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Chapter 27

Why do people always have to be such hypocrites?

I mean, when you think about it, everyone is a hypocrite whether they know and admit it or not.

Everybody hates being called names or being made dun of, yet most people are always the ones to start the teasing.

They love to tease and make fun of people but when other people do it to them then it is the worst thing on earth.

Why do people do that?

They always hurt other but hate when they are the ones being hurt.


All I know is no judgment equals no tears.

My dad taught me that, and to be honest that is the best thing he could have ever taught me. My thoughts are so serious for some reason.

Wait, my thoughts . . . I am waking up! The surgery is over.

I groan and try to open my eyes but they are still consumed by sleep and I find myself blinking a couple of times to work the sleepiness out.

With lots of effort, I soon am able to open my eyes properly and take in my surroundings. I am in the recovery room all alone.

Where are they? My head is hurting, I can feel where they did the operation and my back is aching.

So bad.

A fear tears slip and I immediately wipe them away. I can’t cry! I have two new kidneys! It might be sensitive now, but I have no reason to be crying.

“Welcome back to earth, Averly.” I smile at the nurse and nod as she checks my drip and adds some medication to the mixture going into my blood.

“For about two days, you are going to be feeling a small bit of pain here and there as it is going to be sensitive because they worked there. If you feel any serious discomfort you will need to let us know immediately.” I nod and she gives me a charming smile before a few other people come into the room and they start to set up my bed to take me back to my room.

They roll the bed through many halls and into the elevator where it is awkwardly silent and I close my eyes and breathe deeply.

The operation was clearly a success and things are going to start going up from here. I can feel it.

I smile as they push me out of the elevator and to my room where my mother is sitting with balloons and Jonah is sitting with a teddy bear and . . . A puppy!

I smile at them and the people set my bed to stay in place and then leave before my mom gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then Jonah gives me a peck on the lips before handing me the teddy and looking at the puppy “say hello to your owner.” I smile at the puppy and take her from Jonah.

“What’s her name?” I ask as I pet her softly before she starts to lick my face and give tiny barks.

I giggle and Jonah shrugs “she doesn’t have one yet so I call her frenchie.” I smile and look down at her.

Let’s be odd and unique like her, she has blue eyes, not many bulldogs have that “I’m naming her, Cat.”

Jonah raises an eyebrow and my mom starts giggling like a little school girl as she shakes her head mumbling “of course.”

I smile as she takes her from me “I am going to take Cat home to get some food and so on, you get some rest.” I give her a salute and she kisses me on the cheek before she leaves.

I turn to look at Jonah and see him staring at me as if he is in a trance “can I help you?” He shakes his head but his eyes don’t move an inch.

“I love seeing you so happy, I love seeing you so much better, and I love you.” I smile as a blush creeps onto my face.

I hug the teddy bear close and look at him “I want nothing more ...” he gets a hopeful smile on his face and then I continue speaking “than a cupcake right now.”

His smile falls for a moment before he gets up from his chair and pushes his way onto the hospital bed with me.

“Ahh.” I raise an eyebrow at him with my hand resting on his chest and my leg over his “and now?”

He wiggles his eyebrow at me “this bed holds many memories” I make a disgusted face at him and push him off of the bed causing him to face plant and groan in pain.

He then shoots up and gives me a warning look and as he is about to attack, the doctor walks in looking very amused.

“Don’t you even touch a hair on my favorite patient’s head.” Jonah looks like a deer caught in headlights and I giggle before turning to the doctor “how are you feeling Averly?” I nod

“I am feeling good. A little pain, but its understanding.” Dr. Dimitri nods his head before he leans on the table thingy at the bottom of the bed.

“Your mother said that I should come share the news with you.” I raise an eyebrow feeling uncomfortable suddenly.

“When I was doing the operation, I noticed that your liver is healthy.” Confusion slams me like a ton of bricks and Jonah’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.

“What?” Dr. Dimitri looks amused and then answers with “seems like the medication did more than nearly kill you.” Then without another word, he leaves and my eyes meet Jonah’s as a tear slips.

“Everything’s okay.” he nods with a smile and moves closer to me before giving me a passionate kiss “we’re doing it.” I nod with a smile biting my lip with our foreheads touching.

“We are.”

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