Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 27

Talia arrives at a huge place, and the gates automatically open and the place is like a mansion. She looks out the window curiously. They pull over in the front and she gets out the car hesitantly and she looks around. “This way.” as Styles motions her to come over. She goes and stands next to him, and he smiles down at her.

They walk to the front door and sees that they are guards standing by the door, “boss you are back.”

“Yes, and I bought someone with me.” as he turns to her. They all look at her curiously, “this is Talia.” after a pause he carries on “Axel’s wife.” There is a little pause from everyone as they assess her, finally, the one who looks like he is second in command speaks, “We are happy to have you here Talia.”
“Thank you.” as she mumbles and looks down at her feet. “Don’t worry they’re not dangerous.” as Styles tries to reassure her. She starts to have second thoughts, “what’s wrong?” as Styles seems to sense her doubt,

She is too nervous to tell him in front of his men who are standing there, “well gentlemen I’m going to show Talia where she is going to be sleeping.”

“Of course,” as they move out the way so they can get in. When they walk past them, she can hear them whispering amongst themselves, but it is not loud enough that she can make out what they are saying to one another.

“You may sit.” as Styles motions for her to sit across him, the living room is very large and looks very expensive, so was Styles just like Axel? Was he in the Mafia as well? she sat down slowly.

“I can see by the look on your face that you are wondering what is it I do? Why do I have guards by the door, so yes I am in the Mafia, I am the leader but I am not as cruel.”
“I don’t know if I should be here, what if Axel is looking for me?”
“Talia, I doubt that he is looking for you because if he was he would have already found you, I mean he is a man of great power and means.” That hit her hard, they had been traveling for three days now and she didn’t even know where they were, and if Styles was right which means Axel had really discarded her. she shuddered at the thought,

“Since you are a Mafia leader, why did you take me?”

“I want you to work for me.”
“What kind of worker?”
“I will tell you when the time comes.”
“No, I need to know now so that I know what I am getting myself into in advance.”

“Well you are a sharp girl, I will have someone who will teach how to fight and then you will be coming to missions as one of us.”
“Okay, when do I start training?”
“You can start anytime you want, you can just tell me when will it suit you?”
“Can I start immediately.”
Styles seemed to be taken aback. “Are you sure you don’t want to rest first and then we will take it from there.”
“No I am a hundred percent sure, I want to start now. I don’t feel tired in any case and I could use a distraction.”
“Okay let me show you to your room and arrange a working out attire for you and then you can start in half an hour or so.”
“Thank you”

“Matilda” a few seconds later a middle-aged woman shows up. “Sir its good to have you back.”

“It’s good to be back, can you show Talia please where her room will be.”

“Of course, Sir” as she leads him to her room. She walks down the hallway and finds a beautiful room, it is huge. “I will bring you what you need shortly.”

“Thank you.” as she jumps on the bed and it felt comfortable. She can’t help but think of Axel. She had to be stronger and move on.

She hears a knock by the door, “come in.”

Matilda walks in, “here is your working out attire.”

“Thank you,” she replied.

She puts on the tights and sports bra and ties up her hair in a bun and wears sneakers. She walks out the room hesitantly to find Matilda standing there. “I see you are done. Let me show you where to practice.”

She is led, into a room with a rubber mat all over there is a punching bag and skipping ropes. There are lots of things to use when working out.

She sees a guy standing there, when he sees us, he walks over to us. “Hey, you must be Talia. I’m Dante your personal trainer.”

“Nice to meet you.” as she shakes his hand, Styles probably told him about her or was he there when she had walked in earlier.

“Let’s warm up first.” They do a couple of warm-up exercises. Then they start the proper work, “when you are punching focus your energy more on your elbow by blocking.” She follows his instructions, even though she is tired and keeps going.

“Okay you did very well, that will be all for today, I will see you tomorrow in the morning. Don’t be late.”

“Okay, I won’t be late. thank you, Dante.” as she shakes his hand and walks out.

She goes back to her room and she finds the closet is filled with clothing her size, she checks the time and she sees that it is really late. She goes and shower. She finds a fresh set of pajamas, she wears them, and she decides to take a quick breather before she goes downstairs for supper.

She lies on her bed and looks at the ceiling, she closes her eyes as she tries to shut out the voices in her head. She wakes up when she feels like she is being lifted lightly then she feels something heavy come over her. Then she decides to let go and she is taken by the darkness.

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