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Chapter 33

Jonah’s p.o.v. (until it states otherwise)

It’s finally here! I couldn’t see my Ava yesterday because the doctors said she was resting and I respected it.

Not that she needs beauty sleep, she is gorgeous already.

After I finally got dressed this morning, I blew a kiss at the picture of her next to my bed and basically skipped out of my room and into the hall.

Walking down the stairs and into the kitchen for breakfast, I feel excitement bubble up inside of me and I start to feel giddy.

I get to see her!

I smile down at my plate of pancakes and bacon and then look up and shout “Thanks Susan!” To wherever she is in this house.

Susan takes care of me since my parents are basically always a no show. Oh well! I sigh and a smile gets plastered onto my face again.

At the reminder, I gobble up my pancakes and make my way out of the house and into my car.

After the long drive to the shop around the corner from my house, I get out and order a big teddy bear with a heart that says ‘I love you’ and a bunch of balloons with the number 18 on it.

I get Swiss chocolate and some flowers. Money is no option for my sweetie. After I pay, I walk to my care and out everything in the back.

It’s time to go see my girl. I then put my car into gear and make my way to the hospital wondering what she will think, how she is doing and the day I get to take her home.

I just hope she could finally love me. We have shared so many moments where I can see it in her eyes, but something is holding her back and I need to know what.

I smile at the thought of seeing my Ava today and I can’t help but get all giddy again.

Ever since the day her mom finally got me to stop complaining and tell her how I feel, my life has changed completely.

It went from boring and adventurous to fun and adventurous, if that makes sense. She puts all the light in my life and I can’t imagine living without her.

I am just happy that she is feeling better and I can’t wait till the day that we get married.

I smile at the thought and park my car at the hospital before getting all of my gifts and then walking in.

I greet all the nurses who know me by now and basically fly up the stairs when the elevator takes too long for my liking.

I walk down all the halls and smile at everyone I pass. Nothing can ruin my day!

It feels like it takes forever to get to her room and when I do, I stop for a moment and take a deep breath before opening it.

I walk in and smile wide “Happy Birthday to the most gorgeous girl ever!” She smiles at me and giggles softly.

I tell her about everything that I got her and put it down when suddenly she grabs my hand.

“Sit down.” I raise an eyebrow and put my other hand over the other part of her cold hand.

I do sit down like she asked and look at her adoringly. I put a piece of hair behind her ear and smile “so beautiful.”

“This is s-serious.” I feel myself start to wonder about what’s going on, but she squeezes my hand softly and looks me in the eyes.

“I just want you to know that I did it for you.” My eyes widen “did what?! What are you talking about Ava?!”

She looks me in the eye and a tear rolls down her cheek “Jonathan Kyle -Parker . . .” She take a moment to gain breath before talking “I love you.”

It comes as a shock wave to me and as I start to smile, I see her eyes start to droop. The machine with her heart rate is going crazy and I immediately jump up from my seat.

“No, this can’t be happening. Ava.” When I see the number on the machine get lower I start to viciously tap her cheek as tears start to form in my eyes “Don’t do this to me! AVERLY!”

I start to shake her and my tears are all over her face and chest as I hug her frail body tight.

“Averly! Please!” I feel my insides start to crash and break when the machine makes the all too distinct sound of a plain line.

“She’s gone!” I shout out in fury as I slowly go down to kiss her lips with my tears falling onto her eyes and cheeks.

I don’t pull back and look down at her "you can't leave me!” I grab her hands and rub them “this is a prank, the doctors would be here if it were true.”

Then I hear the door click, but I don’t look away or waver from my position. The nurse puts off the heart machine and I squeeze my Ava tighter.

“Please!” I beg in a broken whisper. I feel a strong grip pull my shoulder away from Ava and I am immediately enclosed in a tight hug by her mom who is crying and in a frenzy.

I hug her tight and lay my cheek on her head with tears flowing and probably making her hair wet.

I feel my shirt getting wet and tighten my grip when she starts to shake. She is mumbling many things to herself and I guide her to the chair that is all too familiar to me.

Once she is sitting, I abruptly leave the room and lean against the wall, she can’t really be dead. It doesn’t feel like it.

I wipe my tears away and run to Dr. Dimitri, but the tears keep on coming and when I burst his door open with my wet cheeks, he immediately jumps up and excuses himself from his patients.

Then moment he touches me, I break down and he supports me as I cry on his shoulder.

Sobs and wails come from me and I feel like I can’t breathe after a while “is she really gone?”

I feel him tense and then he sighs “it finally happened.” He then pulls me away a bit when I am calm and he nods.

“She is. It was expected.” He says calmly and I shake my head “she is 18 today! She can’t just . . .” I catch myself and turn around leaning my arm on the wall and my head against my arm.

The floor is already getting wet from my tears “I think I am going to be sick.” I mumble holding my stomach.

“This is what she wanted. She had the right to make this happen and I had too. It was all her choice. She was allowed to refuse treatment at any time.” I turn to him and glare with tears in my eyes “so you murdered her!?”

He frantically shakes his head and as I am about to punch him, everything starts spinning and I feel myself fall to the ground.

Please come back to me Ava, I just can’t without you . . .

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