Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 17

The next minute Axel and London were both on the ground. She started to panic, she was not sure what to do. She became instantly sober and was aware of her surroundings. She looked down at them.

“Stop it please!”

They carried on, She didn’t think they could hear her. Axel got up faster and he pinned London down, he was about to land him a huge blow when she ran up to them and knelt in front of him.

“Please don’t do this!” As she was crying now. Then Axel’s eyes flickered onto hers as he was hesitating with his fist in the air. Then He got up from London and he walked away, she ran after him. “Axel wait!”

When she turns back into the mansion, she can’t see Axel at all. Talia finally goes to his room, but he isn’t there too. She decides to ask the guard by the door. “Sorry, can you take me to Axel?” the guard just nods, and he leads the way. She gets to the lounge, and she opens the door and there she sees Axel watching strippers dance and there were a couple on his lap.

Talia closes the door and asks the guard to take her back to the room, he nods and he leads her back. She enters the room and decides to shower, and she changes into her pajamas. She can’t help but replay the kiss that she had with London but every-time she did, she would see Axel’s face, his face had looked broken. She couldn’t help but also remember his cry of rage, it pierced through her.

They really did hurt him. She never thought she would see Axel broken, but why did it hurt her a bit that he seemed like that.

She showers for a very long time. Talia felt too conflicted, she is hoping Axel does come, and he doesn’t sleep out. She really wanted to clear the air amongst all of them. Why had she gotten so drunk to that point? She should have stayed in the room, now she felt very uneasy.

After the shower she felt much better, she had even sobered up and started to get angry at herself as to what she was thinking when she had shared a kiss with London as he was obviously Axel’s best friend. She wonders if they’re going to talk it out or what?

She was relieved that Axel had actually listened to her and he hadn’t punched London.

Talia felt bad too that she had also left London like that, she hoped he wouldn’t be upset with her. She could have at least checked on him before she ran after Axel. That was really inconsiderate of her, but when she had seen Axel’s face, she couldn’t help but think about anything else, so that’s why she ended up going after him.

Now Talia felt very heavy and unsettled, what would happen now? she hoped he wouldn’t later take it out on London, or even worse what if he might sell her? as he was very upset at the fact that she had done that. She really needed to talk to Axel so that she could at least put her mind to ease.

But now what bothered her was the possibilities of what he might be doing with all those girls in that room. She tried to blur it out of her mind as it kept on making her pace up and down. She kept on waiting for the door to unlock and for him to come in.

But she knew he was busy with strippers, he might not come in for the whole night and that made her feel very unsettled, why did he have to unleash like this?

When Axel had gotten back earlier from work today, he immediately went to check in on Talia. She was on his mind the whole day, he had to make things right between them, he wanted her to understand that this is what he does. He would take her for dinner and have a proper conversation. When he got to their room and he opened it, to find the maids cleaning a huge mess. “Sir, London took Talia to the garden she wasn’t doing so well.” As one of his men who was also guarding her came behind him.

He is a bit relieved to know that she is in safe hands and that she didn’t run away.

He leaves the room to find them. Why hadn’t London called him to tell him about Talia’s situation.

He hoped she was okay, he trusted London to take care of her, so she should be fine. He immediately goes and searches for them, he knew where they were sitting at her favorite garden, that’s where she loved to sleep and spent most of her weekends.

When he turned, he didn’t expect to find his best friend kissing his girl, she was his and she belonged to him. He had never felt such rage.

“GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM HER!” as he roars at him.

Next thing, he automatically ran up to him and tackled him to the ground. All he saw was red, he would pay for this. When he recovers faster, he goes on top of him and he is ready to punch him.

Then the next thing Talia comes and kneels down, and he sees she is begging for his life, she is crying for him! She felt shattered the most. Why can’t she bring herself to hit him, he looks into her pleading eyes and he knew that he won’t hit him. He actually finds himself very sad at the fact that she is crying, he wanted to wipe her tears away and hold her, but he knew he was not the one she wants. He was just a monster to her and nothing else.

