Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 16

Talia felt a hand go around her elbow and she panicked. “Calm down.” and London turned her around. She was too scared. “The lesser you struggle the easier this is going to be for me and you.”

She didn’t care, she had to at least go down with a fight. She started wiggling and twisting. “Stop it,” London exclaimed.

She clawed his face which left him shocked, she started throwing blows at him which he was blocking without much effort.

When she had used up most of her energy, she finally stopped and sagged. London then just held her.

Talia was trembling and she let him lead her back. She had exhausted all her energy and she couldn’t fight any longer. What choice did she have?

Then she decided to take a different strategy to the one she had taken. She decided to beg, maybe it would work. She wouldn’t know unless she tried.

“Please just let me go, You will never see me again and if I get caught I won’t mention your name.” As she was pleading with London. “I’m sorry Talia.” was all he said.

Talia knew that her hope was shattered, there was no escaping from this. She tried to sum up her courage to face Axel but she kept on shivering at the memory of him shooting the man.

They got to Axel’s room and he opened the door and he locked her inside. She tried to still her shaking but she failed tremendously. At least Axel wasn’t here yet.

So she gave up, and kept on thinking about the man they had killed whom she never knew, but she couldn’t help but feel sad at the thought that he might have a family.

His poor wife and kids waiting for him to come home, but that won’t be happening as he was killed. What if she was next, for disobeying his orders. Her mind went to a messy frenzy of so many possibilities that could happen to her.

She was very stupid, Why had she screamed? She could have sneaked out in secret and then let loose of all the emotions that were bottled up in her.

She had lost her chance to escape because of her foolishness. She could have been free since they were no guards by the door, why did she let her curiosity get the best of her?

But there was nothing she could do as the events had turned out this way. There was no point in regret because it wouldn’t change any circumstances.

She stood up and went next to the door and stood there. She heard the door finally opened, she knew this was her chance to try again. The door opened and Axel got in as he was about to close the door, she tried to run out but, the door hit the side of her body and she landed on the floor.

Talia felt hands around her waist and she froze in fear. What would happen to her now as she had tried to escape for the second time around? He helped her up and then he locked the door. She was looking at her one hope of escaping being taken away from her.

She was still facing the door when he went and poured himself some whiskey. She sunk down by the door and leaned her side against it as her legs were pulled up to her chest.

“Talk to me Talia.”

How could life be like this as she thought, she had witnessed her first death in such a horrific manner. She couldn’t get the image out of her head of the man whom she didn’t even know. She was supposed to be in school and struggling with tuition.

Talia missed Mia so badly, how was she? she wondered if she missed her? She was supposed to struggle to get prom dates, work part-time and go partying but no life had other plans for her. She missed the old times. Even though she was alone and not well financed, she was still happy.


She snapped out of her thought revenue, tears started slipping down her cheeks. She was so scared of him, she leaned more against the door. “Please don’t hurt me.” as she kept on saying it in between gasps. “Please let me go, I won’t ever look back nor talk about you I swear.” as more hot tears were coming.

“Anything but that Talia, I can’t never let you go. You are my lifeline.”

If he had said this last night, it would be a different situation, but now it had changed.

She looked up at him and she flinched when she saw blood on his shirt, he then traced her gaze and he turned and went into the closet. She looked down and wanted to wake up from this never-ending nightmare, but she didn’t.

She didn’t know how long it had been.

Axel came out and he was wearing a fresh set of clothing. He had cleaned himself up, he came and he crouched in front of her. His hand rose and she flinched when he saw her reaction he put it back down. Then he raked his hand through his hair.

“Go to sleep Talia.” she didn’t want to disobey him.

She got up shakily and nearly fell when he caught her. She jerked out of his arms quickly, and walked to bed and lay on the edge. A few minutes later she felt the bed dip and after some time she heard his breaths had deepened.

Axel woke up and he saw it was two in the morning, she wondered If Talia was still asleep? He couldn’t get it out of his mind, how her face looked like when she had just witnessed him shoot the traitor. She saw him just as the rest of the world saw him as a monster not be given a chance.

Axel thought about the previous week when he had kissed her.

He had felt a connection when they shared a kiss, the way she had kissed him back he knew she didn’t have any experience.He didn’t know why he liked it.

