Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 21

Three days had passed, and she was sitting outside, she hadn’t seen Axel for three days at all. He had gone by and she didn’t hear a word from him, so she did the same thing every day. Wake up, shower, have breakfast, go to the beach, have dinner, watch a live performance and then go to the room and watch T.V until she fell asleep.

She guessed this would be the third night she would be sleeping by herself, as she gets into the bed. It was really daunting her where he was. He couldn’t have possibly left her. She couldn’t dwell on this for too long.

Talia wakes up to the door slamming, and she jolts awake and she looks at the side table and it is two in the morning. She looks to the side and sees Axel stumbling in and she gets out of bed, rubbing her eyes in case she was dreaming.

She walks towards him, he doesn’t look his greatest, he looks haggard. “Are you okay?” as she assesses him. “Did you and London want to have sex?” as his breath smells heavily of alcohol.

“what?” she stutters.

“If I hadn’t interrupted you guys or caught you earlier you would have had sex with him, right?” as slurs it out.

“No.” as she wonders what had bought this about. “You and London are just fucking liars, the two people I thought that I could count on.”

Talia cuts him off “what is this about? I think that you’re drunk, and you should get some rest. ”

“I don’t want rest, I want the fucking truth.”

“What truth? London and I made a mistake and that was all.”

“How can I believe you?”

“You just have to Axel.”

“How can I trust a whore like you?”

Something snapped, and she started to hit him. Axel looked a bit fazed, and he had a smug look on his face which she wanted to wipe off, so she lunged at him with all she had, she had learned a few tactics.

Yet Axel was warding off all her blows with so much ease, she managed to land a blow, which left him bleeding on the side of his mouth.

He wiped his mouth and then he let out a laugh in disbelief. He grips her by my hair and she feels like the blood is draining from her head. She tries to struggle but it’s not of any use.

“The more you struggle the more you hurt yourself.” she spit in his face and he shoves her on to the ground and she hits the table post with her back.

She looks up at him.

“No matter how much you glare at me with those resentful eyes, there is still nothing that you can do about it.”

“You sicken me, you son of a bitch!”

His eyes look dangerously menacing as he picks her up from the ground with her hair and then he puts a hand around her throat and she feels it closing in on her, she starts to struggle to breathe and she tries to claw his arm off but to no avail. She starts to black out when he releases her.

Talia sinks to the ground, as she gasps for air and she starts to feel her throat as hot tears fill her eyes. She starts to heave more for air. She curls up into a ball on the floor and silent teats start to flow, and fear starts to creep in. What if Axel had killed her? I didn’t even know where I lied with him. Was I even important to him? Clearly not as I drifted off to sleep.

She wakes up the next morning, and to find herself on the floor, then it starts dawning on to her what had happened. She slowly gets up as she coughs a bit, she finds Axel gone and she feels relieved when she feels a sense of panic when she thinks he might have left her.

She goes to the bathroom and checks her neck and she has a light ring around it. From where Axel’s hand was. She gets into the shower and takes a long-time showering as the water feels good.

After that, she finishes, and she gets dressed. She gets out of the room and eats. At five in the afternoon, two ladies come, and she felt a bit scared.

“Please come sit here.” as one of the ladies directs her. She sits in the front of the mirror as she does her hair and the other her makeup.

After she is done, she is given lingerie, which she puts on and then she is given a small cute dress. She puts it on with heels on too. Maybe Axel was really feeling remorseful for what he had done.

The ladies leave, and she sits there waiting. The door opens an hour later and she looks up to find Axel wearing a tux. She gets up slowly and faces him.

“You look great,” Axel said.

“You are stripping in front of everyone, in an hours time, I want you to be left in the lingerie I bought you. You have to do it slowly, so the men can have quite a show.”

She is frozen in shock as she can’t believe what he just asked her to do, she stares at him in disbelief.

“I will see you soon, so prep yourself.” as he walks away and closes the door,

Talia sinks to the ground, why was he doing this to her? Why did she expect anything to change, she was his wife after all and he was selling her? she starts to shake uncontrollably. She gets up shakily and starts to look for a way to escape.

She tries the doors, the windows, and it was all locked. She breaks off the lamb handle and she has a weapon. There was no way to escape, so she decided to hide in the closet. She crouched down and with the lamp handle in her hand.

Talia sits there as quietly as she can, she hears the door to the room open. “Talia where the fuck are you? I’m in no mood to play fucking games with you!”

She hears him open the bathroom door and he is probably checking underneath the bed. The door to the closet finally opens and she lunges at him, but he blocks her blow, she dashes out trying to run away but he grabs her waist and she tries to scream as his one hand goes around her mouth.

She bites his hand, “What the fuck?” as he gets it out her grip. His hand goes around her throat. “You better behave yourself or else I might end up making you fuck every guy in that room!” She stills at his words.

He then leads her out and he drops me off by the stage, what had gotten into him as-as she tries to process what was going on. Was she dreaming, then the curtain goes up and bright lights blind her?

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