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Chapter 3

It has been a week. I had my tests done and they have the results but I will only find out tomorrow. Jonah won’t stop being touchy with me and telling me how happy he is.

I think I beat him in the excitement department. After he left last week I probably did a happy dance for five minutes.

I have been waiting three years and the fact that he loves me makes it even better.

It still feels unreal but I know it is because every day he treats me like royalty and tells me how much he loves me.

I haven’t told him I love him though, I just have a feeling that I shouldn’t tell him yet.

Getting dressed this morning I couldn’t stop smiling, Jonah and I are having our date today after volunteering.

We volunteer at the soup kitchen once a month. He didn’t want to in the beginning because he hates work but I convinced him.

I love helping people. Especially those who don’t have because I wouldn’t want to be in their situation.

I love food so much and I can’t imagine how it would be if I couldn’t afford having food.

So I help others and Jonah joins. He fetched me about five minutes early and hugged me so tight and now we have just started serving the people.

“Spaghetti?” I ask the man in front of me and he gives me a grateful smile and nods “thank you. You are a very beautiful girl.” he tells me and a light blush covers my cheeks.

“Thank you, sir.” he gives me a nod and walks off to the next person and soon he smiles at Jonah and says something while grabbing an orange juice from him.

Jonah smiles a dazzling smile and it makes me smile but I immediately look away as soon as they look over at me.

Why would they look at me? I smile at the lady who passes by as I scoop some food onto her plate.

I look over at the T.V. once everyone has food and see that they are doing a report on a bombing they had in Afghanistan where about twenty people from the army were injured and I am reminded of my dad.

He is the reason I help people who have little. Why I give donations and why I always have kindness and courage.

“He sees you Ava.” I jump at the sudden voice behind me and turn to face him.

“I know.” I say with a sigh as Jonah comes and hugs me “and he is proud just like your mom is.” I smile at his words and look up at him.

“You really think my mom is proud of me?” he gives me a look as if asking if that is a real question before he answers me “of course she is! You do great in school, you help the less fortunate and you are one of the most beautiful people ever to walk this planet.”

I smile and raise an eyebrow at him “one of the most beautiful?” with a smile he nods “next to me of course.” I playfully hit him on the shoulder and then we both burst into laughter before sobering up when the people look at us.

“No but seriously love, he would have been so proud ... ” I nod with a small smile and we talk until everyone has left, before we both get into his car.

“So where are we going?” I ask while the sun warms me from through the window as we drive.

“That is for me to know and you to find out love” I. Hate. Surprises.

The last surprise I got was amazing but what I got three days after made the surprise die.

I sit and think about the memory and soon I come back to reality when a hand lands on my knee.

“No come back?” I smile and take his hand in mine and then he intertwines our fingers “you know I hate surprises, but this is important to you and I respect that.”

Smiling wide, Jonah kisses my knuckles and parks his truck in the middle of nowhere.

We both get out and again he intertwines our fingers as he guides me through a large field.

“How much longer?” I whine and hear a small chuckle come from him before I gasp over - dramatically “are you going to kill me?”

I hear another chuckle and a smile makes its way onto my face. I love being the reason he laughs or even smiles.

“Please don’t, I just had my three year long crush admit to loving me and he even asked me out.” I sigh and dramatically fall onto my knees clutching his legs “please. He is wonderful and sweet and kind so please don’t kill me.”

I hear him full on laugh before he helps me up as I smile “you have just managed to change my mind.” he plays along and I laugh as we start walking again “so why are we in the middle of nowhere n-”

I cut myself off when I look at what is in front of me. It’s spring and flowers have bloomed. Some of my most favorite flowers and everything is beautifully colored. There even is a waterfall flowing into a river.

I gasp when I see a big oak tree with a blanket underneath. I see a basket and flowers.

Looking up at Jonah I see that he is already staring at me with a smile on his face “what’s this?”

He leads me to the blanket and we both sit down, with me on the side next to the tree.

“For you my beauty.” he says handing me a bouquet of lilies “and this?” I ask looking up at him “well a Lilly is your favorite flower and well, why not a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl?”

A small blush falls over my cheeks as I thank him with a kiss on the cheek. He opens the basket and takes out two wine glasses and grape juice and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Hey, I have to drive back and you are too young to drink so I settled for the next best thing,” he smiles extra wide after talking “red grape juice.”

I let out a giggle as he pours it and acts like he is tasting wine while smelling it with his pinky in the air and all.

Soon he takes out a Tupperware box and opens it to reveal brownies “I baked these last night,” he says before getting another box and revealing cupcakes with pink icing and a cherry “and these.”

I smile and feel my heart squeeze at the cuteness in the one cupcake that has a heart chocolate chip cookie in.

Chocolate chip is my favorite.

“And to eat I got us,” he takes two boxes out of the basket “pizza.” I squeal when he opens them and one is chicken mayonnaise and the other pepperoni.

He chuckles and shakes his head in amusement “Do you like it?” looking at him as if he just grew another head I raise an eyebrow “like it?” I see worry flash in his eyes before a smile breaks out on my face “I love it. Thank you.”

He immediately smiles and we get to eating as we talk like we always do. We talk about random and heartwarming things.

I am so happy that our comfort around each other has not been affected at all by him admitting to liking me as well.

After eating and talking and then eating again and talking even more. We finished and packed everything away before we laid down on our backs.

“Thank you for coming here with me today.” I smile up at Jonah and rest my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

This feels so perfect. I don’t ever want to move, I just want to stay like this forever.

“It was no problem trust me.” I feel him wrap his arm around me as he starts to draw little circles on my shoulder with his finger and I smile.

“I didn’t think you would like me more than a friend to.o” I look up at him and shake my head before slowly leaning down and connecting our lips feeling the sparks fly.

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