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Fated collision

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Chapter 2- Alexis waking up ✔

Chapter 2

There are days when you know you wake up in a bed that you know is yours .Waking up in a room that you're unfamiliar with can be somewhat a shock to the system .

My body was starting to switch on from being in sleep mode , something felt odd, and by that I mean I wasfeeling way to warm for an autumn morning. I tried to stretch but it felt as if I hit what felt like hard slabs of muscle. I started feeling around and I think I touched something I shouldn't have ; because the source of heat that I was sleeping next to started moving .

The first question that popped into my dazed mind was what happened last night, and how the hell did I end up in bed with this guy, and why aren't I safe and sound in the comfort of my own home ...

When my eyes fluttered open ; I saw an angelic face in lala land , his lips were slightly parted and oh my word he looked so adorable. Focus Alexis we need to devise an escape plan. I know where I am because the décor looked familiar and the view was still breathtakingly beautiful.

I was in my grey joggers and white top. I was dressed... oh my word thank goodness I am dressed no walk of shame or , come back to bed why do you always have to go stay?

I looked over my shoulder and Aaron was fast asleep ,after I slipped into my sneakers and located my stuff I made sure I looked okay popped three mints into my mouth and made my way downstairs to get my own hotel room. I didn't care if I had to pay more I just didn't want to be near Aaron Brooks . He makes me feel all mooshy and my self control jumps right outside the window when he's around me ... chances are he is taken and I don't want to be that chick... You know that chick who falls in love with a perfect stranger and then down the line you find out he's taken and you are part of a love triangle you didn't know existed. There's no way in hell that I'm going to let that happen.

I managed to leave undetected and without waking a replica of Orion sleeping. I definitely wasn't dreaming last night. He actually did kiss me and oh did he taste so good. On a serious note though ; I saw it in his eyes last night he is going through pain . His loss still haunts him, I want to help him but I just don't know how to when I'm dealing with my own. At some point I have to face what happened and avoiding the pain isn't something I like doing but I seem to be doing it well to the point where I find other things to do in order not to face it . Exhibit A ; throwing myself into my work and avoiding my ex.

When I made it downstairs and I was booked into my own room ,I connected my phone to the charging system they had and went to go get cleaned up .As soon as I was done I changed into a pair of black skinny jeans ,a sky blue long sleeve v neck top and a pair of white canvas sneakers . When I sat down to figure out if I wanted room service or felt like going out ; I switched on my phone only to get bombarded with missed calls and messages . As soon as I was done replying to every text and call I decided to go out and have breakfast downstairs at the restaurant .

My headache had subsided and last night's events started to sink in. I received a text from the airline telling me that I was given an open ticket and a free trip back home. Bryan had given me time off work a week to be exact, and I had more time to explore the city without any disturbance.

I was lucky enough to get the corner table in the restaurant with a view of the beach and people going about their own day. I ordered some muesli , berries , yoghurt and some mango juice . Given what happened last night I could have asked for something heavier , but I had to watch my weight.

My ex called last night I saw his message . He still wants me back after leaving me when I needed him the most. I was a mess when he said I had too many issues and that he didn't have the emotional real-estate to deal with me and what was going on. Part of me will always love him , however the love I have has pain loss and hurt attached to it . I cannot let him do what he did to me ever again. In fact I will never allow any guy to do that to me ever again. The titanium wall around my heart will stay put. Well it was solid until Aaron happened.

The waiter put my food on the table and I said; thank you. I mixed my cereal with yoghurt and just as I was about to dig in my phone rang and I picked it up.

" Alexis speaking how may I help you?"

" Where on earth are you? "

" Oh good morning sexy . How are you?"

My heart stopped and did a summersault. Oh what is it about this guy, not only does he look like Orion, he sounds like white chocolate ganache being glazed on a dark chocolate cup cake.

" Answer my question first ."

I took a sip of my mango juice and a deep breath.

" I didn't recognize it yesterday but you have an adorable English South African accent ."

" Alexis ."

Oh I'm having fun , for the first time in a while he's annoyed alright, he just called me Alexis.

