Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 10

“You look beautiful Talia.” She sucked in her breath as she felt Axel’s breath on her neck. She couldn’t think clearly anymore. Was she attracted to Axel?

“Are you going to reply to me?”

what was up with him? she pushed out his arms as she remembered the dream and she was beet red. She ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

She went to her bed and slept.

She was woken abruptly by an alarm and a huge commotion, what was going on? She peeked outside her room and saw that people were running around. Her heart caught in her throat when she heard gunshots.

Which only meant that they were under attack. She started to panic, what to do? Should she go out or should she hide in her room? Hiding seemed like the best option as she could hide inside the shower and no one would see her.

She took her side lamp and ran into the bathroom and into the glass shower and clamped tightly the lamp. Then she heard her bedroom door opening and someone walking in slowly. She wanted to cry so badly.

The shower door opened and she lunged at the intruder, who blocked her easily. She started to scream but he covered her mouth. She was struggling with all her might.

“I guess it’s my lucky day today as I’m going to have lots of fun with you.”

Her eyes widened at the intruder’s words. His one hand was holding both her wrists and his other started to go up to her thigh. She was crying frantically. She was going to get raped. She shuddered at his touch and felt helpless. “Please don’t do this.” He slapped her across the face, “SHUT UP YOU WORTHLESS SLUT!”

She cried so hard, his hand went up to her stomach, then she felt liquid splatter across her face. She realized it was blood and the intruder fell down. Tears blurred her vision and the whole room was blurry and she fell.

“Talia, Talia, wake up!” and she gave in completely to the darkness that swallowed her.

“Talia, wake up.” She opened her eyes to find Axel’s eyes looking at her. She was cradled on his lap. His hand was going through her hair. He lifted her lightly and set her down. She realized they were in his bathroom. It was huge and it looked luxurious.

It was black all around and it had a huge bathtub. She was frozen at the spot and still in shock that she didn’t hear Axel at all. He was wearing a tux and she saw him take off his jacket and he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt.

He came over and stood in front of her and he unbuttoned her pajama top and slid it off her. Then he unclasped her bra and threw it to the side. Then he pulled down her pants and underwear and she stepped off of them.

Then he picked her up bridal style and put her in the hot water. He took a sponge and put a bubble bath on it and started to wash her. She saw a bit of blood on her hand which made her eyes pool with tears, but they wouldn’t flow.

Talia sat rigid in the bath, as Axel scrubbed her clean. He put shampoo in her hair and he washed it. After thirty minutes, he helped her up and wrapped a towel around her and he dried her. Then he dressed her in new pajamas.

He didn’t say or ask her anything, They were both silent and it wasn’t a disturbing silence but a comfortable silence.

He laid her down on his king sized bed covered in silk sheets. “Sleep Talia.” as he went and poured himself a whiskey and sat by the chair by the corner of the room.

She started to drift off and she felt as if someone was brushing her hair out of her face.

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