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Chapter 2

“I am sorry Averly, but I want some tests done so you will have to come back tomorrow.” I groan when Dr. Dimitri tells me about doing tests.

Not only did I have plans with Jonah to go shopping tomorrow, but I don’t like having tests done.

Ever since the beginning I have had to have tests done once every month. It hurts and makes me nervous.

“Why?” the doctor takes a seat behind his desk and I sit next to my mom as he looks at my file and back at us again.

“Because you are showing signs of being even more tired than usual and your throat is rougher than usual from coughing.” the tone he speaks in makes me know that I have no option, but I really am not in the mood for any of this.

Again I groan and he slowly puts down his pen and gives me a pointed look “why are you fighting me on this?”

“Because Dr. Dimitri, I for one, am quite sick of being sick. I have been coughing more yes, and the breathing thing as well as the being tired thing is what I am used to. This has happened before and I survived, I am not in the mood to do tests tomorrow.” I say with a frown on but he and my mom both don’t seem to care.

“Yes, it has happened before and could you tell us what happened because of it?” my gaze falls to the floor after my mom speaks.

“I was admitted for months.” the room falls silent and when I look up my mom and the doctor are having a silent conversation.

Soon enough the doctor looks at me again “Averly, you have been my patient your whole life, correct?” I nod not saying anything “then you should know that I know your condition well enough to tell when I should be concerned.” he writes something on a paper before looking at me again “even just a little.”

And then he gave me the look. You know that look that tells you just how much a person cares? Yes, he gave me that look and a small smile.

How can I say no to that?

“Okay, fine. I won’t fight anymore. I will cancel my plans and make sure I am here tomorrow.” with that I sigh and leave the room to go sit on one of the uncomfortable chairs in the hallway while my mom speaks to him.

After about ten minutes my mom finally walks out of the door with the doctor in tow.

I look down at my phone and see that Jonah said it’s okay for me to cancel our plans.

I really feel bad. I know he will never love me and that is okay, but I still take all the time I can get with him.

“Averly, are you ready to go? You need to rest for tomorrow.” I look up at my mom and nod before I stand up and put my phone into my shorts pocket.

“Yes I am mom.” I turn to Dr. Dimitri and he gives me a hug “look after yourself kid” he whispers in my ear before putting a paper in my hand.

I smile and pull away from the hug before following my mom to the car after she greets all the nurses.

It takes us five minutes to get home and when I finally plop down onto the couch with the T.V. on, mom goes to the kitchen and makes coffee.

I sit with the T.V. on and remember about the paper before pulling it out from my pocket.

I don’t know you like this. You are a strong warrior Averly, and that is what you need to stay. Find whoever/whatever is holding you back and tell them or take it away.

You have to be strong like a warrior to win this war...

You’re a good kid, don’t let someone or something keep you back.

He is right. There is something keeping me back and I haven’t been as strong as I have always been.

I slowly look up and stare at the wall in thought. Maybe I should tell Jonah and just get it over with ...

He will only support me or he will leave me. I can’t have him leave me because I need him no matter how much I try not to need him.

I should tell him.

Again I read the paper and make my decision. I am not going to tell him. He hasn’t known till now and he doesn’t need to know.

They promised me that I might beat this in about a year anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Just then the door slams open and in walks none other than Jonah “honey, I’m home!” he shouts through the house and I roll my eyes before putting the paper away and getting up off of my seat.

“So you mean I need to stare at your face again?” I ask pulling a disgusted face making him chuckle as he pulls me into a hug “afraid so, but I first need to speak to your mother so prepare your eyes for the monstrosity which is my face while I am in the kitchen.” I giggle and hug him back before he lets go and walks to the kitchen.

I switch off the T.V. as I hear my mom tell him to take a seat and instead of waiting like some puppy, I walk up the stairs and to my room.

My room is grey and blue. Different shades of both colors cover my room and I absolutely love it.

Quickly I grab my small box out of my drawer and put my note inside before turning and walking to my door after putting the box back.

I turn around at the door and stare at the drawer sorry Dr. Dimitri but I won’t tell him.

Walking down the stairs I freeze when my mom’s voice booms from the kitchen “listen Jonathan, you better do it before I whoop your ass. You keep asking for my help and I tell you that it will end up fine but you still don’t do it.”

I hear him sigh and decide rather to just mind my own business and go sit down before I hear something I don’t want to hear.

I sit and wait for about five minutes before my eyes start getting droopy and the more I fight it the worse it gets.

Soon I give in and let sleep take over as slip into a dream far away from reality.

“Jonah, please don’t leave me!” I yell as he grabs his coat and starts putting it on shaking his head “no”


That word echoes through me and I feel the last little bit of me get crushed when he opens the door and looks at me “delete my number and anything of mine.”

Then he leaves and I sit on the couch with tears in my eyes. I just lost my best friend and love, all because I told him about my problem.

He called me a freak show.

Just then my mom walks in and I feel anger towards her “this is all your fault! You guys told me to tell him and now I have lost him. Are you guys happy!?” I yell.

It’s almost like I can still hear him say my name.



Averly, wake up.

My eyes fly open and it takes me a moment to register that it was all a dream. Jonah stops shaking my shoulder and sits down next to me with a smile.

I take a few deep breaths and wake up entirely while he just sits there looking happy.

I am definitely not telling him. No way!

Suddenly, Jonah turns to me with a serious expression and I wait expectantly for him to speak “Ava, do you remember 3 years ago when you asked me what I would do if you liked me?”

Recalling the memory in an instant I nod my head and he takes a deep breath.

“I didn’t mean it when I said that I would keep my distance from you then ...” I feel pain erupt inside of me as I remember him saying that to me. I had just realized that I like him more than a friend back then.

Raising an eyebrow I give him a sharp look “your point is? You made it clear that day that I can’t ever like you.”

Nodding his head he looks pained “I didn’t mean any of it. Averly, when you asked me that, I got scared, I realized that I like you and I didn’t think you would think the same of me. So I said what I said, but Ava,” he slowly goes on both of his knees in front of me and hugs my legs “I love you”

Wait, what?! Let’s backtrack a little bit, did he just say he loves me? Maybe I am hearing things now too. Yes, that’s it.

Looking up at me expectantly Jonah raises his eyebrow “did you hear me?” I nod my head slowly “yes.”

“Do you love me to? Like enough to go on a date with me?” I do love him but this ... this feels too much like a dream come true.

Literally. I dreamed that he would tell me he loves me millions of times before.

I nod my head again and let a smile escape “of course I will go on a date with you.” a smile spreads across his face as he jumps up and hugs me tight.

Hey guys!

So please don’t comment about the fact that it’s only chapter 2 and they are already in love. If you do you will be ignored and if it’s mean reported.

The point of the book isn’t how they fall in love. It’s about their love story.

Please don’t comment about it only being chapter 2. In order for me to write their story you have to know how it began. How they confessed. Now the real story starts.

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