Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 29

Dante and she had been training for about a week now, she barely went to the dining room. If she wasn’t eating food by herself in her room, then she was training with Dante or by herself. She needed to be stronger and everything counted.

Today was the same, she had finished practicing with Dante and decided to carry on by herself. She was punching the punching bag, and imagined it to be Axel and vented all her anger on it as she punched and kicked it.

“Son of a bitch.” as she spoke to herself, cursing him out. She felt a hand go on her waist and they turned her torso slightly. Try to turn a fraction and she finds Styles, “With this angle, your kick and punch will have more effect and you won’t lose much energy with it.”


“Try it again.” Talia kicked the bag and punched it and he was right. It also felt much better to punch it at this angle.

“That’s it, do you want to try to fight me?”

“You?” she is taken aback.
“Come, let me see how much improvement you have made.”
“Okay.” She walks over, and stands opposite to him, she crouches a bit and she holds up her hands in front of me. He just stands there. She throws a punch which he blocks easily, she throws another one he blocks it again, after throwing a couple more and realizes there is no use because whatever she does, she will get blocked, so she will distract him with a punch which he blocks but she lands a kick onto his stomach which lands him on the floor.

“That is what I exactly like to see.” as he applauds me. She grins widely at his compliment. “Let’s go again, I won’t be easy on you this time.”
“Okay.” as she goes back to her stance, she goes back to her stance once more and they start fighting. He hits her, and she lands on the floor.

“Are you okay? Was I too hard on you?” when he has put his guard down, she pulls him down and he lands on top of her when she tries to pin his neck. He blocks her, and he pins her hands on either side of her face and now he is on top of her.

“You almost had me.” as he smiles at her.

“I have you.” as her legs go around his back, she pulls him down and he lands on top of her and she starts squeezing him.

He suddenly pulls back, and he pulls her up with him, she is left straddling him. Everything goes silent and all she can hear is just their breathing.

She jumps off him, “It’s clear that I lost.”

He chuckles. “but you are good, you can now put up a fight.”
“Yeah.” as she rubs her back.

“Why don’t you go and freshen up then come to dinner?”

“Okay.” as she scurries away, she goes back into her room. She sighs as she leans against the door. Why was her heart beating very fast?

She showers, and has dinner in her room instead, she needed time to think. The morning came and she went to train with Dante, half an hour later the girls walked in. “Well look who we have here, isn’t it the newbie.”
“Dante you may go we will help her with training.”
“Okay, have fun ladies.” as he leaves.
Why did he have to leave me with them?
“Don’t look so scared Talia.” as Jane teases. She says nothing as she just stands there.

“Let me test you out first.” as Cassie says. “Okay.” as she gets into her stance, they start to fight, and she is surprised that she is holding her ground with her, which makes her become more aggressive.

They keep at it, everything changes when Styles walks in and he watches them fight. It’s as if Cassie wants to impress him even more. She lunges harder at her, she keeps on blocking all her attacks until she lets her guard down and she lands a blow on her leg.

She loses balance and falls onto the ground, then Cassie steps on her leg “agghhh.” as she lets out a scream. “Enough Cassie.” as Styles rushes over.

She sees Cassie high-fiving the other girls, “are you okay?” as Styles stoops down and he assesses her leg. “Yes, I will just put some ice on it then I should be fine.”

When Talia wants to get up, Styles takes her hand and he puts her arm around his neck and he gently lifts her up from the ground bridal style. He holds her very close and on their way to her room they pass his other companions.

They all look at them weirdly, he puts her the bed gently and takes off her shoes and socks. There is a red ring on her leg. He puts a pillow underneath it, he goes to the bathroom and takes out the first aid kit.

He comes back, and he bandages her leg with so much care, “drink this.” as she takes the pills and drinks them.

A knock comes from the door, “Boss we need you.” She gets up and leaves Talia on the bed, she was already dozing off. So, he covers her with a blanket and switches off the light and closes the door.

He gets to the meeting room and he finds Ray, his second in charge. He pours her a drink. “Are you trying to sign her to come to our team?”

“Yes, that’s why I am being nice to her Ray.”
“Well, it doesn’t look like it to me.”
“Well, what does it look like?”

“It looks like you are trying to sign a marriage certificate.”
“What is this really about Ray?”
“It’s not about me Styles, it’s about you. Can’t you see yourself? I can see the way you look at her, and what was that?”


“Why were you carrying her?”
“She hurt her leg”
“Bullshit, she could have walked, you even put her inside the bed.”

“What do you want from me, Ray?”
“All I’m saying is if you go there with her, there will be hell to pay”

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