Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 24

Axel leads her to their hotel suite. He opens the door and she walks in and then he comes in behind her and he closes it. She stands in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. “Go change into your nightgown.”

“Okay.” as she walks into the closet and she changes into that. She felt relieved, she walks back into the room and Axel is just in his boxers. “What were you and Styles talking about?” as he looks at her intently. “Nothing much, he just asked general questions about my age and where I was from.”
“Is that all?”

“Yes.” as she nodded lightly.

“Come here, Talia.”

She looks up at him and she walks slowly towards him until she is standing in front of him. His hand reaches out and her eyes widen at his sudden movement.

His hand rests lightly on my neck, and he draws her closer and his lips are next to her ears. “You know that you are my wife right.”

“Yes,” she replies. Then he tilts her neck and he places a kiss, then he starts gently sucking on it. She swallows a bit. Then he leans back, and his other hand cups her face and he tilts it up. He lowers a gentle kiss on her lips. Then he deepens the kiss, she starts to struggle, but she ends up giving in.

It felt so nice to be kissed by this Axel. His one hand goes to her neck then lower and he cups my breast. She can’t help but moan into his mouth, his hand goes lower, and he cups my hindsight. Then he lifts her off the ground and he led her to the bed.

She wakes up the next morning and this time it wasn’t as painful as the first time they had done, she wakes up to find Axel gone. She goes, and showers, after showering she ate breakfast and then waited the whole day for him.

When it is six at nighttime, there is a knock by the door and a white gown and mask are given to her. “When you are done, please come to the main hall.” the messenger says.


“It’s a surprise mam.”

The dress is very beautiful, she fixes her make up and then she puts on the mask.

She gets out of the room and she receives a few compliments.

Talia walks into the main hall and there are lots of people. She had never been to a mascaraed ball in her whole life, which made her so excited. How was she going to spot Axel?

She decides to ask one of his guards that she knew, “Hey, its Talia. Where is Axel?”

“He is outside dealing with some business, but he should be back soon so wait here.”

“Okay.” she decides to go find him, she walks through a dozen people and she finally gets outside, they are two guards standing there, she sees Axel as she is about to call out to him, she sees him kissing a girl who has blonde hair.

Her heart drops and she races back, one of the guards tries to call her back “Tal” but she is already gone, she tries to make her way past people. She felt a hand grip her arm “Talia.” She immediately recognized it to be Styles voice.

He pulls her towards the dance floor, and he wraps his arms around her. “I see you like the dress and mask I picked out for you.”

“Wait you got me these?”

“Yes.” as he whirled her around.

“son of a bitch.” as she cusses out Axel underneath her breath.


“It’s nothing Styles.”
“You look amazing Talia.”

“Thank you.”

They dance for a couple of songs, and she starts to relax. She feels a hand grips her, “Talia.” She sees Axel.

“Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats.”

She sees the blonde girl motioning for Axel to come “go to your whore Axel.” as she pulls out of his grip. She sees him walk away.

“You can come to sit with me Talia.” as Styles leads her to his table. She sat next to him and looked across the room and she sees Axel’s eyes glued onto her.

Talia looks away when she sees the blonde leaning in and whispering in his ear.

“Are you okay?” As Styles places a hand on her shoulder.

“Yes, I am fine.” she gives him a fake smile.

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