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Chapter 29

Doctor Dimitri sent me home yesterday.

He said that I have recovered well from my operation and am strong enough to spend at least three days at home before going back.

He said that I can’t be too risky though, and I am making sure to keep everything at bay. My operation was two weeks ago and I feel so much better.

Yesterday Jonah and I spent our day on the couch with Cat in my lap and a movie on the T.V. screen.

It was perfect.

It felt so amazing to be back home, and I know for a fact that, with the way my mom was baking, she was enjoying having me home.

She even took off from work which she never does.

Today Jonah has invited me to lunch with his parents. Now don’t get me wrong, Jonah is the most amazing person ever to walk on this planet, but his parents are rich and snobby.

They are nice people but if you don’t dress to impress then they can make it very clear very fast.

Besides, I have been spending all my days in a hospital gown so dressing up a bit is quite nice for me.

This is how I found myself in a seat across from Jonah’s mother and next to Jonah who has his father sitting across from him.

This question his mother has just asked me has be squirming for the earth to swallow me whole. I feel a little nauseous and my head hurts with some dizziness here and there, I don’t need this.

“Why do you look so skinny and pale, Averly?” Now it sounds like a normal question, but if I tell them and they find out that I kept all of this from all of them, they will find a way to separate Jonah and I.

Then they will make me feel bad about myself.

“Oh, I just caught a bit of flu.” his mom smiles and his dad now is the one to speak “we all know how that can put a damper on a person.”

I nod and we all make some chit chat while waiting for our food while sipping on our drinks.

Jonah’s mother has shoulder length dark, chocolate brown hair and the same color eyes. She has a Portuguese glow to her skin which is understandable since she is half Portuguese.

She is wearing a dark purple dress that reaches down to the floor along with a fancy necklace and a matching purse.

His father is wearing a suit like usual. No wrinkles are in his suit and it is perfect to the last detail.

Anyone can immediately see where Jonah’s looks comes from and they can count on it being from both his parents.

“Oh dear! I hope you are alright.” Jonah nods and winks over at me making me start to feel anxious.

“Yes, she went to the hospital and the doctor gave her some medication and now she is feeling better.” I smile warily at him.

If only he knew that I was feeling dizzier and sicker than ever at the moment. Clearly the excitement of not only being at home, but also going out to dinner with his parents.

Taking a sip of my water, our food finally arrives and I push down the feeling I get as soon as I see my food.

I am not hungry at all. I was, but suddenly I feel nothing but nausea when looking at my food. It does smell amazing though “bon appetite.” our waiter leaves and everyone digs into their food while I take another sip of my water before looking at my food again.

I make no move to eat and apparently Jonah notices “something wrong with the food? I could call the waiter if something is wrong let me just find him, hol-” cutting him off, I put my hand on his shoulder and shake my head.

“I just don’t feel too well, I think it’s all the sudden interaction and excitement.” he looks me in the eyes for a moment before nodding and returning to his food.

I don’t forget to notice the look his mom send him and look down at my lap. She never has liked me as much as she pretends to.

They don’t know, but I have heard the fights where his mom tells him that he needs to hang out with people in his class.

“Poor girl, probably not used to proper food.” I hear a fork fall to the plate as soon as his mother stops mumbling to herself and my head snaps up to see Jonah staring angrily at his mom while he grabs my hand and the whole restaurant is staring at our table.

“What have I told you?!” Jonah is practically exploding if anger while his mom gives him an innocent look and his father stares at me apologizingly.

“What did I do?” She fakes and I resist the urge to roll my eyes at her, but instead I just grip Jonah’s hand.

“It’s not worth it.” I whisper into his ear and immediately his muscles relax. “I can’t believe the nerve of you! We have spoken about this many a times and you have to accept who I choose! I love Averly and you can’t change that!”

Immediately his mother’s eyes snap to me telling me she is not going to fake anything anymore “you love . . . That?" She spits out of her mouth as if even looking at me is hurting her.

“She is nothing but a gold digger! You can do so much better! Samantha said she will take you back and I know that she will treat you better than this thing. She has also promised me that she will satisfy you however necesa-” Jonah cuts off his mother by simply grabbing my bag and pulling me up from my chair.

“Thank you, dad.” he shoots his mother an icy glare “the only gold digger here is you, and Samantha who is sitting three booths down can go prostitute somewhere else.” With that, he pulls me outside after grabbing our coats and I turn back to see his father fighting with his mother who is now crying.

Everything she said hurt even more than the first, does she really think I am a gold digger? Am I that bad?

I knew being with Jonah was a mistake! A huge mistake which lead to Jonah and his mom fighting again.

Maybe I should jus- my thoughts are cut off when I stop in my tracks unable to see where I am going.

The whole world is spinning “Jonah?” I hear him stop walking and try to gain my balance, but with the first try, I feel my knees give in as Jonah catches me and starts to panic while I let the darkness take over.

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