He simply gets up and leaves. He was sure that they want more time to themselves, they probably wanted to carry on with it. He had disturbed their romantic evening.

Axel stormed into the lounge and he tells Marize to bring in some strippers for her.

“Yes, Sir.” as she hurries.

This is what he always did when he found himself in such a situation.

The strippers come in and the music starts playing, he is hoping to forget this night and get lost in the alcohol and the girls.

He starts to drink very strong whiskey. He watches the strippers perform but all he sees is his best friend and his girl kissing. He had really trusted Talia with all his heart, and London was like a brother to him as he had known him for years. Did everything mean nothing to Talia? He wanted to let her go, yet he couldn’t just throw her away. He didn’t even want to send her away to a different room.

Axel still wanted to protect her and know that she is sleeping okay and that she is safe and sound.

She was his hope after all.

The worst thing is that he still longed to see her, he wanted to speak to her.

What was going on with him, why was he turning like this?

He drinks more, so he can forget what happened.

And then London, he doesn’t know why he would do that to her.

He makes up his mind and he knows what he is going to do for a fact. He knows that it will shock the both of them, but it had to be done and once he makes up his mind, he never changes it as he looks at the golden liquor.

When he feels really drained. He decides to call it a night, he dismisses everyone.

It’s really late when he gets to the room and he doesn’t know if he wants to see her at all. He contemplates going to the guestroom or if he should have taken one of the strippers with him for the night. He could have relieved himself.

He dismisses the guard at the door and he leaves.

Axel turns the knob and he realizes it’s locked, so he takes out his keys, then he opens the door and gets in, he then locks it. When he turns around he is met with a slap on his face.

Talia had been waiting for Axel to come back, she is standing by the door in the dark. When she hears the knob turning she takes a step back. When he enters, and he locks the front door, she can smell strippers all over him. She doesn’t know what got into her, so she slaps him.

She was supposed to apologize for kissing his best friend, not slap him. Yet she knew it was the other side of her filled with rage that it did, the side that knew that he had come from being with strippers.

Yet she was to blame as this all took place because she had kissed London, so what right did she have to be upset with him?

Talia first saw the disbelief in his eyes and then he tilted his head as if nothing happened.

He doesn’t say anything as he walks past her, and he goes, and the changes. She waits for him to come out, when he does, she sees him walking towards the bed. She decides to run in front of him and block his path. He looks down at her with solemn eyes.

“move out the way Talia, or else?”

“Or else what? I want to talk to you about tonight.”

“Go to London and talk to him, you know what, Sophie was right, you are a slut!”

She slaps him again “A slut! For what? I was drunk Axel, I wasn’t in my right mind! I just witnessed you kill a man for the first time in my life. Now all of a sudden, I’m a slut, and you are a man whore! I saw you with those strippers and you have the nerve to call me out over one mistake, I made when I was not of the right mind.”

Suddenly his hands grips her waist and he pulls her a bit closer “I’ve been too nice, haven’t I?”

He throws her on the bed. “You forget you are one of them, don’t you? Strip for me.”

Her eyes are wide as she sees that he is serious. “Please, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say that.”

“Don’t make me tell you twice, Strip.” as his voice was dangerously low.

She swallowed a lump in her throat, she looked at his face and she saw that he his serious,her hands were shaking as she took off her pajama top and she was left in her bra. She saw Axel look at her hard. When she was about to take off her pants “get up and do it whilst you are standing so that I can have a better view.”

Talia stood up shakily and she took off her pajama bottom, and she was left in her bra and underwear. “Do I have to tell you what comes next, start dancing.” as he motioned for her to carry on. She couldn’t believe Axel was actually doing this to her.

She starts moving her hips and swaying a bit.

“Touch yourself.” as he says it slowly.

She looks at him shocked as she begins doing it, she touches her neckline, then down to her breasts and she goes lower,

“You can stop now.” She sighed in relief when she heard those words.

“thank you.”

“Don’t thank me yet Talia, because I will see you in full soon.”

She looks at him as she doesn’t understand what he means by those words.

“huh?” she replies to him

“We are getting married tomorrow.”

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