Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 28

Talia opens her eyes to light streaming in, and she rubs them. She had forgotten that she wasn’t in Axel’s house anymore, instead, she was at Styles house. Everything felt so different from the other house. Does she wonder if they had gone back to business as per usual and that she never existed?

Her body was aching all over from yesterday, but it felt good because she had done something that was productive the day before. This was now her life and she had to accept it, she started to wonder what she would really be working as here?

Instead of just taking a small nap, she had ended up sleeping the whole night away, she finds herself in the blankets that are provided, and she wonders who put them over her?

She gets out of bed and looks at the alarm clock and she gasps in surprise. What the hell she was late for her class, she hops in the shower and she ties her hair into a messy bun and runs to practice. “Sorry, I’m late.”

“It’s your first time so I will let you off the hook this time.” as Dante smiles at her, thank goodness he doesn’t seem to be upset with her.
“Thank you.”
“Okay let’s recap what we did yesterday.” she nods, and they work through the whole day, “Punch, kick, dodge.” as she says to herself.

“Strengthen your shoulders and be bold, don’t hold back.” She finally manages to land a swift blow which knocks him backward. He looks at her in surprise and she can’t help but grin as she feels very proud of herself.

She grins, as she is revitalized. “Okay that’s it for today, we will do this every day, but you are improving.”

“Thank you.” as she grins at him. She walks to her room and sits on the edge of the bed. The whole day had gone by so quickly, she actually enjoyed training.

The water feels so good pounding on her skin, she savors the moment. She turns off the tap and wraps a towel around herself. She dries her hair and puts on her pajamas. Her stomach growls and she realizes that it has been a while since she had eaten.

She decides to go downstairs, she hears voices and she is not sure if she should go there. She decides to peek into the room and sees a bunch of girls sitting by the table. Who were they? She keeps on scanning the room and at the head of the table, there is Styles.

As if sensing her presence, he looks up and his eyes meet hers. He motions for her to come and sit down. She walks in tentatively, she is wearing pajamas and the other girls are wearing full glam, they even have make-up on. They pass to be a few years older than her, she would say they were twenty-four or five.

“Sit down Talia.”

“Okay.” as she fumbles with her pajama top. She walks to the chair and sits down. She seeds the other girls glaring at her.

“Great that you are finally joining us, Talia, I would like you to meet the girls in the Mafia.”

“Okay so first up this is Misty.” She looks at the red-headed green-eyed girl she was really beautiful. “That’s Layla.” as he points at the brunette with soft brown eyes, which she also is very beautiful, “that’s Jane” as he points at another brunette “and lastly Cassie, “the girl has blonde hair and green eyes she too is a stunner, all these girls could pass as models.

“She is the newbie?” as Cassie says.

She looks down, but why couldn’t she look up, these girls where all very beautiful. Would she be able to fit in at all?

She shakes it off and Matilda sets a plate in front of her. “Thank you.”
“You welcome dear.”

She digs into my food silently, and it tastes really delicious or was it added on by the fact that she was really hungry? “So how old are you new girl?” as Misty asks.

“I’m seventeen years old.”
“Really boss.”

“Yes.” as he replies. She carries on eating not wanting to be part of the conversation for more than she already had. They all carry on their conversation but she is too deep into thought to even care nor listen to what they are saying

She looks up again so that she can study their faces one more time and only to find Styles looking at her intently, when her eyes meet his, he turns away abruptly as if she had caught him. “I need to get back to my work, I hope you ladies are now ready.” as he gets up from his chair.

“We always ready.” as they all chip in.

And with that, he walks away without saying anything to her.

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