Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 25

London let go of her and she went into Axel’s arms, she was very conflicted. So many emotions were surging through her but the one that was most prominent was rage and surprisingly hurt. Axel put his arms around her and they started to dance and move slowly to the rhythm of the music. She felt his arms tighten more around her and he pulls her closer, it was as if he was clinging onto her.

Talia wanted to bring up the topic as to why he had done all those things, and what was going on, but she was going to confront him later on when it was just the two of them.

The songs where playing and neither one of them said anything, she had nothing to say to him as it was him who owed her an explanation as to why he had done that.

“Let’s go outside.” as he whispered in her ear. They walked outside, and they found a bench where they could sit and talk.

“I need to explain to you what happened, and why I changed.”
She sat there staring at him, waiting for him to carry on and tell her what had really led to this outcome.

“You see Talia, I had to.”

“Boss we need you urgently!” as one of his men came and whispered something in his ear. He stood up abruptly “get underneath the bench Talia and don’t move!” she did as he commanded, and she felt scared. Axel started to leave with the guard,

But then he turned back and came back, he gave me a slow kiss on the forehead “don’t worry, I’m here and I won’t let anything happen to you.” she nodded as her eyes were wide from fear.

“I will be back soon Talia.” as he lastly placed a peck on her lips and he left. She saw him removing a gun from the back of his tux.

Then they left, she was wondering what was going on, she decided to stay hidden. Her heart was in her throat as she heard gunshots. What if she got shot or worse what if Axel or London got shot, she hoped they would be okay.

She heard some footsteps slowly approaching to where she was, and she pressed her hand onto her mouth so that she wouldn’t make a sound. She was praying that they hadn’t seen her, suddenly she felt someone yank her hair so hard, that she had to grit her teeth.

“Help!” then the hand hit the side of her face.

She woke up and she felt herself moving, she started to panic and when her eyes shot open. She wanted to scream but she suppressed it.

“You are finally awake, are you okay?”
“Styles, where are you taking me?” as she calmed down a bit when she realized it’s him. “To my place.”
“Wait where is Axel?”
“Whilst you were being harmed by the guy who was trying to kidnap you, he was saving his blonde damsel in distress.” A lump formed in her throat, if it hadn’t been for Styles what would have happened to her? Axel was busy saving another girl!

Hot tears were forming but so would they forbid if she let them fall, her fist clenched, and hatred started to form. She would get Axel back for this if it was the last thing she did.

She turned to Styles “what do you want from me?”
“Nothing”. as he sighed.

“Then what’s the point of taking me?”
“I thought you would want to leave Axel and I couldn’t leave you there after what that guy tried to do to you.”
“Oh thank you.” She started to wonder what would happen to her? She felt a hand go to her shoulder. “Don’t stress Talia, everything will be okay. I won’t give you what you can’t handle.”

“If you say so.”

She reclined back and stared outside into the darkness, she pressed down every emotion that was trying to suffocate her. She wonders If Axel even realized, she was gone? Was he faking, when he said he wanted to tell her something.?

She felt very heavy and most of all betrayed.

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