Meeting My Abductor Again

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chapter 20

Talia woke up with a bit of pain in between her legs. She looks down at the sheets and sees that there are blood stains which she shudders a bit at. She looks to see Axel is still asleep, with one of his arms around her.

She slowly creeps out of his arms and she heads to the bathroom, she looks at herself in the mirror after she opens the water in the shower. She takes off Axel’s shirt that she is wearing, and walks into the shower, the water was really hot but it still felt good on her skin. When she is done showering and she puts on a shirt and some sports shorts,

She ties her hair into a bun and she gets back into the bed, which rouses Axel awake. “You smell nice Talia.” as he pulls her into his arms.

“Thank you.” as he starts tracing kisses down her neck.

Which lead to her and Axel doing it for the second time, she felt exhausted and went to sleep immediately. When she woke up it was in the mid-afternoon.

She put on her shirt and sports shorts that she had on earlier and she sees that there is a breakfast tray. She gobbles down my breakfast and she wonders where Axel is.

She sees on the table there is a note from him, “Off to work, I will see you later.”

She decides to change into her bikini and go for a swim. Talia walks down the beach as she soaks in the sun rays and the breeze that is softly caressing her face and blowing her hair in all direction.

She sat by the beach chair and she enjoys her afternoon in peace.

She thinks about how she was married at such a young age, who knew a few months back that she would be here in this position. If anyone had told her that she would be here, she would have laughed in their faces.

She was too tired to try and make new friends, then she heads back into the hotel and decides to watch TV before dinner time.

When dinner approaches, she is forced to eat alone. She watches performances and stars to wonder where Axel was? she hoped he wasn’t regretting last night, or he was fed up with her. Had she not pleased him enough? But how could she as this was her first time.

She goes back to the hotel and decides to go and soak herself in the bath. She finds candles in the cupboard and lights them, and she opens the bath water and put in bath salts. She closes the tap as the water is full. She puts on a bit of music that is soothing.

Talia climbs in the bathtub and she leans back, as her eyes are closed.

She feels someone touching her arm, which causes her to jump a bit. She opens her eyes and to find Axel naked. Which lead her blushing and turning away.

“You can look.” as he chuckles.

“Move up a bit, I want to get in.”
She does so, and he gets in and she is seating in between his legs.

He puts his hand around her waist and he pulls her back into his arms so that she is leaning against him.

He nuzzles her neck “What did you do today?”

“Nothing much, I went to the beach, watched Tv then I had dinner and you?”

“I had a lot of work that I have to take care of.”

“what work?”

“Nothing that you have to worry about.”

“Okay.” as she drops the subject.

They finish their bath without saying much to each other, it seemed as if Axel had a lot on his mind and it seemed as if he didn’t want to talk about it.

Talia changes into her night attire and she puts on moisturizer and finds Axel lying on the bed. She walks over to the bed, and she is feeling very exhausted.

She gets in next to Axel and he places a kiss on her mouth, which she returns. She didn’t want Axel to get tired of her and sell to someone else if she had refused and told him that she was not feeling up to it. She was taken for a reason and she had to keep him happy at all cost, especially after the London incident.

Marriage wasn’t a safety net for her as she could be still easily discarded.

He suddenly pulls away, “roll over to your side.” which she does. He puts his arms around her waist and her back is on his front.

“Go to sleep.”

She sighs in relief and she drifts off to sleep.

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