Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 12

Talia woke up the next morning to find strong arms wrapped around her. Axel was still asleep and she looked at the bedside table, it was nine in the morning. It was Saturday morning, she kept wondering if Axel wasn’t late for any meeting.

She was staring at the ceiling and thinking about how her life had changed so drastically in the past month. It’s not like anyone would look for her but still how was this fair at all? She was bought out of her thoughts when she felt Axel’s one hand brush her hair.

She turned to him, “aren’t you late for a meeting?” She stammered.

“No, I’m the boss.”

“Okay.” as she was about to climb out of bed, he pulled her back. “Where do you think you are going?” She stared at him wide-eyed “to my room to freshen up.” He chuckled “from now on, you will be sharing with me, so I can monitor what you eat, and sleep well.”

His voice didn’t leave room for arguments, so she just nodded and laid back. “Will you tell me, Talia?” She turned towards him as she heard the concern in his voice “about what?”

“What happened when we got attacked, what that fucker did to you?”

She swallowed a bit and tears started streaming down her face. She couldn’t control herself. Axel pulled her and enveloped his arms around her and her head was on his chest. “It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it.”

She could tell he was angry.

Talia laid in his arms for a while, when he shifted. “I need to shower and get ready.” With that, he left and went to the bathroom. It was as if all her sleepiness was catching up to her. She decided to drift off again. She woke up to Axel calling my name.

Talia woke up and she found food, “You slept for so long Talia, I was getting a bit worried.” He took some grapes and he started feeding her. She wanted to tell him she could do it herself, but he refused.

After eating for a while,

She couldn’t eat anymore.

“I’m full.” Axel gave her a stern look. “Fine, just one more bite.” She reluctantly agreed and took a bite. He looked satisfied, “I have to go take care of something, you can carry on resting.”

After Axel had left, she slept again. When she woke up it was almost night time. She decided to shower and then she went to the closet. It was huge, she saw his shirts, neatly hanged. She walked more and saw the section where her clothes were hanged.

She took her outfit for tonight and put it on. It was really revealing, she went back into her room and sat in front of the mirror and put on her makeup. When she was done, she heard the door opening. She stood up, and Axel walked in.

He looked tired, then he looked her over. “Where are you going?” she was surprised “I’m going to go perform for tonight’s event.”

“No, you are not.”

Axel didn’t have to tell her twice as she replied “Okay.”

“But you can come and observe for tonight, so you can change into something comfortable,” Axel said.

She nodded and did as he told her, Axel freshened up and he came out looking really nice, with a tux without a tie and the top button was open.

He motioned for her to come over, and she did. “Can you do my cuff-links?” She nodded and she did it for him as he stared down at her.

When she was done,

“Okay, let’s go.” She followed behind him, Axel leads her to a different room, with a huge glass. You could see outside from the inside of the room but you couldn’t see inside of the room from outside.

She got in and there was a circle of couches, the room had a luminescent glow to it. Axel sat down and she sat across him.

Then Sophie walked in, and immediately went to Axel, she sat on his lap. “Hey love.” as she placed a kiss on his lips, which Axel returned, as he ran his hand on her thigh. Wow, she was feeling really awkward.

How could they have a make-out session right in front of her? And is this what Axel bought her here for? She shifted uncomfortably.

She spent the next hour watching Axel and Sophie fondle each other as if she didn’t exist. She was fuming in rage. Nobody deserved to be the third wheel in such a cruel manner. The door was hit open and she jumped up, as she got a big fright.

It was only London, and she started to blush as she realized what she had done. Axel had a concerned look on his face, Sophie looked at her at her as if she was delusional, then London came and pulled her down so she was sitting next to him and he gave her a reassuring hug.

“I’m sorry Tals, I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” She just nodded. He held her tighter. “You really need to grow up Talia!” Sophie snapped at her. “Shut the fuck up Sophie.” Axel’s voice boomed.

She was surprised that he had stood up for her, unlike last time. Talia started to relax, and she starts talking to London, he was making her laugh a lot, which she hadn’t done in a long time. His eyes were soft and she was getting lost in them.

He had a contagious smile, and he absorbed her. The night was long and they were heading to bed at midnight.

She started to hear Sophie nagging “Axel, let’s go to bed.”

“I can’t for tonight,” Axel replied to her.

“Come on Axel, you know you want to.” as she was licking his ear.

“No, so drop it,” Axel replied.

We all got up and walked out.

“Sophie, London will see you out.”

“Okay,” she replied in an annoyed tone.

Her palms were sweating when she turned into Axel’s room and she knew Sophie was watching from behind and she would be pissed.

“Why is she going into your room?”

“Long story.” She heard Axel reply as he came in behind her and shut the door.

Sophie was trembling with rage. She didn’t want to confirm what she already knew. She turned to London and tried to ask him calmly.

“Is Talia sleeping in Axel’s room?”

“Yes,” London replied in a calm tone.

“Why and for how long?”

“Look, Sophie, I don’t question Axel. If you want answers then you are going to have to ask him yourself.”

She clenched her fists, She swore that she will make that whore pay, for taking what is hers.

She better be ready because she would need all the luck she can get.

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