killed every day because of their training but lack of support.

Luckily, one agrees with me because he puts up his hand in defense “I think that you are just a little snob. The people are trained to the core, but not enough people are there to help. That is why it has gotten worse. People don’t go to the army anymore because they are either scared or they are snobs like you.” the whole class ‘oohs’ and the girl shakes her head at him “exactly, none of them have families! Why? Because they choose to have no support over a family’s support.”

Then I raise my hand “I think that you should know your facts before you say anything about the ‘type’ of people that are in the army.” she then raises an eyebrow at me “and you would know?” I nod and glare at her “I actually would.”

“How?” I stiffen in my seat then look down at my lap debating inside my head whether I should mention anything or not.

It is then that I feel a sting in the top on my abdomen on the right side. Instead I ignore it and shake my head when I get a little dizzy “are you okay Ava?” I look up at Jonah and nod before looking at the girl again with a glare “I just do.”

She starts to shake her head and is about to say something, but I jump up from my seat and run to the door.

I make my way to the bathroom as fast as I can and in the nick of time, I spill my guts into the toilet.

My stomach is paining and I am dizzy with a raging headache while I puke. It won’t stop and my throat soon starts burning.

It’s like there is nothing for me to puke up and so my stomach is spilling all the acid.

My throat burns more and tears roll down my cheeks while I silently cry because of how bad I feel.

I feel like death itself.

My throat is burning, I am still nauseous, the world is spinning, my body is aching, my back is aching and I am struggling to breath.

What the hell is going on?

I know I am sick, but this is horrible. I feel horrible even though I am now only sitting on the bathroom floor. The fact is that I am afraid to move.

I just can’t understand how a little heart disease can make someone feel like this. How can it make me feel so ill I would rather die?

I wipe my tears and slowly stand up. I rinse my mouth with some water and splash some cold water onto my face.

Then I look at myself in the mirror. I study myself and notice how yellowish my skin has gotten.

I furrow my eyebrows but pay no heed to it and then with one last moment of deep breaths and calming down, I make my way out of the bathroom.

I walk fine for a moment and then I start seeing two of everything. It all starts spinning and I grab onto the wall as I slow down and close my eyes tightly a few times.

I soon start seeing dots and then suddenly, I see black and feel myself lose all control of my body as I become unaware of my surroundings.

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