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Fated collision

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Chapter 3 Aaron ✔

Chapter 3


It happened so fast . It happened so fast that I didn't even have time to process what had happened and deal with the heavy blow that I have been dealt with. I'm strong enough to withstand any pain and I would do almost anything to protect my family. On the night I lost Laura my whole world came crashing down around me. It felt like my reason for being happy had been taken away from me...

We were on our way back from a family day picnic; both my son and wife were singing along to One Republic's I lived. I was driving us back home and it was raining . Laura was busy on her phone and David was buckled up safely in the car seat. He had my eyes but his mother's face . I had canceled all my meetings for that weekend . This was the third weekend I had spent with them without any interruptions . I realized I had missed out on a lot with my wife and son because my son had asked me; if there are going to be more weekends like the ones we just had . I promised him we would and my wife smiled at me. We had been fighting because I spent more time at work than I did at home . We were two hours from home and I needed to take a break .Laura was busy texting and smiling at her phone . When I asked her who she was talking to and she replied ; Nathan, I was a bit pissed off ... She had admitted to cheating and we went to therapy . This week she dropped a bomb on me ... she confessed that she was pregnant with Nathan's baby not mine . When I asked her if she was in love with him she denied it at first but came clean before we drove out . I was happy that Dave was happy but worried as to how I was going to explain me leaving his mother because she is in love with someone else . I loved Laura enough to let her go and I understood why she was leaving me. All that mattered was Dave and I wanted him to grow up in a stable home feeling loved . I pulled up the nearest petrol station parked the car and told explained to my soon to be ex wife that I was going to get a snack . David had hit lights out and I gave him a kiss before I stepped out of the car . Laura looked guilty and I didn't care . I walked into the store and bought what I needed . It was fairly quiet until I heard two loud banging sounds. The first one sounded like a car crashing and the second one sounded like something blowing up. I left whatever I was doing to run outside and check on the safety of my family...

I only walked out to flames and glass . I had parked in front of the store and my car was in flames . I ran to the car to try and save both Laura and David . Laura wasn't moving but Dave was wide awake and he was screaming with his hands stretched out . I managed to open the back seat to yank my boy out once he was safe, I tried to save Laura but the car blew up. I woke up a week later with scarred and in pain both physically and emotionally. Laura's family had never approved of my relationship with her because they thought Simon deserved her but she chose me . When Dave was born they didn't come to the hospital and every mile stone he had , we celebrated without her family . When I was fully healed I was told by my sister that; Laura's funeral had come and gone and I wasn't given a chance to say goodbye properly. She also told me that Dave wasn't legally going to stay with me. I was only allowed visitation with supervision , as if that wasn't enough he was moved to another province. Luckily I had the chance to see him before the conference and spend quality time with my now eight year old who still loves me unconditionally . I talked to him last night and this morning. He wanted to know how I saved Alexis and when is he going to meet her. In other words he didn't believe me and he wanted both sides of the story .When Alexis walked out on me I waited a bit before I followed her and when I walked out I saw Simon following her . She was headed towards the dock which was under repair and dangerous. When I saw Alexis fall over the railing I ran and dove in after her and pulled her out. Simon just stood there and froze. When I pulled her out she wasn't breathing it didn't take the EMT'S long to get to the sight and take Lexi to the hospital. I had her bag and phone with me and I was sitting on a chair beside her bed dressed in scrubs. My clothing also got soaked but I was okay.

Simon stayed away ; he knew not to come near me after sleeping with my wife .They had a baby girl, who I thought was mine but wasn't and she was raised by her grandparents who still hate my guts to this day. I'm drawn to Alexis and being with her wouldn't be about revenge; but being with someone I like. As reserved as she pretends to be she has quiet the wild streak. Tommy has been calling her and texting her. Her phone had not stopped ringing all morning . It was message after message and call after call and I ended up switching it off. The doctor came through and told me she was lucky enough to have survived. Her head concussion wasn't that serious but they needed to keep her overnight she almost drowned but she was okay .Lexi was slowly coming around. Her eyes were moving rapidly and her breath wasn't as relaxed as before .When she opened her eyes ; I smiled at her and kissed the back of her cold hand. She smiled back and spoke;

" Hmm you have soft and warm hands ."

" Next time you decide to run away from me please make sure you don't get hurt... I've had enough chest pains to last me a long time."

" Yes MR Brooks . I'm sorry I had you all worried. You're such a big baby. "

I kissed her forehead

"Maybe one day I could be your baby."


"I'm sorry."

"For what Aaron?"

