Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 15

Talia woke up feeling groggy and she looked to find Axel still fast asleep. He was breathing lightly. She shifted a bit as she thought about last night. What did he mean by saying he doesn’t share what belongs to him?

She feels a hand raking through her hair, “Did you sleep well?” he asks.

“I did.” She responds awkwardly to Axel. He just smiles at her and pulls her into his arms. She doesn’t resist and she stays there. His phone rings and he groans as he picks it up. He lets her go and he gets up.

She was a bit relieved that Axel had given her the week off so she could recover and rest more. She slept and ate most of the day. Night time came and Axel came back, his mood had changed a bit. He seemed nicer, which was weird.

He was asking her a lot of questions, what her favorite color was, what she did for fun and what food she loved the most, what her favorite song was. Which was unlike him but she preferred this Axel to asshole Axel.

The next morning she woke up late and showered and ate breakfast, she was a bit upset that she had missed Axel. A knock came through the door. “Come in,” she answered. Two guards came in with books.

“Compliments from Sir.” as the one said. She was so grateful, “Thank you.” She responded to them. Talia couldn’t believe that Axel had bought her novels, how sweet of him, he had remembered what she liked.

She quickly started scanning through the books and she found some of her favorite authors and She realized that she had some catching up to do. She went to the kitchen and asked for some snacks. She started with a book that intrigued her the most.

She sat by the bed and started reading, She got lost in the book. “I see you are enjoying your books.” She turned to Axel’s voice. She had been reading for so long that didn’t notice when he walked in. She ran up to him and hugged him. This took him back by surprise she could tell.

She leaned back and his eyes met hers, they were staring at each other for too long and she broke the eye contact as she started to move away. He grabbed her back in place, and he lowered his lips on to hers. She was shocked and it took her a second to register.

She fluttered her eyes closed as this was her first real kiss. Axel’s lips were very gentle and so warm. She didn’t know what the hell she was doing but she went along with it. he felt Axel’s arm tighten around her waist as he pulled her closer.

She must admit this felt very nice, she felt butterflies in her stomach. Talia encircled her arms around Axel’s neck and she pulled him closer to her.

Axel swiftly carried her to the bed and her back landed on it, with her legs around his torso. It felt really nice until he broke the contact “Lets sleep.” with that he covered them both with the blanket. She was puzzled that he hadn’t taken it further than that. She closed her eyes and slept.

She woke up in the afternoon again by herself. She finished showering and then ate her food. When it was about eight at nighttime, it was weirdly silent. She opened the door and the guards weren’t there which were usually guarding the door.

She walks down the corridor, in fear that something might have happened. That they might be under attack again, and Axel is not here nor London. She walked cautiously and slowly. She heard noises and headed downstairs towards the sounds.

There was a door that was open ajar. She crept in slowly and hid behind boxes, and she peeked through. Talia saw the guards in a semi-circle. she was wondering what’s going on? Then she saw London and next to him was Axel.

It was dark with a luminescent light, she looked where all the guards were facing.

There she saw a man sitting on a chair and it appeared that they were torturing him, he was shaking and covered in blood. Talia covered her mouth with her hand and the tears were flowing. She looked at Axel and London who seemed to be on a high from torturing him.

Axel went up to the man “So you won’t speak.” he landed him a few more blows which made her sick. She couldn’t recognize the Axel from last night. He was gone, he was replaced by some monster.

Then Axel rolled up his sleeves more, he went to London pulled out his gun and shot the man three times. She couldn’t believe his eyes. That he had just shot him like that, he didn’t have second thoughts or even flinch. She saw a pool of blood around the man.

She started to feel sick, and she was shaking at the sight of blood and then
at the man who had just died.

She didn’t know what had happened, it was as if she couldn’t control her body. She hurled out a blood-curdling scream. Everyone turned to her and she saw Axel stepping forward “Tali.” before he could finish her name, she had gotten up and she was sprinting for her life. She had to get out of there one way or the other.

“Talia waits.” but she ran as fast as her feet could carry her. She didn’t look back, even though she was heaving.

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