Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 14

Talia started to think about the lies she could tell “I got an allergy reaction.” She blurted out to Axel. “Talia for fucking sake, do you think this is a game?”

“No.” she stammered. She had never seen Axel this livid.

She couldn’t discern his mood and didn’t know if he could take the chance and tell him that it was Sophie who had done this to her. The biggest concern was that would he believe her over his girlfriend.

And if not, she would land up in a lot of trouble. “Talia, I’m waiting.” as he gave her a sharp look. She took a deep breath and walked into the closet and changed into her pajamas. She can’t believe, that she just did that. Axel is going to be fuming at her.

Talia got out the closet and as she went climbing into the bed, she felt Axel’s hand grab her wrist and pull her back.

“I’m not done talking to you.” as his words came out ferociously.“Is this why you have been avoiding me?”

“Answer me!” he demanded.

She exhaled and nodded.

“Who did this to you, Talia?”

She didn’t answer and just blinked back. “I’m done playing with you, I’m going to torture everyone in here until I get a fucking answer.” As he was about to leave,

“It was Sophie.” Axel turned sharply in her direction “what did you say?”

“It was Sophie.” as her head hung low.

“Are you sure it was her? Maybe you saw wrong?”

“Yes, she even had red heels on,” she replied him. Axel looked conflicted, “forget I said anything.” when Axel didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes.

His eyes then flashed red “what did they do to you?” as he was yelling.

“They just beat me up for about several minutes.” as she spoke quickly.

“They didn’t assault you right?”

“No they didn’t.” as she replied him.

Axel seemed to be relieved for a bit.

Then he started to leave the room, she wonders where he was going at this hour. He stormed out of the room and banged the door shut.

She felt more burdened at the fact that she might have gambled her life away. She was stupid, she shouldn’t have said anything. If Axel takes Sophie’s side, she was going to be dead meat. Which he probably will.

Talia decided to get into bed and go to sleep at least for the last time before Sophie makes her life a living hell.

Axel was wondering why Talia was acting strange, or if she was imagining things until Marize reported that she was limping and she was wearing tracksuits and long sleeve shirts.

He went to the security team and asked them to look at the footage of the camera down the hall for anything suspicious with Talia in it, in the past week

An hour later, they had called her and they said they found something disturbing. She saw Talia covered by black bag on the head, being dragged away by two men. fifteen minutes later they had bought her back.

The person who did this to her must have been in the Mansion because it meant they knew all the security codes.

He was enraged that she didn’t tell him that something like this had happened to her, which means the person was threatening her.

He had waited for her When he had seen the bruises that had turned blue-black and the way she made an excuse for the person who did this to her made his blood boil. It was obvious she was really scared of the person.

It now made sense why she had been avoiding him all this time.

To make it worse she had eye bags underneath her eyes, which means she didn’t sleep much and she had lost a bit of weight that she had gained back.

It was frustrating him that she had ignored him and went to the closet, and she had ignored his question.

As she wanted to climb into the bed, he pulled her back. She wasn’t going to evade this, he was going to get his answer one way or another.

He knew that he had to threaten her with something bigger so she would tell him who did this to her. Which worked, but he didn’t expect to hear Sophie’s name.

Axel had questioned her if she was sure, so he could tell if she was not lying to him. When she said red heels he recalled that Sophie had worn them and that night she had left the dinner table for fifteen minutes which matched the time of the footage. He didn’t care what time it was but he had to confront her.

Axel left abruptly, and called London “Get Sophie in here now!” London wanted to question him but thought better of it as he went to send a car for Sophie.

Sophie arrived twenty minutes later and he was waiting for her in the living room, she came in and dropped her coat whilst she was wearing lingerie. “Put your coat back on,” he said to her.

She blinked a couple of times and she did what he had instructed her to do. “then why did you call me here for?”

“Why did you kidnap Talia?” He asked her.

she looked angry, “I did no such thing.“She was in no mood for games “Talia told me everything, so stop playing dumb it doesn’t suit you.”

“So you are going to take that tramps word over mine, even though you have known me longer!” as she was screaming back at him.

“I called you over to give you a chance to tell me the truth.” as he replied to her.

“Why is she sleeping in your room?”

“That’s none of your business, we are discussing the incident only!”

“The old Axel would never call a meeting just to confront me about some mere girl.”

“Quit playing games Sophie and answer the fucking question!”

“You are mine, and mine alone!” as she was shaking with rage.

“I don’t belong to anyone!” as he put her in her place.“And if you don’t quit playing games, you are going to regret it!”

“Yes I did it, but do you know why I did it?, I did it for us because I loved you!” as she was roaring.

“You are going to leave the Mansion and you are lucky that they only beat her up or else you would be facing a much worse fate than this one,” said Axel.

“Now I see, that bitch really has you under her spell. Is her pussy that good? huh? ANSWER ME AXEL!”

He had to control himself as it made her furious that she was calling Talia all these names.

“London.” and he came in immediately. “I’m going to need you to escort Sophie out.”

“You will regret this Axel! I swear to you!”

After half an hour, still deciding what he was going to do about Sophie and two of his own men, he decided to go sleep, it was late.

He went back into the room and found Talia asleep. When he sits on the bed, she wakes up abruptly. Her eyes look confused then they switch to being terrified.

“Why didn’t you tell me what Sophie did to you?”

she looks down at her hands “I didn’t think you would believe me.”

“Why wouldn’t I believe you Talia?” she looked at him timidly” because Sophie was your girlfriend.”

“I don’t do girlfriends.” as he answered her. Axel wondered why he had to explain himself to her at all. What did it matter if she thought she was his girlfriend.

“Next time when something happens you have to tell me.”

“Okay.” she nodded.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.” as he looked at her. Why did he just apologize to her again?

This sets Talia’s mind at ease as she relaxes a bit.“Did Sophie tell you the truth.”

“Yes she did confess, she will never bother you again” as he reassured her. “Thank you” she whispers. He can’t help himself but pull her into an embrace, and he feels the burden lift from his shoulders when she reciprocates. It felt good to feel her embrace, even though she was tiny.

He pulled back from her “Talia.” she looks at him “Yes.” she replies lightly. “Now you are mine fully.”

She didn’t reply as her eyes were wide in disbelief. He carried on

“and I don’t share what is mine.”

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