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Chapter 28

Is there a way to just know what will take place?

Yes, no one can see the future despite what people think, and yeah, no one can know what is going to happen in two days, but is there a way to just know?

Like you know what is going to happen because it’s common sense.

Let me answer that question with a no. How do I know this? The doctor said that I will be fine in two days but it has been three and if anything the sensitivity has gotten worse.

However, I don’t tell them, I only tell them when the pain is a lot and then they give me more medication.

Jonah is the only one who knows, but I made him promise not to tell anyone about the fact that I feel worse. Reluctantly, he agreed and said that he has something to go do.

So here I am, alone. My mom is working and my boyfriend is out doing what only he knows and I was coloring.

Yes, my mom bought me an adult coloring book and it is one of the best things that could have happened to me.

However, it gets boring after a while and then I am forced to either sit and go out of my mind or sleep.

Just to put it out there, I am not tired . . . At all.

I am also still craving that cupcake that I wanted after my operation. That would really be good right now.

I smile to myself and shake my head, a cupcake of all things. Where is Jonah?

As if on cue, Jonah walks in with a box in his hands and a huge smile on his face. He comes and sits next to me opening the box and not letting me see a thing.

He then pulls out a huge cupcake with a smile and licks his lips “are you serious?” I ask and he looks over at me innocently as he takes a bite out of the cupcake.

He makes sure to exaggerate how good it is and I roll my eyes before closing them and laying my head back.

He won’t get a reaction out of me. It would only make him happy that he got what he wanted. Then I feel a sticky kiss on my forehead and open my eyes to find an even bigger cupcake placed on my lap “I got you one too.” I smile and grab it before giving him a small kiss and looking at my cupcake.

It has blue icing with white flowers on top and a bit of pink here and there. When I am done admiring it, I smile wide and devour it in happiness.

“That was one good cupcake!” Jonah smiles at me while he throws away the box “you’re welcome.”

I roll my eyes “thank you,” he smiles widely at me and nods before taking out his phone and smiling at something making me raise an eyebrow “what are you smiling at?” He looks at me and then shows me his wallpaper on his phone.

A picture of me sleeping . . . In this room. My eyes turn into slits as I glare at him while he gives me an innocent look.

“That picture is so ugly!” I see the wheels turning in his head for a moment before he starts to smile menacingly “I know, but it’s my ugly picture and I will have my ugly picture as my wallpaper if I want it as my wallpaper.”

I roll my eyes at his immatureness “real mature Jonah!” He smiles “and yet, you can’t resist me.” I scoff at his words “I so can!”

I gives me an incredulous look before standing up from his chair “the moves I know cannot be performed in public. Luckily, this is a private room and you have seen it all.” I cringe at his words wondering where he is getting at.

“You have to have a straight face the whole time, to prove your unresistable worthiness.” I raise an eyebrow at him, he is making no sense, I watch him close all the curtains and lock the door before walking into the bathroom.

What did he have while he was away? Clearly he is hyper because he is acting funny and like a true weirdo.

But I love it.

I silence my laugh and the next thing I know, I hear music blasting from most probably his phone.

I easily recognize the song as Fire by Barns Courtney. One of my favorites. As the song goes on, Jonah starts to dramatically walk into the room as if he is on the catwalk before he turns to me.

As the show goes on, I notice that he starts to dance like a real stripper, he pushes his abs up into my face and starts to do all sorts of moves which makes me laugh into no world.

When the song finally comes to an end, he gets off of me and then walks back to his phone to stop his music “can you resist me now?”

I burst into laughter and nod making him approach me and give me a passionate kiss before looking at my wallpaper of a little kitten and then freaking out.

He grabs my phone and starts to go on about the kitten and I laugh even harder before we both calm down “it’s when you do things like that, buy me cupcakes and puppies and cook for us, that is when I can’t resist you.” He looks down at the floor and his cheeks tinge pink “I can always not resist you.” I giggle and he gives me a kiss on the cheek before fixing up my room and putting his shirt back on.

Then a nurse walks in with a knowing smile and I roll my eyes “Averly, I just need to check up on you.”

I nod and she checks my blood pressure and she checks my wounds and she does everything necessary to tell me she will give me a lotion and that I am healing just fine.

I smile at Jonah and he gives me high five before we both sit back and relax playing 20 questions.

As if we don’t know everything about each other already . . . And I know it may sound bad, but I really hope that he doesn’t become a stripper since everyone would love him.

It may sound cheesy, but he is mine. I don’t need or want other girls looking at him like that.

Not only is he my addiction, but he is also my forever.

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