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Chapter 26

23 hours, 43 minutes and 27 seconds.

Almost an entire day.

I was unconscious for almost an entire day, then woke up and heard that I nearly died. The emotion that started eating me then . . . Is indescribable.




However, I didn’t and I woke up to find Jonah sitting on a chair in my room reading ‘The Tale of Two Cities.’

My mom was on the phone outside and when they finally noticed me, I didn’t talk, only listened.

They told me about how they were worried and what they did to pass the time. I saw that Jonah wanted to speak up about something, but he didn’t and I was too tired to make him spill the beans.

What I do know now, as I am sitting here almost a day later is that there is a feeling that I can’t shake off.

A feeling that something is going to happen later today and I have no idea whether it will be good or bad.

I know that it needs to be good though, because I don’t know if I can survive through something as serious and bad as the last time if it happened again.

I just know that it will be something though.

Coming back to reality, I put down my fork and push away the half-empty plate with my breakfast on.

The nurse then moves the table thingy and takes the plate before leaving out of the room “what are you thinking of?” My eyes go to Jonah and I give him a small smile.

“I was just thinking about everything that has happened.” I answer politely as he brings his chair over to me.

“And how do you feel?” I nod “good, strong . . . Alive.” He smiles and the room falls silent before he speaks again.

“The doctor told me that you are my kryptonite, or something like that. He said that your condition changes as our relationship does.” I raise an eyebrow; confusion written on my face.

“What?” He fights a smile when he sees my confusion and then he gives me a small kiss “I am not leaving again, no matter how bad we fight.”

“O . . . Kay . . .?” He smiles at me again as if thinking that I am adorable in my confused state “so . . . You said that you had something for me?” I ask recalling the moment he left before I started feeling dizzy the other day.

As if realization hits him, he nods as a smile spreads on his face “I bought you a puppy, a bulldog to be exact, to say sorry for being a jerk.” a shade of pink falls on his cheeks and I smile wide.

“I have always wanted a puppy!” I squeal as I grab his face and place a kiss on his lips “I would have brought her, but I don’t want to leave your side” I smile with a nod “that’s fine! I can’t wait to meet her.”

He smiles and opens his mouth to say something, but before he can the door flies open and the doctor walks in followed by my mother who looks like a completely different person.

They both stand in front of my bed with smiles on their faces, not saying a thing and Jonah and I each raise an eyebrow at them while they stand.

Silence reigns in the room and it hits me like a ton of bricks; something is happening now. Like I thought something would.

I just don’t know what.


“What is going on?” As if I just snapped everyone out of a daze, the doctor grabs a paper out of his pocket and my mom makes her way next to me.

“Averly, it seems I have some good news for you.” now I am curious. I sit up and give the doctor my full attention.

“We have just had a perfect match come through for you. Two kidneys are available for donation and since you are on top of the list and a perfect match, we will do the transplant tomorrow ... if you are strong enough.” it takes me a few seconds to realize what the doctor has just said. Jonah’s eyes immediately snap to mine and my mom starts crying in joy.

“You mean, I am getting two new kidneys?” Dr. Dimitri nods and slowly a smile spreads onto my face “but what about my lungs?”

“We will make sure you come out fine.” I look at my mother and give her a hug and as I have my arms around her neck, I feel a few tears slips from my eyes as I stare at the wall in front of me probably looking lost.

I am getting a transplant.

Everything is going to be okay. I will be okay. I repeat these words a few times before I close my eyes and hug my mother tighter.

“Your mother just needs to come sign the papers.” I nod and as I am about to release my mother, she whispers in my ear “everything will be okay.” I nod and then she leaves with the doctor.

Jonah is glancing at me with a knowing smile on his face “so, anything you would like to tell me?” I smile and roll my eyes.

Then I stand up, with a new found strength not having to worry about any wires, since I don’t have any in me because of the whole pancreas thing . . . For now.

Jonah grabs my hand and wraps his arms around me, spinning my around and taking a deep breath before putting me down and looking down at me “I love you.”

“I know.” I wrap my arms around his waist and rest my cheek on his chest while he wraps his arms around me and rests his cheek on my head.

“Everything is going to be okay, Jonah.” I feel his arms tighten around me as we sway slightly from side to side.

He doesn’t respond, but I know he is grateful “Jonah?” He hums to acknowledge that he heard me “I am so thankful that you started talking to me about John Green.” I feel him chuckle recalling when we really met for the first time.

“I am really happy that I did too.” Silence fills the room again and we don’t need anything else.

No words, no kisses, no news. Just this, us. Staying with each other is what we need.

Then his phone starts to ring and I pull away but he keeps me in place before declining the call and playing a slow song on his phone.

Slowly he starts swaying us around and soon we are slowly dancing in my hospital room. “This is perfect.” I mumble and feel him kiss the top of my head slowly “you are perfect.”

I smile and place a kiss on his chest through his shirt.

He pulls me closer and we carry on dancing peacefully surrounded by our own thoughts. I am going to be okay, he is going to stay and everything else will fall into place.

Who knows, maybe we really are each other’s kryptonite.

However, if that is true, then I will gladly lose my powers to stay with mine.

Because Jonah is more than my kryptonite, he is my love and he is my addiction.

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