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Chapter 7

“Please explain to me how you already know her.” his voice begs . . . Pleads.

“I am sorry sir, she would have told you if she wanted you to know. Now all you can do is hope that she wakes up.” I hear a sigh and then the door closing.

“I need you to wake up Ava . . . Please. I love you and I can’t lose you ... never.” don’t worry Jonah, you will never lose me!

I want to open my eyes but the sleep is just so comfortable that I don’t try. It’s like a trance and I don’t think I really want to leave.

What happened anyway?

Oh . . . Yes. Now I remember.

Maybe I shouldn’t wake up at all, try to sleep as long as I can, that way I won’t have to hear or see how sick I am the whole time.

However, thinking back on my dream, I feel peace again. I will beat this hing that is holding me back and I will grow old with Jonah. Happy.

I will survive.

The peace that I have helps me to open my eyes and immediately I am looking at Jonah.

He has his forehead on my hand which he is holding tightly. I see the way that he physically looks in pain for a while and I feel horrible for it.

“I can’t lose you.” he mutters into the bed and then he tightens his hold on my hand to a painful one making me flinch.

His head shoots up so fast that I almost get whiplash for him. His eyes meet with mine and relief floods his eyes as a smile starts to form on his face.

The doctor walks in and smiles widely at me “I am glad to see you are awake Averly, I will also let your mother know. Before I an start discussing the issue we will have to wait a few minutes before a nurse can come take off your nasal cannula.” I nod and only then do I realize the thing that is busy helping me breathe.

Why did I collapse? I did take my medication and I was enjoying my day.

Why do I need something to help me breath? And why must they wait a few minutes before taking it off?

Are they going to help me go home? Why is Jonah looking at me like that?

“Something wrong?” I ask with a raised eyebrow and Jonah nods his head looking like he can’t choose an emotion.

“Can I help?” Again he nods and I wait for him to speak after clearly seeing that he is trying to decide on what to say.

“Honey, I am so glad you are awake! It’s okay, I am here now at least.” my mom barges into the room with the doctor behind her as she grabs my other hand.

She looks me in the eyes and traces her fingers over my cheek while tears start to form in her eyes.

“I am so sorry, it’s my fault. I should have never let you gone out! We knew your condition was getting worse and we treated it the same as always.”

Shaking my head I start to object “no mom, it’s not your fault. There was no way any of us were going to see it coming.”

Hearing someone clear their throat makes me start to pay attention again and my eyes catch Jonah’s.

I take a moment to scan everything in the room, it looks like a normal, everyday hospital room.

Machines around me and chairs around my bed. There is a metal table next to me and all sorts of gadgets on the wall.

“Ava what is going on? How do these people know you and what condition are you guys on about? I mean, you would have told me if something was wrong with you ... right?” Guilt fills my every bone as I look into his eyes.

I look at him for a moment before I clear my throat and look away “Averly?” I want to talk to him and tell him everything, but I don’t want him to leave me.

A nurse then walks in and saves me by turning to my mom and Jonah, and now I realize that the doctor has left.

“Please could you wait outside while I fix up a few things?” My mom looks astonished but nevertheless agrees and Jonah follows after her.

“Alright Averly, Doctor Dimitri has instructed me to remove your nasal cannula and change your drip. He also told me to tell you that he is going to check up on his other patients and then he will come talk to you, he really cares for your family.” I give her a small smile and nod before looking down at my lap.

“This is going to burn just a little bit” she walks over to a small machine and clicks a small button. Feeling the cold atmosphere air hit my nostrils as I breath, causes a small burn but soon it is gone and the nurse takes out the thing from my nose.


Why my nose? Why don’t they just put something over my mouth?

She starts changing my drip and my eyes go down to my lap while I am thinking about Jonah.

“The young man is really concerned about you, you are lucky. He won’t stop telling us to get you better. He really loves you.” the nurse snaps me out of my daze and I give her a small smile “I love him too, maybe even more than he loves me.”

She gives me a kind smile as she finishes off “That’s good. You guys need to hold on to that, he did however seem like he had no idea what is going on.” I nod “He doesn’t know that I am sick.”

“Why not?” She looks confused “I don’t want him to leave me.” she shakes her head immediately “trust me, I have only known him a day and I know he loves you too much.”

“Thank you.” she gives me a smile and a nod “no problem, stay healthy now.”

Then she leaves and my mom and Jonah both walk back into my room “you and the nurse had a nice chat.” I nod at my mom’s observation and she gives me a small smile.

“I don’t know what I would do if you were to die.” immediately I shake my head vigorously “I am not going to die mom, I promise.”

“I know honey.” I look at Jonah and he gives me a small smile before standing and giving me a peck on the lips “I love you.”

I want to say it back, but instead I end up looking like a goldfish with my mouth opening and closing so much.

He gives me a smile and kisses the side of my mouth “just don’t give me such a fright again.”

I nod and then the doctor walks in with a small smile. He looks at my file and then stands with it open by that table thing that they give you food on.

“I am glad to see that you are breathing alone Averly.” he takes his stethoscope and listens to my heartbeat before writing something down.

A nurse walks in and takes my blood pressure before showing the doctor and letting him write that down as well.

“Thank you doctor Dimitri.” he smiles at my mom and nods “anything for my favorite patient.”

I smile “when do I get to go home?” He gives me a concerned look and shakes his head “I am afraid until I figure this out, you are staying right here.”

I frown and look at my lap for a second “figure what out?”

“Well, Averly you had a very very minor stroke yesterday and that is what caused you to pass out. The narrowing has become too much for you and so you had a stroke, I then gave you some tranquilizers to stabilize that and for now you were okay, but while you were sleeping I found that you were having an irregular heartbeat. Your heartbeat changes quite a lot and I need to see why that is.” I take in all the information and look at my mom and Jonah who are both shocked.

Doctor Dimitri makes his way to the door and stops to say something before leaving “I want you under my eye until I have this secure, the only upside or now is the fact that the stroke was small enough to have had a very minor effect.”

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