Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 3

Talia’s heart started beating wildly and she had sobered up a bit. She tried not to show her fear. Talia realized who he was. He had slightly moved from the door.

Confidence Talia is all it takes to walk out the door, surely Axel wouldn’t recognize her. She took a deep breath mentally and made her way out the door when she felt her wrist being yanked so hard and she was pushed against the wall.

“When did I say you can leave?” Axel had crouched to the same level as she was. His eyes were piercing.

“Do you really think that I forgot about yesterday?” he said as he was stroking her cheek. She gulped in fear and she was sure that the whole world could hear it.

What was wrong with this Psycho she thought, why was he bothering her so much.

She felt his hand lightly wrap around her throat squeezing it.“When I speak to you, you answer! am I clear?”

“Yes, Sir” she stammered.

“Good girl,” he replied.

Suddenly he moved aside “you may go.” She was so relieved, that she went fast before she could exit the door, he said, “by the way, I will be watching you tonight.”

Talia couldn’t respond to that so she just ran out of the bathroom to the dance floor. “More shots!” Mia exclaimed. “No Mia lets go!” she pleaded with her. “No Talia, don’t be like this, we haven’t been out in while, let’s have fun for the last time.”

Mia was right they deserved this night and she wasn’t going to ruin it for both of them, they downed more shots and went dancing.

She felt hands grab her waist and it was this hot guy and she was drunk and she started to sway to the music with him. After dancing a lot she felt exhausted.

She went to find Mia, and she was kissing some guy. “Mia it’s late, its two in the morning, let’s go.” “Talia please go alone, I will owe you one, please.” She couldn’t resist her, she pecked her cheeks and decided to go home alone.

She took off her black heels and made her way down. She didn’t have any money left, so she walked fast, huffing and puffing.

The back of her head started pricking and Talia knew someone was following her from behind. She turned a corner and started running fast when she felt headlights behind her and the car stopped, it was no use running, she couldn’t outrun a car.

She was heaving up and down when the door opened and she was pulled in the car. She fought hard, screaming and clawing. Suddenly a cloth fell over her face and she blacked out in a minute.

What was going to happen to her was Talia’s last thought when she succumbed to the darkness that followed.

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