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Chapter 5

“Enjoy school honey!” my mom yells as I open the front door “I will thanks mom.” I shout back before making my way to Jonah’s car.

I don’t cough as much this time but I really am out of breath “you really are unfit Ava, the walk is literally from your house to my car which is like twenty steps.”

I take a deep breath. Remember Averly, he doesn’t know so just be chill about it.

“Oh well, what a bummer that we don’t all have six packs and a sports team to represent.” I reply sarcastically making him chuckle as he intertwines our fingers.

“So are you ready for school?” I nod “yeah I am, and you?” his smile grows as he looks down at our hands quickly “yes I am.”

Turning into the school, Jonah almost immediately finds a parking space and as I am about to get out he stops me.

“Averly I want to ask you something that I should have asked three years ago”

I raise an eyebrow curiously as I sink back into my seat and he takes a deep breath “will you be my girlfriend? I know it might seem a bit fast, but you and I have both admitted to liking each other for a long time now and I really do love you even though it took your mom three months of helping before I grew a pair and told you and I know for a fact that you have also liked me for long and I would really appreciate it I-”

“I would love to.” I cut him off with a smile and his eyes snap to mine filled with relief “really?”

“Really?” immediately his lips crash to mine in a smile and all the passion in the kiss makes my heart break knowing he doesn’t know just how I feel about him.

I pull away and look him in the eye “Jonah I-I . . .” he looks at me expectantly as I try to get the words to come out.

As the words refuse to come out my mind travels to everything happening with my lungs and my heart. I think of how I would feel obligated to tell him because to me, when a couple claims to be in love they don’t keep any secrets from each other.


Slowly I look down at my bag “I have to go.” and before he can stop me I get out of the car and make my way to homeroom where Mr. Dudd is already taking register.

My seat is in the back corner of the class by the window, mainly because of the fact that I usually get tired and fall asleep at random times because of my oxygen levels.

As Mr. Dudd is about to finish with the register Jonah walks in, his eyes immediately find mine and never leave as he makes his way to his desk which is smack bam in the middle.

“Okay kids listen up for announcements!” Mr. Dudd yells and after a few ’shut up’s everyone is finally quiet.

“Okay so, remember that your gym testing for your final mark starts today and also the cafeteria will not be selling any drinks today so you will need to go and buy from the vending machine.” sir looks up at me “there is a special note made here for you Averly,” my ears perk up “the principal would like for you to please go by there as soon as homeroom is finished.”

I nod and that is when bell rings and sir lets out a laugh “well I be damned, you guys are dismissed.”

Everyone gets up and rushes out of classroom while I take my time being the last person to leave.

“Have a good day sir.” I greet with a smile which returns full force as I walk out.

I turn the corner and there Jonah is, waiting for me as he walks up to me with a smile on his face “hello beautiful, mind telling me what happened in the car?”

Walking side by side I smile “I just thought I was going to be late and forgot for a moment that we are in the same homeroom is all.”

“Oh okay.” good cover. I mentally applaud myself as we reach the office. Jonah gives me a kiss on the cheek and says bye before he makes his way to his class.

I enter and the secretary smiles at me “hello dear, how are you?”

I smile back “I am good thanks. I was told that Mr. Kensington wants to see me?” as if realization hits her she starts nodding and leads me to his door “yes, he is expecting you.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem, dear.” she gives me one more smile and then she leaves me to knock on the door and hear a faint ‘come in’

Slowly I open the door and when the principal sees me a smile forms on his face “Averly! I was expecting you, please take a seat.”

“Hello sir, did I do something?” I ask taking a seat and he shakes his head “No you did not. You do know that the gym testing is starting today right?”

I nod in response “I know about your problem and your mom informed me that the doctor has kicked up your meds, but I still need you to do at least one thing or I will have to fail you this year.”

“But I can’t do anything and not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t.” nodding he looks at the papers on his desk again “I know and that is why I have spoken to coach Carter and he suggested that you do shot-putt for him, only one round.”

“Will that work?”

“Yes, since you only stand on one spot and throw the heavy thing.” that actually doesn’t sound too bad.

“Okay, I believe I can try it.” a huge smile forms on his face “Thank you! That is what makes you such a good student, you are always prepared to try.”

“Thank you sir. Is that all?”

“Yes it is. You are dismissed, have a good day further Averly.” I stand up and walk to the door “You have a great day Mr. Kensington.” and then I close the door and walk to class.

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