" What happened to you calling me Lexi ?"

I could hear Aaron breathing rapidly on the other side of the line .

" We can do this the hard way or easy way . I will find you and when I do ..."

" You're going to do what? , kiss me senseless and pin me down on a flat surface and have your way with me ... ha ha please ."

" That's an idea I plan on following through with... just not now because I need to find you and pick up where we left off. "

" Well if you must know Aaron Brooks; I'm having breakfast in a restaurant at coastal area . I just had a sip of my delicious mango juice and I was about to eat my breakfast before you bothered me ."

I hope he gets that I am kidding and on the other hand I hope he leaves me alone so I can eat in peace and forget I exist.

" I am so sorry I bothered you . I was just concerned and for some sort of reason I felt like I should call you and find out if your are okay and if you remember anything about last night?."

I heard a door being slammed and a lift door opening . The ding sound and the bell sound gave it away.

" Besides waking up next to you this morning ... absolutely nothing . I must have bumped my head so hard that I cannot recall last night."

" Do you perhaps need a reminder Miss Mamepe?"

I almost choked on my juice but I recovered quickly. How the hell does this guy know my surname? I might have bitten off more than I can chew.


" I'm thinking of the many ways I can have you . You do look lovely in that blue top and I wonder what wonder is under there .

I started looking around for a white man who was tall dark and dangerous ... not Really because he is quiet the looker and broody as fudge.

" How do you know that I have a wonder ?"

" Oh Lexi darling wouldn't you want to know ... I don't just follow anyone you know and need I remind you I know how flexible you are... I went through your file before the conference. "

My heart started beating fast and I was trying to catch my breath. I wanted to run far away anywhere but my body was in freeze mode . I couldn't move ,I sat still on my chair. "

" Where are you Brooks ?"

Someone sat in front of me and I knew who it was before I looked up. He smelt of strong citrus nodes and he looked like he just walked off a fitness magazine shoot. It was a tad bit cold outside but he was in a black t-shirt and blue ripped jeans looking relaxed, not like the man I just spoke to. He grabbed my berries and popped a goose berry in his mouth and looked at me .

"hmm yummy ."

I was too distracted to do anything but give him a blank stare. He's eyes still held worry and a hint of sadness. I couldn't help but feel guilty.

" I'm sorry ."

"For what babe ?"

Wait did he just call me babe... how much does he know about me ?

" You stuck with me last night after the emergency landing , made sure I was okay ,and sorted out my stuff. It would have taken me the whole night but you helped me . Instead of thanking you ; I ran out on you and booked myself into another hotel room and gave you the run around. That's what I'm sorry for. "

I looked at Aaron and he smirked . I thought I was going to get a lecture as soon I finished telling him why I was sorry ,but he smiled at me again.

"Apology accepted sexy Lexi"

" Why do I feel like its conditional?"

"That's because it is ."

I took another sip of my delicious mango juice and darted my eyes from side to side. As soon as I put my glass down he took my hand in his and kissed the back of my palm. I didn't attempt to take my hand back but I found the courage to tell him what was on my mind.

"You've followed me around for the past five days. You didn't make a move ,but you were everywhere I was . What was stopping you then that's not stopping you now ?"

" You and the fact that I wanted to talk to you but you always had someone. If it wasn't that Tommy dude it was someone else. I was also grouped with the elite guys. If I broke away it would have looked like I was playing around and not here for business . "

I took my hand back and tried to find some sort of self control and sanity because my mind was running wild .

" That's an excuse and I think we are even ."

Aaron looked at me confused and continued to eat my breakfast, and I continued to talk.

" You are eating my breakfast and you just told me indirectly told me that you didn't want your so called "elite" friends to know that you liked me . You just indirectly excluded me."

Aaron stopped and frowned. He started drumming his index finger on the table.

" You are running."

"I am not running Aaron. "

I all of the sudden was feeling angry . He wasn't this persistent when his friends were around and now he wanted me . I also look like someone he loved , which wasn't a good. I can't be competing with someone who I don't know and who isn't here . My phone started blowing up again and it was Nathan.

