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Chapter 23

“I brought you some brownies.” my eyes shift from the window to my mom who is walking into my room with a Tupperware holder in her hands.

Filled with brownies.

I love brownies.

A smile graces my lips and I take them from her thankfully as she gives me a kiss on my forehead before taking a seat on the chair next to me.

For some reason, I look back at the door expecting something . . . Or should I say someone, to walk through the door and place a loving kiss on my lips.

However, no one does. Instead my mom takes one of the brownies before speaking softly “no one knows where he is, he has been gone for the past two days.” my eyes snap to my mom and worry fills me.

I was in intensive care for three days and she only tells me this now?! It has been almost a week since our fight and now he has disappeared?

“Don’t worry, he will come back . . . I think that he just needs some . . .” She takes a deep breath and an emotion fills her eyes “some time.” she says as if trying to convince herself.

“I don’t think he understands that you told him to leave out of anger. He also doesn’t understand why you had a problem with what he did.” she stops speak abruptly and looks me in the eyes “he kept asking and I quote, why doesn’t she love me?”

My eyes narrow “why did you let him leave?” My mom’s mouth falls open as the doctor walks in and completely ignoring him she speaks in an offended tone “he left in the middle of the night, while I was asleep. I actually work hard to pay bills and need sleep.”

My eyes quickly dart to Dr. Dimitri and he raises an eyebrow at me before I turn back to my mom “alright, sorry. I’m just worried.” Slowly she nods with a deep breath and then our attention falls on the doctor at the same time.

He stands staring at us for a moment before he reacts like he was just in a trance and snapped out of it now.

He walks closer to us and opens a manila folder I didn’t realize he was holding “I have all the results back from the lab and would like to explain to you the reason Averly had pain for three days.” he speaks directly to my mother as if I am not in the room and before she can answer, he glances down at me before speaking again.

“The medication that Averly is on is extremely strong. We want it to take effect and every time we have to increase the count when it doesn’t work.” My mom nods slowly with confusion clearly written over her face “the medication seemed to have added to the acidity of her stomach and her stomach had to work harder to digest the pills she takes in order to get the right stuff into her blood.” He reads something on the folder “her stomach started to reject it and seemed to go into a ‘spasm’ if I could explain it that way. The pain was caused by it and the main cause of it was because she was worked up. I am going to have the therapist come back and help Averly.”

He then looks towards me “it is crucial for you to relax. If your body rejects the medication then your bed could be empty by next week. Your state is at a point where we cannot afford mess-ups.”

I gulp and look at my mom who has tears filled in her eyes as she stares at me. For what, I have no idea, this isn’t the first time that we receive news like this.

“Mom? Why are you so upset? We have gotten worse news than this. “she looks away for a moment before looking at me again “I know honey.”

“Then why do you look like you have been struck by lightning?” A bit shocked, she takes a moment and gulps before she puts her face in her hands “I don’t know how much more I can take.”

I raise an eyebrow “excuse me mom?” She soon makes eye contact with me “Ava, how many times are we going to go through getting bad news? I know that you said you won’t die, but it is kind of hard to keep hoping you will get better.” I sit frozen, recalling what she just said “what are you saying mom?”

She sighs “As it is now, I am finding it hard not to lose any hope.” she stands from her chair and I don’t know if I should cry of glare “so that’s it? You lose hope and I lose you, Jonah and my life? That’s fair! Absolutely bloody amazing!”

She looks like she wants to argue with me, but I can see it in her eyes, she thinks that I am not going to make it.

I will show her.

Just then the door slams open and my eyes snap to the person who has opened it. Then I am caught up in my own silence.


Jonah with messy hair, red rimmed eyes, a torn shirt, jeans and boots. He looks like he is swaying as he walks towards me.

He turns to my mom and gives her a salute before she leaves. Then he starts to fall over his feet and lets out a laugh as he plants his ass safely on the chair next to my bed as I watch astonished.

“Jonah, are you drunk?” He laughs and shakes his head “no, I am only seeing three of you right now.” he then goes to rest his elbow on my bed and his head in his hand, only his elbow gets air and he falls on the ground with the motion.

However, all he does is laugh at himself before standing up “how did this happen? You hate alcohol.” he nods “yes, I went to this place . . . I don’t know where, to get my mind off of you and this guy gave me this sweet flour stuff and then he started to give me this drink that looked like pee,” he laughs again as if the memory is hilarious “and then we smoked this small thing and it was just great really. They even took my wallet to buy us some more of the drink, and my phone wouldn’t shut up so I threw it away.” my hand flies to my mouth while he laughs and I shake my head.

“Jonah, stop this.” his face turns utterly serious as he raises an eyebrow at me. You wouldn’t say that he is high on drugs and alcohol right now “stop what? You don’t care! Little miss, I am sick, I am dying, I don’t love you, don’t protect me, Jonathan who? I am the sick one, be at my beck and call so that I can bitch and moan to you, let me abuse your love.” all this he says in a girly voice while flailing his arms around.

“I am so sick of it! So sick of feeling bad for asking for a little bit of the old Averly, I want us, but you? You want me to only think about how sick you are. It was so nice when we went on our date, to see you smile. You didn’t think of how sick you really are, you were the old Averly, the one who wouldn’t chase me away for trying to be a good person and telling people to stop talking shit about her, the one who would thank me but make a reference to not do it again.” he crosses his arms like an upset toddler “where is that Averly? Where is MY Averly?”

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