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Chapter 8

“I will be doing a CAT Scan first Averly, please make sure you have no metal of any kind with you and that you only have clear liquids to drink.” I nod at Doctor Dimitri and he gives me a small smile before walking out again.

It has been about a day and Jonah has not left my side. He even got special permission to be with me at all time. Don’t ask me how because I have no idea.

“Here we go sweetie.” I smile at the nurse and Jonah thanks her for me. My mom left five minutes ago to go get some food and now it’s only Jonah and I in the room.

Clearing his throat Jonah makes me look at him “are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

I shake my head and he sighs “why not?”

“You are going to think I am a freak show and leave me.” I try not to let my emotions flood into my eyes, but he knows. He knows that it scares me.

Grabbing my hand and holding it tight, he looks me in the eyes “I wouldn’t.”

I take a moment and think it over, I keep expecting him to leave, but what if he won’t?

“I am very sick Jonah,” I see surprise pass his features and then he takes a deep breath “I was born with Coronary Artery Disease. It’s a disease where plague builds up in my coronary arteries in my heart. The coronary arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to my heart muscle. The more it builds the more I struggle with oxygen.”

His eyes widen and I can basically see the wheels turning in his head. “It makes me sleep a lot and very tired, I cough a lot and I can’t do sport activities.”

“But why are you in hospital if you have been living like this forever?” I look at my lap for a moment “when I was seven I got bypass surgery, but around my seventeenth birthday it stopped working and my lungs have deteriorated. I have no idea what else has happened so don’t ask any more questions. What I do know though, is that Doctor Dimitri has only had one survivor with a case like mine.” Jonah takes a moment to process everything I have said.

“So when we met you were sick, and it all kept getting worse. You didn’t tell me because you were scared I would leave and now that you told me, you might die?” slowly I nod and then it is silent for about a minute.

Jonah thinking and me anticipating.

Then without a word, he lets go of my hand and gets up before walking right out the door.

Not turning back once.

I knew it. I knew he would leave, that he would think differently of me and that I would not only lose my now boyfriend and best friend, but my only friend.

“Okay Averly, I hope you are ready.” I wipe my tears when the doctor and all the nurses walk in.

They fix the hospital bed to be able to move and soon enough they are wheeling me down a long hall.

No mom. No friends. No Jonah. I am alone for this.

I am taken into a cold room and told to get off of the bed and walk into the next room with a nurse.

Why didn’t they just let me walk all the way here? Odd.

I sit down on the little bed thingy and my doctor comes in with an injection “this will help us to see the different cells that are shown so please don’t worry.” I nod and the doctor gives me the injection.

“We are going to do a few scans, the second will focus mainly on your heart. Then we will be doing and abdominal CAT scan and then an angiogram to locate the main source of the arrhythmia, your irregular heartbeats. Then last but not least we will do a Calcium-score screening to check you coronary arteries and kidneys.”

I nod and take a deep breath as everything sinks in. This is it. Another day full of tests.

I am about to lie down on the thing in front of the machine but my eye catches someone special.

I smile and they smile back blowing me a kiss.

I am no longer momless for this process ...


After about two hours I find myself finally done with the tests. The doctor says nothing and helps me back to my hospital room with my mom by my side.

He greets us quickly and soon takes off out of the room. I turn to my mom and she gives me a thumbs up.

“You did good honey.” I smile “thank you.” she looks around the room expectantly before her eyes return to mine.

The frown on her face says it before she does “where is Jonathan?” My eyes snap to my hands which are fiddling with the sheets and I clear my throat “could I maybe get some water mom?”

She raises an eyebrow but still stands up to get me some water from the shop.

I turn and look out the window studying the way that the leaves rustle in the wind.

The force that wind has to make the leaves fall reminds me of society. The way that people are always saying ‘accept me as I am or don’t accept me at all’ but they still care what people say and think of them.

And because they still care deep down, despite what they say, they are weak and soon the words the people speak and think get too much for them and they fall.

Then you get the honest people, they say they don’t care and then actually don’t care. Therefore they do not fall.

Like leaves and wind.

There is a small knock on the door and my mom walks in with a bottle of water.

I take a sip and she gives me an expectant look before I let out a sigh “I did what you guys told me to. I told him everyting and just like I predicted, he up and left without a word.” I wipe away a tear.

There is a knock on the door and the doctor walks in looking very concerned “Averly, I have some bad news.”

My mom gives me a concerned look and we wait for him to continue “Averly, your kidneys are being affected by the disease . . . And I’m afraid it’s not the only bad news I have.”

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