Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 13

A week had passed and she was getting much better, in terms of sleeping and eating. Talia had a long day. She was grateful that it was time for her to sleep. She went into Axel’s room and he was not there.

She changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed. She immediately went to sleep, when she woke up to glass shattering. Talia automatically rose from her bed and looked around, she saw that Axel had smashed the glass of whiskey he was drinking.

She was shocked as to why he was reacting this way. She got up from the bed slowly and walked up to him. She was standing in front of him when she noticed that his hand was bleeding.

He must have punched the wall. She grabbed his hand and he let her lead him to the bathroom. He sat on the bathroom counter. She took the first aid kit and started treating his hand. She looked up at him and met his heartbreaking gaze.

He didn’t flinch once, and he held her gaze until she looked away. When she was done, she felt his hands go around her waist and he pulled her in between his legs. He placed a light peck on her lips, which lead to her blushing.

“Thank you, Talia, and you look beautiful.” as he stroked her head, then he got off the counter. She was still in a daze, then she got back to her senses and went into the bedroom.

She got inside the bed and Axel pulled her very closely. He wrapped her around his arms, and she couldn’t move at all.

“What’s wrong?” she decided to take a chance. She gave up after several minutes. “One of my men is betraying me and I don’t know who it is.”

She turned her head sharply, she was surprised that he had shared something with her. Before she could respond, he kissed her forehead “goodnight princess.”

“Night,” she responded.

She woke up to Axel gone and today it was Friday, so he must have had an early morning. She had a long day as she and the other girls practiced with Mars.

She had caught up with the dances. At seven at night, she went back to Axel’s room and showered. She went to have dinner with the other dancers.

She got in the dining area, then she saw Sophie walking in, she looked really gorgeous. She wore a red tight dress.

One of the dancers Mindy pitched in “she is here to see Axel.” Then Bailey also got into the conversation “They always have dinner at this time.”

She didn’t say anything, she saw Sophie smirk at her when she made eye contact with her. When dinner was done she went into Axel’s room, before she could reach for the doorknob she felt a bag go around her head.

Talia wanted to start screaming but she was dragged away, and she started having a panic attack. She tried to call out Axel’s and London’s name, but a hand went around her throat and started choking her.

She was pushed in and she landed roughly on her fours when the bag was lifted from her head she saw a pair of red high heels.

She looked up and she was shocked to see it was Sophie. She gave them a signal, and two men started kicking her on the sides.

After they were done, she was struggling to get up. Sophie stooped down and she pulled her hair.

“Listen here sweetheart, you are going to go back and act as nothing happened or else you know what will happen. You will distance yourself from him and you will go back to your room, do I make myself clear?”

Talia nodded.

Sophie got up slowly and a black bag was put on her head and she was pushed in Axel’s room and she landed on the ground.

Talia got up and quickly went to shower. She had bruises around her neck. She quickly got dressed in a tracksuit and zipped it up to cover her bruises.

She got into bed and slept. Talia felt the bed dip and knew Axel was back. He had a familiar scent to him, which was Sophie’s.

He tried to pull her in his arms and she resisted. She was more than hurt at the fact that he had been with Sophie and she was the one that had put her in this state. Her ribs ached so badly but she couldn’t say anything.

After resisting once more, Axel turned to his side and they both slept. Talia woke up super early because Axel would ask what had gotten into her last night.

Three days passed and she hadn’t spoken to Axel, she woke up early and would sleep late. She was hoping Axel would send her back to her room. She was very tired, her sleeping schedule wasn’t working.

She got in at two in the morning and she was still sore and she had bruises. She walked in the room and found Axel awake, sitting on a chair.

She jumped a bit, then she closed the door.

Axel walked up to her and he unzipped her tracksuit, she started to panic.

He was too strong for her to resist, he saw her bruises everywhere.

And his eyes shone rage

“Who did this to you?”

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