" You can't deny the connection we have . I felt it when I kissed you and you kissed me back. I don't care who he is; he's got competition. "

I declined the call , picked my bag up, stood up with my phone in hand and walked out the restaurant without a word to Aaron. I could feel him watching me walk and he let me go. As soon as I was outside, I called Simonback .

" What do you want ?"

"Hey Ali did I catch you at a bad time?"

" No."

" I wanted to ask you ; when are you going to the cemetery ?"

" What's it to you ?"

" I realized it's the third anniversary and I want to make up for the pain I caused . I never meant to hurt or leave you when you needed me the most . "

I started walking along the side walk feeling all sorts of angry. Why now ...

"Too little too late. I want nothing to do with you."

I was getting annoyed by the second.

" Ali are you wearing a blue top , black skinny jeans and white canvas sneakers ?"

What is it about today arrg and why the hell did Simondescribe my exact outfit . I have to really get out of this city and just go home.

" Yes . Are you also having me followed ?"

" No and who wouldn't ? You still look as gorgeous as the first day I met you and you've lost weight."

" Simonyou are still superficial . We are nothing to each other."

I stopped walking and waited by the pier . Looking out into the ocean I took a deep breath and wiped tears from my face with the back of my hand . The wind helped in fanning my face .Why did he have to be here , why now. It's bad enough that the guy who just admitted to liking me ,classed me and was too ashamed to be seen with me . Now my ex is in the same city as me and he just happen to see me pass by and talk about a morning from heaven and hell. Heaven in the sense that it felt alright waking up next to Aaron before he just said what he said , hell as in I don't want to deal with Simonnot today.

" Thank goodness you've stopped ."

" where the hell are you?"

I looked side to side but the peer was empty .

" Turn around Ali."

I turned around and I saw him... had changed so much physically. He had a beard and a beer belly... he still had his gorgeous green eyes and brown hair.

"Don't come near me or I swear I will scream."

Simonstopped and looked at me all remorseful

My head started to hurt and I was feeling dizzy I saw double and I knew that wasn't a good sign. I almost lost my footing but regained my balance .

" Are you okay Ali ."

" No say what you want and leave me alone."

" I understand. Now that I have one of my own ... I understand. "

" you're rubbing salt into an open wound. "

" I am so sorry for what I did ."

"No you're not . It took me a whole year to come to terms with what happened and another year to finally find myself and let you go completely and now you want to be friends Simon... you don't get to have me back ."

Simonmoved closer and I moved back dangerously close to the railing of the wooden dock . The waves were choppy and the wind was getting stronger by the minute

" Yes Ali . Please stop moving back that railing isn't stable . "

I stopped abruptly but lost my footing and fell over the railing . Mid fall I realized I missed the sign that said caution railing not safe and the wind must have blown the red and white tape

"Ali no !"

"Lexi no!"

I faintly heard Nathan's voice and Aaron... Aaron followed me . My body made contact with the water it felt as if I was been stabbed by mini cold knives all over my body in a never ending pool of deep water. Water was coming in from all sides in my ears in my nostrils and mouth. I couldn't breathe . My eyes were still closed and I couldn't feel anything except being numb.

I saw white light and flashed back to the time I almost drowned at school. I wasn't a strong swimmer. I miss judged the depth of the deep end because; when I went swimming at a friend's pool the previous weekend ,I could stand in the deep end with my head above the water . I tried to do the same at a different pool and almost drowned. I don't want to die . I have so much I still want to do and an unfinished life. Yes I've been through what I needed to go through ; but I seriously cannot go not now.

I don't know how or when but I was in a moving car which I suspected was the ambulance. I felt so cold and in pain at the same time. I tried to move but I couldn't but all I could feel was a warm hand . It had a wedding band on it. I had seen it before and I was trying to make sense of why he was with me . I had an oxygen mask on my face and I was feeling sleepy again. As much as I tried to stay awake ; I was fighting a losing battle , before I knew it I was drifting away. My body needed to recover from what it went through and it couldn't do that with me fighting it so I gave in and surrendered to sleep .

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