Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 30

“I am going crazy here, Sophie.”

“I swear these were the places he took me when I was with him.”

He rakes his hands through his hair, it had been almost two weeks and there was no sign as to where Talia was, he thought he would have found her by now with Sophie’s help, but it was just dead end after another.

They had gone to every single place, ready to attack but we had found nothing. The places where cleaned or they were burnt down. There was no nice as to ever been a gang there, they had cleaned up their traces all too well.

“Axel you need to calm down, you are losing it.”

“Don’t fucken tell me what to and not what to do Sophie, I see you are forgetting to whom you speak to.”
“I was just trying to help.”
“Well, you are not.”
“Do you think she is still alive?”
“Don’t even dare go there, Talia is a fighter, I am not going to give up until I find her.”

“Well, you will lose everything if you keep going this way.”

“It’s fine, I am nothing without her.”

“What else are we going to do?”

“I don’t know yet, all I need is a trace as to where she might be.”

“What is she doesn’t want to be found Axel, she clearly left to her own accordance”

“You don’t know the whole story, and she will come back when I explain everything, I didn’t get a chance to”

“I think we have a lead” as London rushes in.

“What is it?”
“We found someone who worked for Styles for a long time and we can get him to speak.”

He quickly takes his revolver from the table and tucks it in. He follows London out before he is out the door “wait can I come with you guys?”
“No Sophie, what use would you be.” With that, he walks out and when he walks into the basement, he finds a guy sitting there. Axel pulls out his chair and sits across him.

“Do you know where Styles is?”
“If I do what do I get?”
“I will pay you whatever you want.”
“Well, I want to join your gang.”
“That’s not negotiable, I don’t take leftovers from others especially Styles.” He smirks a bit in response “well then there is no deal to be made here then.”
He takes out his revolver and scratches his head “You see I was being polite when I offered you a ransom but now we will do it my way, its either Styles secret place or your life.”
“Wow, I heard you were looking for some bitch, this is how the mighty Axel has fallen.” He hits him with his revolver and he is bleeding. “Let’s try that again, what is it that you were saying?”
He doesn’t respond but he just spits blood on the ground, He gets up and rolls the sleeves of his shirt up, “You know I have all day and I have a whole lot more men that will be waiting for their turn.”
He could see that he looked a bit frightened then he covered it up quickly which would make this process so much easier.

“I swear that’s all I know.” the guy had mentioned the exact same places as Sophie after a whole day of torturing him, what did that mean? Did it mean that Styles had a new hideout? And how long was he planning this for?

Axel went home to wash up, he needed to re-center his thoughts, He wasn’t functioning properly anymore. He hadn’t slept properly in a long time and when he tried to sleep, he always dreamed of Talia’s daunting eyes. He wanted to go back and tell her sooner as to why he had treated her the way he did. Axel could still remember her eyes when he had made her strip. He felt as if his heart was ripped out of him, but he couldn’t let her in on the plan. She had to be very convincing but now it was killing him, he didn’t get a chance to explain to her.

What if she was being tortured or even worse? He wished she were here with me, he wanted to see her eyes or when they lit up in surprise. He missed her small frame and her soothing voice, she had a beautiful smile and he remembered how shy she had seemed when she had approached her in her nightgown.

Now all that was plaguing Axel was the thought as to that she would hate him forever, and fear overwhelmed him and the thought that what if she never found her? Axel couldn’t let himself think that way, He had to find her even if it meant searching till the ends of the world.

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