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Chapter 6

You will not be the death of me!

Staring at the millions of pill that I need to take, I glare and continue thinking of how I will not let this be the death of me.

I hate it.

It’s like the medication controls me, all my life I can’t get rid of them. If I don’t take them then death is a sure result and when I do, I still get deteriorating lungs and then have to take more.


“Glaring won’t make it go away.” my glare moves to my mom and it takes me a minute before I let out a sigh and grab the glass of water before gulping the stuff down.

“Wasn’t so hard now was it?” I am about to give a sassy response when the front door flies open and Jonah launches himself into the chair next to me within 2 seconds.

“Good morning you two beautiful ladies.” I roll my eyes and my mom laughs. Well we can see who the happy one is.

“Good morning Jonathan, I trust your mother is doing well.” Jonah’s smile spreads as he nods “always.” and then he looks at me and gives me a peck on the lips “ready to go?”

I nod and get up from my chair rushing upstairs to grab my bag and before I know it I am in the kitchen again giving my mom a kiss on the cheek as Jonah takes my hand and leads me to his car.

I feel myself get out of breath and take slow, deep breaths while getting into the car.

“Are you okay love?” I look over at Jonah who is looking at me concerned while offering me some water “yeah.” I accept his water and take a sip, but instead of the car moving Jonah is staring at me concerned.

Rolling my eyes I put down the water “I’m okay, really” after a few seconds he finally believes me and starts the car.

“So I was thinking that we go to the bowling alley close to the food court that you like so much.” I nod in approval and rest my head against the window watching the trees pass us while Twenty One Pilots is playing quietly through the radio.

What am I going to do? I don’t want to live like this forever. Scared of collapsing of a coughing fit and always busy with medication all around me. As long as I have to live like this, I can never be normal.

Slowly I feel my eyes close as Jonah starts to ramble on about his sporty things.

“Once upon a time in a magical kingdom far far away, there lived two BEAUTIFUL princesses one named Lilliana and the other named Maria.” his deep voice spoke.

“That’s my name daddy and Mary’s is Maria.” he chuckles and I see him nod around the corner which I am standing “yes.”

“Anyway, the two princesses were the King and Queen’s greatest joy and both the King and Queen would die for them in a heartbeat” I hear a yawn but he keeps talking “The King and Queen both hoped and prayed for a very long time until they could finally get their princesses, they even had to go see the good wizard for help, but when they were finally there the King and Queen were overjoyed,"

"One day there came a big bad dragon into the kingdom while the royal family was having tea in the royal garden and everyone was scared. The King saw that his Queen and princesses were too scared to move, so he jumped up and he started waving his sword as he battled the drag-” and then his voice freezes.

I hear shuffling and then “Sleep tight my princesses, you can hear the rest tomorrow.” walking out of the room, Jonah walks right into me and I smile.

I never thought I would hear my husband telling my twins a story “the good wizard eh?” with a chuckle he nods “we did have to see someone in my defense” and as I laugh he raises an eyebrow before lifting me up in his arms bridal style “come forth to our bed chamber my queen” I giggle and he carries me off to our room . . .

Opening my eyes I see that the car is just stopping. I let a yawn escape and smile at the dream I just had.

Something gives me the idea that everything is going to be just fine, I will survive this and we will end up getting married and be happy.

Getting out of the car, Jonah takes my hand and we buy some pizza before playing around in the arcade for about an hour and then we play bumper cars, I won, and now we are paying for a bowling lane.

“Shoe size?” Shaking our heads Jonah looks at me for a second “No, we are going to be barefoot.”

The guy at the counter nods and gives us a dazzling smile before pointing at the last lane “Lane 1. Just put in your names by the little computer thing and call me if you need anything.”

“Thanks man” Jonah takes my hand and we head to the lane before taking off our shoes by the little table thing and putting in our names “I am so going to kick your ass.”

I smile and shake my head “No way J, I am the best don’t you remember?”

Rolling his eyes he changes the subject “what were you dreaming about in the car? I didn’t have the heart to wake you, you looked so peaceful and . . . Happy and when you woke up you looked like some war inside of you has been put at peace.”

I smile and grab my bowling ball before taking my shot while thinking about how sweet my dream was.

I throw a strike and turn around hugging Jonah in victory, he goes and throws a spare.

We continue playing while taking our turns and talking, thankfully he left the whole ‘what did you dream’ thing and that is exactly what helped me to be in the lead by round five.

“How do you do it!?” I laugh at Jonah as I throw yet another strike in round ten making me win the game.

I jump up and down, dancing around and laughing. Soon Jonah puts his pride in his pocket and laughs as we both start dancing around. He picks me up and spins me around in a hug “You are so perfect!”

I giggle and we put on our shoes and return our things. Then we race out of the arcade and into the main part of the mall.

When we finally get a breather I turn to Jonah but see about four of him, the world starts spinning and the next thing I know it feels like I can’t breathe at all and I collapse into Jonah’s arms.

I welcome the darkness unwillingly and hear Jonah yell my name in concern.

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