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Chapter 19

“Left . . . Right . . . Left . . . Well done Averly.” I smile and stop for a moment to take a breather.

This can get very tiring if you don’t stop in between. The nurse is helping me properly walk again; so she brought me out into the hall and said that I am going for a walk to try and regain strength in my legs.

So sweet.

She has been my guide through this whole walk and I feel how my blood is pumping through my veins.

It really is an adventure when you are allowed to walk in between people after three months of not being able to.

I smile at Isabel and look at my feet in concentration as I walk a few more steps on my own.

Then I suddenly feel two arms wrap around me from behind and then I smile. Jonah.

“Hello.” he stands in front of me and plants a kiss on my lips before pulling away with joyful eyes “I can’t believe that you are doing it! I knew you would.”

I let a giggle escape and decide not to ask him why he isn’t in school; I can’t really talk about not being in school.

The nurse smiles at us and Jonah introduces himself before walking along with us all the way back to my room.

Not shutting his mouth once.

When we get back to my room, Jonah doesn’t see the sign and decides to leap into the room instead though, he leans and slips onto the freshly mopped floor with a thud of his butt plant.

I burst out laughing and realize that this is his second time of falling on his ass in my room.

Soon, tears are rolling down my cheeks in laughter and Jonah wants to say something, but instead he just smiles at me like an idiot.

“What?” He smiles grows wider “I like hearing you laugh again.” a small smile sets on my lips and the nurse helps me back to my bed.

She takes all the necessary steps to get me comfortable and then takes out a few wires before leaving.

I sit in shock since I thought that I need the medicine the wires were feeding me.

Oh well.

I notice that Jonah is giving me a sheepish look and raise an eyebrow at him questioning the reason behind his look.

However, just before he gets to tell me what is going on, the doctor walks in with a straight face?

He doesn’t say a word and grabs my file, reading all the written information from the nurse earlier.

“I see you were walking?” I see that he is now looking at me and smile before nodding.

He writes something down before glancing at me again “I have some good news for you Averly.”

I perk up as doctor Dimitri looks over at Jonah who nods before he looks at me again and finally decides to tell me what is going on.

“I had a look at your progress reports from when we found your pancreatitis and I have noticed an improvement.” I want to roll my eyes because the last time my state improved, I fainted at school.

However, I don’t and rather listen to the rest of what he wants to say to me “Jonah approached me and asked if he could do something special and that made me look over everything, so with my permission and curfew; I am allowing Jonah to take you out today.” I can feel the happiness radiate off of me and smile wide in thanks.

I look over at Jonah and he winks at me before the doctor speaks again “however, you will need to have medication with you in a small bag the whole time and you can walk for small amount of times before returning to the wheelchair I have given.” I nod and grin so wide my lips start hurting “thank you.” he nods and walks to the door.

“I will have a nurse with you shortly to get you dressed and ready. Have fun today because tomorrow we are doing tests again.” normally I would get upset hearing about tests, but I am too happy now.

The doctor then leaves and directly after a nurse enters with a wheelchair and a bag with tubes in it.

I smile brightly and she asks Jonah to leave the room and he obeys after giving me a kiss.

“You are so lucky.” I look at the nurse and raise an eyebrow while she connects new tubes to my arm and runs them along my shirt I changed into.

“You mean?” She smiles at me and concentrates on something before she answers me “he literally had to beg your doctor to let him take you out.” she lets out a hearty laugh “he even bought him Starbucks."

I smile at the thought and keep imagining what she is telling me over and over until I am seated in my wheelchair and on my way to Jonah.

When I see him, I light up completely and the nurse helps me out of my chair and places the backpack on my back.

I feel absolutely wonderful when Jonah hugs me and spins me around in joy before putting my down and giving me a passionate kiss.

“It feel so good hugging you like that again.” he says while wiping away the tears that escaped.

“It feels absolutely amazing.” he smiles and then with one last kiss we make our way to his car.

It is a good thing that he parked by the entrance or I was going to need the chair.

After helping me in, he gets in on his side and then I give him the curious look.

“It’s a surprise.” is all he said before he started his car and we started going. We drove the whole way listening to his Zayde Wolfe CD and making jokes.

Soon we stop and I find myself absolutely clueless as to where we are, but I know that Jonah won’t tell me so I keep quiet and wait.

He pushes me through a door and then a long, dark corridor and when we reach the end of the corridor I see a line of green trees and as we walk, I notice that we are in some sort of park.

“My parents bought this place a while back.” did I mention that Jonah’s parents are loaded? They are, but they are never home.

I look around and notice a table with flowers and plates and so on. Jonah takes us there and I stand up and sit by the table.

He smiles lovingly at me and whistles before waiting for something. I gasp when I see a little Labrador puppy running our way. Jonah takes two papers from him and I smile while we look at the ‘menu’ the doggy brought us.

With only one option, it is decided and Jonah speaks to someone who came to serve us “this is amazing Jonah.” I smile lovingly at him “thank you.” he nods with a smile and so we talk about all sorts of things will we eat and wait.

Soon we are seated on a blanket that he threw on the ground and I have my head on his chest just like our first date.

I look at Jonah lovingly and swallow “I don’t want to die.” I whisper and he looks at me lovingly “you won’t.”

“And if I do?” He puts his forehead against mine and takes a deep breath “you won’t.” but I could see the thoughts of it happening going on in his head.

Then I decide to let it go and live in the moment.

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