Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 26

“Where is she, where the fuck is, she?”

“Boss you are wounded we need to get you some care first.”
“I don’t care about that right now! Where is my wife?”
“Sir we will find her.”
“You will find her or so forbid”
“Axel I have looked everywhere, I think someone took her.”
“London lets find all the footage’s, and the CTV camera’s.”
“On it”

There was so much damage, someone definitely knew they were here and they had plotted this attack precisely. It was now clear to him that they were aiming for Talia and he had fallen for the trap, he had left her all alone, giving them the chance to take her. He should have known better,

“We found something.” as he was broken out of his thoughts. He goes and sits down, and London plays the footage for him and he sees everything unfold before his eyes. “That son of a bitch!”

“London, we need to start planning out our next attack!”

“Axel man, this is coming from your best friend and not your brother. You need to rest man.”

“I can’t London, I need to find her.”
“I know and you will but you have been up for five nights now and I have to say you look like shit.”
“I don’t care about myself, I can only imagine how scared she must be feeling right now or how confused she is. I shouldn’t have left her in the first place.”

“It’s not your fault man, Talia is very strong.”
“I don’t care, I just want to find her, what if they are doing something to her?”

“Fine, do you at least want coffee ?”
“That would be great London.”
So many days had passed and still no lead to where she was, he couldn’t let the bad thoughts manifest or else he would lose it. What if he found her and it was too late?

“Your coffee.” He takes it from London, “bring me, Sophie, right now, I need to speak with her.”
“Okay.” as he walks away.

“So, the mighty Axel came looking for me I see.” as he feels hands, he knows very well encircle his waist.

He takes her hands off his waist, “Sophie this is not what I called you for.”
“Okay.” as she looks a bit hurt, but she hides it in an instant.

“Then what do you want from me?”
“I need you to help me find Talia.”

“Wow, so that’s why I am here! not even a how have you been Sophie? you don’t even have an ounce of concern for me” as she starts to shake.

“Sophie, calm down. Right now, is not the time for me to be making small talk, and I need to know if you going to help me? It’s a simple yes or no answer.”
After a few minutes, she finally answers “Yes.”

“Thank you.”

“What do you need help with, boss?”

“Do you know Styles?”
“Yes I do all too well, I did spy on him for the one mission and I lived with him for about three months.”

“Then that’s great you could give us a huge lead since you have observed him for that long.”
“Why don’t you go rest and freshen up a bit before we get started. You don’t look too good Axel.”

“I’m fine Sophie, I just need to find Talia first then I can rest.”
“Where was this Axel all along when we were together? I have never seen him before, who knew you had such a side to you.”

“Do you love her that much?”
“Stop spouting fucken nonsense Sophie, your blabbering is giving me a headache. You are here to help me find my wife and not to be just another problem.”

“Sorry, but congratulations on being husband and wife even though I wasn’t invited to the wedding.”

“I would have invited you if you weren’t acting like a lunatic towards Talia.”
“Is it true you had a falling out with London because he kissed your wife”
“How do you know that?”
“I know everything Axel, I have ears everywhere, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that you and London are a bit awkward.”
“No, we not”
“Yes you are, you don’t have to lie to me you know.”
“What exactly are you looking for Sophie?”
“Nothing per se, I’m just stating the obvious here, she must be something this Talia of yours to make you become like this and to behave in such a manner towards your best friend.”
“She is everything to me” He is a bit stunned that he had said that out loud.

“I hope she is because you could lose everything that you have worked for, just for nothing you know.”

“Sophie can you get to the point, because this is not what I called you in here for.”

“Someone is in a bad mood.”
“Of course I am.” as he glares at her.

“This reminds me of the old times when you had such a situation and I would comfort you. Do you at least remember that Axel?”
“Yes I do Sophie, you were a great help for me back then.”

“Don’t you miss those days?” she asked silently.
“Those were great memories for me Sophie but that’s about it. The past should stay in the past, you have to move on sooner or later.”
“So it was just the past for you” as her voice is barely audible.

“Yes, it is not a past I regret, and I have great memories with you and that’s all that I want from this.”

“Oh okay I get it, Axel”
“Do you know where we could find him, he took Talia, but we don’t know where he is headed.”
“Well there are three options for you to look at, but before I tell you the places what do I get out of this?”
“I don’t know Sophie, what do you want?, name it and I will give it to you.”

“I want to come along when you are going to fetch Talia.”

“But why?”

“I want everything to run smoothly as possible and you know I want you to have a happy ending.” he looks at her quizzically, it was unlike of Sophie to volunteer like this, she had really changed. Maybe chasing her out had changed her for the better.

“Is that all you want?”

“Yes that’s all I want”

“Are you sure?”

“More than anything.”

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