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Chapter 17

“Averly?” I let my lips twitch into a small smile as I wake up from my sleep to see my mom next to me.

“Hello mommy.” she gives me a sad look and I raise an eyebrow “what’s wrong?” She stares at me for a few seconds before answering.

“You look so pale and so fragile, I can’t help but let my mind trail . . .” I grab a hold of her hand and give her a supporting smile.

“It’s okay to feel like that. It’s okay to think that as well. You are a mom and you already lost your husband, mom, just also remember that we are surrounded by professionals.” she smiles softly while she processes my words.

Soon she squeezes my hand gently and I smile “you are so brave and courageous.” I look at her thankfully “I get it from you.” she looks shocked for a moment before she sits back in her seat.

We then sit in silence for a moment and my thoughts move to what the doctor told me.

“I’m scared mommy.” I whisper and my mom looks at me sadly before shaking her head “you can be, it’s your right. You are only a 17 year old and you have to go through a lot every day. You might not tell us, but I know that every day is a new battle with pain for you and therefore you have a right to be scared. However, I am always here for you.” I nod at her words and let a tear slip out.

“Thank you mommy.” she nods and gives me a gentle kiss on my forehead before standing up and letting go of my hand “I need to go see your doctor.”

She leaves then and in comes a nurse followed by Jonah “I need to change the drip and add a medicine to it.” I nod at her and look over at Jonah.

“Hello my love.” he gives me a kiss and I smile “how are things?” His eyes are filled with hope and I keep my smile in place “it’s going much better today.”

Not a lie.

I feel human today.

The nurse gives me a look and I roll my eyes at her and shake my head “I got you some chocolate before I came, but the doctor took it and said that it is too much sugar. Weird.”

I smile “yeah . . . Weird” the nurse clears her throat and I smile at Jonah “could you please go ask my mom to bring me some water when she comes back Jonah, she is in the doctor’s office I presume?” he smiles and nods.

With one last peck on the lips, he leaves and I turn to the nurse “what is your problem?” She gives me a knowing look.

“You told me that you are tired of fighting with him, but you keep vital information from him.” I shrug and she shakes her head “he is also in this with you Ava, every time you cry, I see how he walks out and stares at your door like he wishes he could fix it all.”

She then finishes with her job and leaves. She is right. I should tell him, but how, when?

I have an idea . . . Maybe.

Then Jonah comes back in with water and I smile at the thought that he did it himself instead “thank you.” he nods and I down the water feeling refreshed.

I didn’t realize that I actually was thirsty until I drank the water. I smile to myself and look around the room however, my smile drops as soon as I notice Jonah giving me a serious look.

“Yes?” He seems like he can’t choose the words to speak and it takes him a minute before he does “what’s going on Ava?”

“Nothing.” I shrug it off but see that he doesn’t buy it and then I roll my eyes with a sigh and give in.

“Things have gotten worse. They found problems with my pancreas and say that any damage done to it is permanent. However, they did say that it can be treated and managed.” When I am done telling him everything he sits without moving a muscle for a few minutes and I find the silence extremely awkward.

What is he thinking? Why isn’t he saying anything? Is he going to leave me for good? Does he regret staying with me?

“When was this?” When he finally speaks, I find myself surprised that it was a calm question.

“Yesterday, before you and mom came over.” his eyes bulge and I see that he wants to say something, but he pauses when he looks at me properly.

“Okay?” I raise an eyebrow and he takes a hold of my hand “as long as you are okay, I am fine with it. I told you that I will be by your side the whole time through anything, and I plan on keeping my promise.”

Slowly a smile spreads onto my face and I lean forward and give him a peck on the lips.

“Excuse me Jonathan, but Averly needs as much rest as she can get so would you mind maybe leaving her for a few minutes so that she can fall asleep?” My gaze lands on the doctor and even though I am glad because I really am tired, I don’t want to sleep if Jonah isn't here.

Obeying, Jonah nods and gives me a kiss on my forehead before he leaves. Slowly then, the doctor walks up to me and takes out a syringe from his pocket “what is that?”

He gives me a nonchalant look before taking my drip and putting the syringe in the opening “a sedative because what I am going to say now is going to work you up.”

I start to shake my head but he shakes his head “you need to rest anyway.” without giving me a chance to say anything he continues “I am so sorry Averly, but I told your mom what is going on and also found something else in your tests.” I panic “what?”

“If nothing starts working then you could possibly die before you turn 18.” I start to ask questions but he injects the syringe and I try to beg “please, no.”

"I need you calm. It won't affect your health if you are calm." he says as the last little bit goes and the last thing I remember before I let the darkness consume me is Jonah running into the room.

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