Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 18

Talia wakes up in her old room where she had slept when she first got here, she had barely slept the whole night. When she looks at the alarm clock it is three in the morning.She is too nervous to fall asleep as she keeps on replaying the conversation her and Axel had a couple hours ago.

“we are getting married tomorrow.” as he looked determined.

“How? why?” she had asked in disbelief.

He had given her a sarcastic look, “through a wedding Talia.” as he said it slowly. “we need to think this through.” as she was starting to panic a bit. She couldn’t be the wife of a mafia boss, she would also be a big target. Is that what he meant when he said she was his life line.

When she was about to plea with him, he cut her off. “You are going to sleep in your room because after all, it is bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.”

Then he pulled out his phone and he dialed a number, after a couple of minutes there was a knock on the door, “come in.” as Axel answered. A tall guard from earlier walked in, “take Talia to her room.”

“Yes Sir.” as he replied. She followed the guard out the room, she was beyond speechless, this nightmare was in was never going to end.

She snapped out of her thoughts and tried to sleep again which proved to be fruitless. So, she decided to read one of her favorite novels.

“wake up.” she opens her eyes to five maids in the room. They are all staring at her, “we need to get you ready mam.” She realized they were talking to her. Talia slowly got up and she groaned as it dawned on to her what was supposed to happen today. There was bath water and she got in, as she started bathing, the other ladies in the room took over and they started scrubbing her from head to toe. After forty-five minutes she was shaved and squeaky clean, she was given a robe and she wore it.

She went to the makeup area and they started doing her make-up and hair. When they were done she was really impressed at the outcome. Then she was lead into the room and there she saw it, her wedding gown, it was so beautiful, how she wished Mia where here to see this. She was supposed to be her maid of honor after all.

She wanted to start sobbing but one of the ladies advised her against it “don’t cry mam, you will ruin your makeup.” she nodded as she stifled her sob and kept it in. She wore the gown and came out of the room “you look beautiful mam.”

“Thank you.” She replied with a smile. Talia walked over to the mirror and stared at her reflection, it was a beautiful gown indeed.

“sit here mam.” She went over to the couch and sat down. Then the one lady put shoes on her feet. They were beautiful shoes, they were white and fluffy.

Then a tiara and veil were put on her head. Her heart was hammering a lot. She was very nervous to get married. “Let’s go mam.” She stood up and followed them down the hall and then the stairs, she saw white roses all around the stairway, how beautiful it looked.

She went to stand outside the dining area where the doors were closed, the one lady handed her a bouquet of white roses. Then two ladies opened the two large doors at the same time. She found people standing and the ladies motioned for her to walk. Talia started walking slowly, this was her wedding day, one of the most important days of her life, she had to remember everything.

This was a moment she had to remember for life. It felt as if she was in a bit of a daze. Was she really walking down the aisle? She looked at the audience, she was met by some upset eyes, then Helena the maid whom she really liked was smiling at her. She saw Marize as she winked at her. She gave them a slight smile, but she didn’t know if they would see it through her veil.

They were rose petals on the floor and roses all around, she looked ahead through her veil and she could see Axel standing on the alter and next to him was London, his eyes flickered on to hers for a split second, he had looked awed and then sad. Then next to him was another guard, she once saw.

She looked back to Axel who watched her like a hawk, his eyes looked like they were gleaming with pride.

There was a minister in the middle of the alter, she finally got to the front and Axel held his hand out for her, which she took, and he pulled her next to him.

He looked really handsome in the tux that he was wearing, it fits him so well. It was black, and his hair was slicked back. He looked dashing.

“You look beautiful Talia.” as he whispered to her.

“Thank you.” was all she could manage to get out, she was relieved that he and London had worked out their issues.

Everyone got seated,

“Dearly beloved” as the minister started. She was zoning out through out his speech. “If anyone doesn’t want these two to marry, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

“ME!” as the doors burst open.

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