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Chapter 15

“John Green?” I freeze at the voice next to me and soon look at the person in confusion

“Excuse me?” The boy next to me smiles and looks down at my book “the book you are reading was written by John Green.”

I look down at my book and smile ‘Looking for Alaska’ such a great book. I have read it about twenty times and I am still in love with it.

“Yeah.” I nod and look at him again “I love his work.” the boy nods “me too.” I smile at the weird character in front of me.

“You know most guys don’t even read and here you are walking up to the loner girl who doesn’t have any friends and reads too much telling her how you love John Green.” he stays silent for a few seconds before he starts to chuckle.

“I guess you can say that I am unique with a brain?” I laugh and nod at his words “I’m Jonathan, by the way, but people call me Jonah.” I nod and shake his hand “I’m Averly.”

“Well, nice to meet you Averly.” I smile and return to my book before noticing that he never left “can I help with something else?”

He nods and takes a bite of his sandwich “yes, you can put down the book and entertain your friend.” I raise an eyebrow and study him.

After ten seconds he is still staring at me seriously and so I put down my book and turn to speak to him.

“Well friend, tell me about yourself then.”

I groan when I feel a striking and stinging pain in the right side of my stomach.

The operation.

Immediately I try to open my eyes but it is so hard, I feel like I could rather stay sleeping for ten years.

However, I want to wake up. I want to know what is going on and I want to see Jonah again.


I remember him. On their own accord, my eyes snap open and I find myself in my hospital room with a smile on my face.

A giggle escapes my mouth and the little group in my room split up and Jonah is at my side faster than my mom.

He gives me a peck on the lips and grabs my hand tightly while my mom gives me a hug and takes a hold of my other hand.

“You are awake! My heart nearly stopped because you took so long to wake up.” I let out a laugh at his words and flinch when the sting in my stomach increases.

Jonah immediately then tries to call a nurse and I stop him “I just stretched my stitches a bit."

He nods and relief fills his eyes.

“So mom, what did they do during the operation?” She raises and eyebrow and shakes her head amused at me “of course my child will have an operation and not know what for.”

Jonah lets out a laugh and I smile before mom composes herself and answers my question “they checked how your liver is functioning and how they can stop the damage from spreading, possibly saving your liver.”

I roll my eyes at that and look straight at the door as it opens. What is the use is saving my liver? I am already on the donor list for a heart, kidneys, lungs and liver.

Turns out the doctor was the person at the door and he wanted to speak to my mom . . . Alone.


Again I start to feel sleepy and see that Jonah is staring at me like I am the most fragile and wonderful thing on this planet.

“Jonathan why are you staring at me like I could break at any moment?” he raises his eyebrow at me obviously questioning my use of his full name.

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” it takes me a moment to process his words and when I do, I let out a sigh and let go of his hand.

“This is exactly what I meant yesterday.” he starts to shake his head and reaches for my hand again “I know Averly, I’m sorry.”

I shake my head and retract from him “you chose this. I was willing to let you go yesterday! Now you decide to get some fucking feelings.”

“You don’t understand what I am going through right now.” I raise an eyebrow “and you have no idea what I am going through right now.”

“Just listen to me Averly!” That sure shut me up and gives him a chance to speak.

“I don’t know what I would do without you because while you were in that operating room I realized just how much I love you. I wished that I was the one in your position because I would go through it all for you,"

"Averly, you were meant for me and I know that you and I . . . We are the perfect two. So I would probably not be able to live if I lost you.”

It takes a moment before his words sink in and I finally open my mouth and speak “I dreamt of when we first met.”

His ears perk up and he grabs my hand again while he smirks “yeah? The whole John Green thing?”

I nod and we both let out a short laugh before sobering up. “I thought about it the other day actually and I realized that, when you told me that you are unique and have a brain, I already liked you”

He slowly smiles at me and without saying anything, he kisses me. He kisses me with so much passion and love that I feel like I am in another world.

And I don’t ever want to come back to this one.

Slowly he cups my cheeks and moves so that he is on the bed with me and when we pull away for breath, he peppers me with kisses down my neck.

Slowly trailing to the valley of my breast while my hands find his hair immediately making him freeze.

“You better stop me.” I look into his eyes for a moment and think it all through.

When I open my eyes again I realize it all. I realize that I love him like no other and I understand that he is my forever.

So without a second thought I whisper “don’t stop.” he gives me a loving look and I plant my lips on his.

He gets up and locks the room door before he comes back to me and I connect our lips again.

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