Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 11

She woke up the next day and Axel was already gone, a maid came in and she gave me breakfast. She ate and she was told to go to her normal room and get ready for her training session with Mars. It really bothered her how people acted as if nothing had happened at all even when she met up with Mars.

As the days went by, she decided to do the same, she had to be strong eventually. So she started practicing every day. She put up a front but little did others know she was dying on the inside. Talia couldn’t stop thinking about the guy who almost raped her and the blood.

She had never seen someone die and let alone have someone’s blood on her. She didn’t sleep at all, she would watch the door all night long, and she barely ate and if she tried she would feel like vomiting.

Today Axel and London had come to watch a routine that Mars and the other girls had prepared for tomorrow’s event. At least tomorrow was Saturday and they would only be performing at night, and that meant she could sleep the whole day.

It was half eight at night.

She was a tad nervous and she rubbed her eyes, that she had put ice on because they were red from the lack of sleep. Mars came, “make me proud, they are watching.” and they all knew she meant Axel and London.

“You guys can stand anywhere on the stage but make sure you are visible and dance your hearts out,” Mars said. “Yes.” they all responded. They all went out and she stood at the back row and she earned a frown from Mars. When she was about to comment, someone called her, and she went out of the door.

They thought they would wait for her, but the music started. She started dancing, but she could tell she was off key and her moves were sloppy. Talia was trying to not black out. She tried her best but she was behind all the other girls.

Then she caught a glimpse of Axel and London, they were whispering something amongst themselves, then they looked up and she could tell they were fixated on her. The routine finished and she was relieved.

She started to see double and quickly sneaked away and she was stumbling into her room. When she got there she got in and shakily closed the door. Before she reached her bed she fell on the floor. She was too weak to even get up, so she just gave up and curled on the floor.

Talia looked up and she could see the intruder from the other night, and he had come back to finish what he had started. She panicked, and started to inch back, his face came close to hers, she could see his cruel eyes.

She started to tremble, and she let out a scream. “Talia, wake up.” She opened her eyes and saw Axel and London had rushed to her side. “What is it?” London asked. “Nothing,” she responded too quickly.

Axel looked at London, “London leave, I need to speak to Talia.” London nodded and walked out closing the door behind him.

Axel sat on the bedside chair, and she sat up groggily. “Why didn’t you tell me!” Axel asked in a demanding tone. She shrank back. “Answer me!” she looked at Axel “I don’t know what you are talking about?”

“Talia I’m in no fucking mood!” he growled at her. Then he carried on his rant. “I saw you at the dance rehearsals, You looked like you were ready to faint, and when London and I followed you, you were passed out!. To make it worse the maids told me that you barely ate any of your food!”

She tried to respond to Axel “I...”

“Shut up Talia! the doctor was examining you whilst you were passed out and he said you haven’t slept in for a whole damn week! Why didn’t you tell me?”

She looked down at her hands and said nothing. She didn’t know how to respond. “I’m sorry.” She squeaked out. Axel’s face softened as he looked at her.

“It’s not your fault.” he sighed.

She looked at the bedside and saw it was eleven at night. She yawned a bit, and then she saw Axel get up and she panicked a bit. She didn’t want to be alone.

He went to his bathroom. She laid back down, and she heard him come back. She looked to make sure and her face flushed red when saw he was only wearing boxers. Then he switched off the lights and got into his bed.

He pulled her into his arms and she felt warm and something else, she felt safe. Her shoulders sagged as she relaxed. He kissed the top of her head. “Go to sleep, I’m right here.”

With that, she sighed and

immediately fell asleep.

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