Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 19

They all turn in shock and there stood a man she has never seen before, he has black hair and light green eyes. “How can you get married without even inviting your own brother?“She turns to look at Axel and she sees that his eyes have widened, then it’s gone in a flash of a second. “wait is that Sophie?” as he carries on trying to see through her veil.

“Guards escort him out.” as Axel growls out. Then just like that, the man was dragged out, She would have to ask him later who that was. Then the wedding proceeded.

“Do you Talia take Axel as your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do.” then he puts the ring on her finger.

“Do you Axel take Talia to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” she puts on the ring on his finger shakily.

“With the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife, you can now kiss the bride.”

Axel plants a kiss on her lips and she returns the kiss. Everyone applauds, and they walk down the aisle. She goes and changes into her reception dress and it’s a cute white dress. Talia is seated next to Axel when they are called up for their first dance. Axel was an amazing dancer, the way he twirled her and encouraged her to move and follow his steps.

She found herself being lost in the music and his arms, it felt like a fairy-tale. When they are done they slice the cake, by the time they leave she is very exhausted. They are lead to what seems to be their wedding car and she wonders where they are going.

She falls asleep and opens her eyes drowsily and she thinks they were at an airport. “sleep.” and she does that. She wakes up to sunlight blinding her eyes. She sits up and then Axel comes out the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his torso, She looks at his abs and when she looks up she can see that he is smirking at her. Talia blushes ferociously, as she turns her gaze away. “Oh yeah, where are we?”

“We are in Mauritius”

“Are you serious?” she squeals.

She jumps out of bed and runs to the window and she peeks through, she sees the beach.

She turns to Axel remembering something, “who was that at the wedding?”


She folds her arms across her chest. “He said he was your brother, is that true?”

He said nothing for a long time “Yes.”

She looks at him and sees that he looks a bit vulnerable, she walks over to him and she puts her arms around him. He just looks down at her, and after some seconds he unwraps her arms around him. “Go change, I want to go to the beach.” she nods, and races to the bathroom and she showers.

She changes into her bikini and walks out. She sees Axel staring at her intently, then he turns away. They go downstairs and have breakfast first after they are done eating they walk down to the beach. The sea breeze feels nice against her face. Someone comes running past her and she nearly falls, but Axel catches her before she falls, and he holds her to his chest. She notices his sea green eyes, “are you okay Talia?”

“Yes.” she responds, embarrassed that this was second time that she was caught staring at him. They sit by the beach; the sun feels so good. After a long lazy day at the beach, they go to supper, and there are performers, and it’s colorful.

She had made up her mind on something that she had to do tonight.

She starts dousing herself with the cocktails, they tasted so nice.

“Easy on the drinks Talia.” as Axel was warning her, yet she didn’t care. Axel puts her over his shoulder and it must be the alcohol because she can’t help but slap his butt, he doesn’t say anything but chuckle. When they get to the room he sets her down as he takes out his card and swipes the door open.

“Wow.” as she stumbles in the room. There are red roses everywhere and, on the floor, the scent of roses is intoxicating. There are candles everywhere, she turns to Axel and he scratches the back of his head and he just walks to the closet.

Talia takes her small bag and she rushes to the bathroom, everything seems blurry.

She changes into her night set and she comes out.

Axel climbs into bed, Talia went to the bathroom and he is wondering if he should go and check up on her. Was she vomiting? He had planned a surprise for her, but she was too drunk. He closed his eyes.

“Axel, Axel.”

“Hmm,” he responds drowsily. As he opens his eyes, He thinks he is dreaming as he sees Talia in lingerie, the candles and moon give her a soft glow. She runs her hand through her hair as she stares down blushing. He sits up and he looks at her, he can’t help murmur “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” she murmurs back. He gets out the bed and he walks up to her slowly. When he gets in front of her, he put his finger under her chin and he tilts her head up and she meets his gaze shyly. “You look beautiful Talia.” then she averts his gaze, but he can see the soft glow on her cheeks. He leans down, and he presses his lips onto hers, and she closes her eyes and she responds to his kiss. He takes her hands and places them on his bare chest “You can touch me you know.”

She nods her head up and down, as she starts tracing his abdomen lightly. At first, she does it shyly then she gets bolder by the minute, she encircles her hand around his neck and pulls his neck down. He meets her kiss with so much hunger and passion, he encircles his hand around her waist and he picks her up and leads her to the bed. He lays her down softly as he places a kiss on her forehead, then he trails down to her neck. He pulls her up and he takes off her top, and the lace bra she is wearing which fits her perfectly.

Then, he kisses her collar bone at the same-time unclasping her bra, and she has the most beautiful breasts, she looks down as she blushes heavily, he puts his hand on her neck and he tilts her head up gently. “You are my muse.” then he lowers her down and he begins to trail kisses on her collar bone, then down to her breasts, she arches her back more and more. “Axel.” as she is whispering in huffs, this turns him on even more.

He cups her one breast with his hand, as he sucks the other. Then he removes his hand from her breast and he lowers it into her lace underwear, she inhales sharply as she begins thrusting into his hand. “don’t stop Axel.” He traces kisses down her belly then he goes lower, he stops above her treasure, he rises up and he stops fingering her, he takes off her lace bottoms and underwear at the same time, and he sees her treasure is soaking. He goes down with his mouth and he licks her lightly as he teases her.

He hears her moans and she shifts her thighs. He grips her thighs and spreads them more as he goes in more, he swirls his tongue and she tastes so good. He hears her moans going louder and louder. He gets up and takes off his pants and he puts a condom on, she stares at him wide-eyed. “I will be gentle.” as he reassures her. She nods lightly,

He lowers himself lightly down on her, she feels so tight, he felt her clench around him.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, you may carry on.” as she whispers.

He starts thrusting in and out of her lightly, careful not to hurt her, then she starts to moan even more. He starts going faster and faster, “I’m coming to Axel.” then they both let out. He falls on top of her. He hears something.

“What’s wrong?” as he tries to lift himself up lightly to look at her, but she puts a hand around his neck and she pulls him down as she tries to stifle her sobs “Can we just sleep Axel.”


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