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Chapter 20

“That is absolutely amazing.” dad laughs while watching the man juggle five balls at once.

He then takes out his wallet and hand the guy a $100 note leaving us all speechless, especially the guy.

We then carry on walking and I smile at dad for a moment before he raises an eyebrow at me “what?”

“Why did you give him so much?” With a smile, he takes a seat by a table at the restaurant we just walked into and I take my seat before he speaks again.

“See what you want and then I will tell you.” then I nod and look at my menu choosing and ordering what I want after my dad and then I turn to curiously again.

“Averly, I want you to consider everything I am about to say.” I nod and stay silent so that he can talk and it takes him a minute to start speaking.

“Do you know that man or his family of his circumstances?” I shake my head no and then dad nods “exactly, we don’t know if he had recently lost his job or has a sick wife or child. We have no idea what he thinks and why he does what he does, because we are not them."

"So if he gives an astounding performance to people in a mall. He watches them as they walk in and out of shops buying things and he also sees how some people back away from him. All with the worries that he has on his mind.” I understand, but I am still a little confused.

“Averly, people don’t become ‘beggers’ just for fun. They do it because if they have no other way to bring money home; they have to make something somehow. That is why I gave him so much, because I know what it feels like to wonder what your family is doing; to wake up every day and pray that it won’t be your last because you have people to care for."

"When you have a family, you only care about them and what you do means nothing as long as they are fine.” I understand what he is saying completely.

“So, considering others means making everyone equal?” Dad thinks over my question for a moment before nodding “I guess you can put it like that.”

Slowly my eyes open and I flinch at the sudden change of scenery before I allow a smile to grace my lips.

I remember the day that I just dreamt about perfectly, I was fifteen and dad had just gotten home from the base two days ago.

While mom was at work, dad took me out shopping and we bought mom a birthday present while we had the time.

That day I learned to always treat people equally and kindly. I learned to never judge but rather think what other’s circumstances might be.

I learned to be kind and courageous. My dad really was a gem and I miss him a bit more every day.

I still can’t believe he is gone though.

“Hello beautiful.” I smile at Jonah as he enters the room with my mom behind him.

“Hey guys.” my mom gives me a hug and Jonah gives me a small kiss before they both find a spot on either side of my bed while I sit up.

“How are things going?” I ask while checking my phone and when I look up, I see my mom and Jonah looking at me with goofy smiles.

“What?” Confusion is clear when I speak and I find myself thinking that something is wrong.

“You’re smiling and talking easily.” I smile wider when I realize that what they are saying is true and then I nod.

“Yeah, I actually had a dream of dad and when I woke up, I remembered all the good instead of all the ...” I look over at the machines next to me “instead of all the bad.”

They nod in understanding and I take a deep breath before watching them again “so, I asked a question.”

As if snapping back to reality, they both nod “well it is going really good at work, and all our neighbors wish you peace and prosperity.” I nod at mom and see a silent Jonah.

Then I raise an eyebrow at him and he tries to ignore my gaze, but I know that he can’t. I know he will crack.

So I stare at him without blinking until he finally clears his throat and looks me in the eyes.

“School is going well, I am getting all A’s.” I nod and then I continue to stare at him “and?” It takes a moment for him to finally crack and let his head hang

“I will be visiting later than usual tomorrow.” suddenly my mom stands up and walks out of the door for no reason.


My gaze falls back on Jonah “why?” He hesitates before speaking again “I uh have detention.”

“Why” he takes a moment “I beat up a kid . . . Or three.” my mouth literally falls open and I have no idea what to say.

So many thoughts come up and I have no idea which one to voice. Soon I end up saying one simple thing with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms “why?”

He shakes his head and looks down at his hands for a moment before looking at me and like a fish, his mouth opens and closes a few times.

He lets out a deep breath in frustration and I start to tap my finger on my elbow in impatience.

He carries on stalling and at the same time working on my nerves until I finally remind him that I am still waiting.

“Jonah why!?” It takes him a few seconds again, but he soon grows a pair and looks me straight in the eye while answering.

“Somehow . . . Someone . . . They found out why you are not at school and I found the three talking crap about you. So I showed them what happens. A few broken bones will heal don’t worry.” he waves it off like it’s nothing.

However, it is everything and I can’t verify his reasons as right “get out.” Jonah looks at me shocked and I give him my ‘I’m serious’ look.

“Why?” My dad taught me about kindness and equality “Jonah, they might say things about me but it doesn’t affect me. We are supposed to treat people equally because we don’t know everything about them. So until you can do that get out.” I then turn away from him and stick my earphones in my ears watching him leave in shock.

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