" You had every right to walk out on me during breakfast . I indirectly , directly treated you unfairly. "

"You were right I was running I'm sorry too. "

I didn't let go of her hand. I was about to kiss her when the doctor came in. She started speaking and checking Alexis to see if everything was okay .

" Good evening Alexis . How are you feeling?"

"sore but okay ."

" You are so lucky to have Brooks. He didn't want to leave until he knew you were out of the woods."

" I'm sure he does this with all of the ladies. It must be my lucky day."

I chuckled at Lexi's comment.

Given my track record with women ... I've never been able to keep one or want a stable one until now. I've fallen hard for Alexis and it happened when I saw her on the day I walked in Bryan's company to pay him a visit and he said he would rather send his assistant who was out for lunch to the conference. Given his history too I was surprised that his assistant had lasted longer than three months.

I had seen Alexis at her desk when I walked out of Bryan's office . She had glasses on and greeted me and then Bryan. I had dyed my hair blond . She only started noticing me when I went back to my natural color which was dark brown. When I was around I'd only see her when I was leaving. Bryan didn't want me near her to be honest and he had valid reasons.

Two days ago as fate would have it she was sitting next to me on the plane. She got injured during the emergency landing and I was there for her . I didn't know how to approach her during the conference. My best friend who happened to be her boss, would have caught wind of it and told me to stay away. I had also grown a beard so my appearance was altered.

" No it was an honor and a privilege. Still is . Amy ; how is my girlfriend doing?"

" She is okay and cleared to go home after you sign the release papers."

" I don't live here ... and I'm staying at the hotel."

I kissed Alexis and she kissed me back .

"well I have a beach house and Bryan gave you the week off so you can stay with me ."

She nodded and didn't protest. As soon as we were done with the paper work Amy gave Alexis the all clear and told her that she had to rest . The ride to the beach house was both exciting and nerve wrecking. Before we went to the beach house we stopped by the hotel to get our luggage . Alexis was quiet and she had her earphones in her ear. I didn't switch on the radio.

As soon as we arrived at my beach house the lights were on ; which was strange because the only people who had the keys were Mary and David . I gave the extra key I had to David in case he needed time to himself . Laura's parents were strict with him and rarely allowed him to be a kid. There were rules and he wasn't afraid to sleep by himself .My sister was his guardian so she had to be at the house with him.

I turned off the engine and looked at Lexi . She was out like a light. I gently removed her ear phones from her ears and I couldn't help but kiss her cheek . She didn't wake up , her body was in recovery mode , Amy told me to keep an eye on her . I intended to do that and other things. Bryan was going to have to deal with the fact that I made a move on one of his employees. He was my best friend as far as I knew he had no feelings for Alexis but had grown fond of her .

I carried Lexi out of the car and used the back door to get to my bedroom . The house smelt of a dish my mother always made on stormy days and I wanted to go to the kitchen and eat a proper meal but Lexi had to be comfortable. I made it to my bedroom and put Alexis down . I removed her , shoes ,socks and tucked her in the bed . I proceeded to making my way down to the kitchen. Dave and Mary were setting up for dinner .As soon as Dave saw me he stopped what he was doing and ran to give me a hug .The infestation of joy that fills my soul when he smiles , ,runs to give me a hug is a blessing, and a reminder that I am human and home .

" Hello my boy . Daddy missed you so much."

When David let go of me I locked eyes with him.

" I missed you too dad . Aunty Mary said you were in the hospital with your new girlfriend."

I broke the embrace and kissed the top of his head. He had cut his hair and he didn't seem like himself.

"Well you did make the news on social media. There was a photo of you two kissing circulating but your team handled it. "

I shot Mary a look of betrayal because Alexis was off limits in many ways. She just smiled and went to the oven to take out some cottage pie.

"She is my friend buggy. I will introduce you to her as soon as she wakes up."

"She's here?

" Yes."

"Aren't you moving a bit too fast Ron you just met her a couple of days ago. You always do this to Dave..."

Mary was being way too over protective. She was my younger sister but a bit older than Alexis by two years . I on the other hand was six years older than her.

"Mary not now. Can we discuss this later .

We sat down at the table and joined hands to say grace and started eating . By the time I put David to bed and made sure everyone was safe , Mary had already locked the guest room to avoid me on purpose. I knocked and she ignored me.

I have had a history with women but I really liked Alexis very much. She didn't care about my stance and called me out on my sneaky ways . She was still sleeping when I fell asleep next to her. I hadn't realized it after the emergency landing but now I do; I can fall asleep peacefully next to her and be at peace . If only Mary could understand that my intentions are good.

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