It was a different kiss to what he was used to. He knew it was very selfish of him but he couldn’t let her go, no matter the cost.

He slowly turns around and finds her gone, panic sets in at the thought that she might have had escaped, Axel gets out of bed abruptly and he almost trips over her. She is huddled on the floor and she is cooing in her sleep.

This makes him feel conflicted, he touches her cheek to find it ice cold. How long had she been sleeping on the ground he wonders? He didn’t even feel her leave, of course she didn’t want to share a bed with a monster like him.

Yet she wanted her to understand him, he wondered why it was important for him. He couldn’t afford to lose her at any cost.

He didn’t like the fact that she was now more afraid of him.

He picks her up gently and lays her on the bed and covers her with a blanket. He pushes out the hair tendrils on her face, then he places a kiss on her forehead.

He knew he couldn’t let her go no matter what. Axel couldn’t explain what he felt for her but when he looked at her he had hope, but he didn’t know what he hoped for.

He woke up the next day very early, he had reprimanded guards for leaving her door unguarded.

He told them not to leave their spot no matter what. This time he had also told London to guard her door.

She wanted to escape so badly and he couldn’t let her slip through his fingers. He had to have his best man guarding her, which meant London as he was second in command.

Axel knew they had more pressing matters but Talia mattered more to him. He didn’t want anything to happen to her.

He would have stayed with her but she couldn’t stand him at the moment and he wanted to give her space.

It was lunchtime and London had been assigned to be Talia’s guard for today. To make sure she doesn’t escape. London don’t hear much, it seems like she was asleep or still in shock.

He doesn’t know if he should get in and check in on her. The maids come with food, and they leave it for her. Which means she should be fine, he wants to ask the maids but thinks better of it.

At around seven at night he hears something shattering, London rushes to the door. When he opens the door, he finds the room destroyed, everything is an array. The pillows are ripped out, she had spilled her food. He must admit she did quite a number on this room. Hopefully it would let her take out her rage or whatever emotions she was feeling that had been bottled up inside of her.

He walks up to Talia. Where she is crouched on the floor, she is heaving up and down.

“Please let me go outside for fresh air, I’m going to suffocate in here!” as she slurs out.

London can tell that she has been drinking some of Axel’s whiskey as she smells very strongly of it. He can see she is a bit drunk at the way her posture is. He looked at the bottle and he wondered how much she had drunk.

She had shattered the whiskey bottle against the wall, and the liquid was dripping down it.

London walked back to where she was. He looked at her to see if she was trying to escape but it but she is drunk.

He can’t help but feel sorry for her, so he helps her up with a grip on her elbow. He motions for the other guard to stay there.

London takes her outside to the square garden, she usually liked to sit or sleep there.

Then she sits on the bench with her hands clasped on her lap. He hoped this would help her a bit, even though it wasn’t much.

She decides to sit next to her and he doesn’t say anything.

She looks at him with very sad eyes. “Why me of all people London?”

“I don’t know?” he replied.

He looks her over and she looks like a mess, and the alcohol isn’t helping her much either.

“Do you think Axel will get tired of me and let me go at some point?”

“I don’t know Talia, why don’t you ask him that?”

Her eyes pool with tears and she sobs uncontrollably, he didn’t know what to do, so he puts his arms around her and she leans into his shoulder and she cries more.

He doesn’t know why her cries made his heart clench a lot. She didn’t deserve this type of life, it was really breaking her.

It was a gruesome sight for someone who was as young as she was. So many things were happening to her, and she was trying to be strong but you could tell she was getting too broken.

“Shh Shh.” He kept on saying it over and over again to her. “Everything is going to be fine.”

she pulls out of his arms “How do you know?”

He doesn’t reply to her, as she now seems very angry. “TELL ME, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT LONDON? WHAT IF IT GETS WORSE? HUH?”

“Sadly I don’t know, Talia but it’s up to you to make the best of your situation and how you take on life.”

“You are right.” He looks at her and he sees that she has calmed down a bit. She looks at him with lost eyes. He can’t help but lean in and press his lips on to hers,

Their lips meet and she clutches his shirt.

As he is about to deepen the kiss, He hears a voice yelling in rage


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