Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 31

She couldn’t believe that it had been two weeks since she came here, her fighting skills had improved immensely as she had been training since the incidence with Cassie, she never wanted to be hurt like that again.

Her heart betrayed her, and she couldn’t help but think of Axel at times, small little things would trigger it. The more she tried to fight it the worse it became, it seemed like there was no point in trying but to go the long route.

She would suck it up and she will definitely move on, at times she would forget yet at other times Talia would get a flashback of when Axel had put flowers all over the room and when he had kissed her. She would be lost in a daydream but then she would wake up instantly and remember that he didn’t even try to come to find her.

And that anger would motivate and give her the energy to move on and carry on day by day. These were one of the nights that she couldn’t fall asleep, there was a bit of drizzle outside, rainy days were somber yet nice when she was sulking in bed.

She rolled over and saw it was twelve in the morning on the dot, she couldn’t sleep, yet she had a long day ahead of her tomorrow. She got up, so she could get some milk, so that she can fall asleep and be well rested for tomorrow.

She went downstairs and got some milk in the fridge, she warmed it up a bit and drank it. Surprisingly it tasted very nice, and it went down her throat very smoothly.

Talia switched off the kitchen light, and almost yelped when she saw, Styles, she could make out his face in the moonlight. He was sitting by the piano and he looked despondent. She walked over to him and thought he was sleeping.

She touched his hair lightly, and he roused. He looked up and smiled, he smelled of alcohol. Talia hadn’t seen him for a couple of days since the night he had bandaged her leg. He really stared at her and she shifted a bit.

“Are you okay?”

“Why can’t I remember my late wife’s face? All that I see is you.”
She tried to make out what he meant with those words, was he sad or was he grieving?“I’m sorry.” was all she could say.

He didn’t say anything, so she decided to speak again, “can you play the piano?”

“I can but I haven’t played since she died, sit.” as he pats the piano chair next to him. She sits down next to him and he opens the piano. She presses on the one key, and it makes a sound. Then he looks up and he touches a key, which harmonizes with hers, he adds on more keys, “Keep pressing that one.” as he murmurs.

Talia keeps on pressing it as he adds more keys, and wow the song that plays is so beautiful, it touches her heart and she is lost in it, she watches as his hands are moving on the piano, he really plays beautifully. She looks at his face and sees he is also getting lost in the music.

After playing for a while he stops, and he looks at her, “that’s my favorite song, it’s an Italian piece.” She also stops playing the key she was pressing, “It’s really beautiful.”

“You think so?”

“Yes.” as she responds to him, with all her sincerity as she meant every word she said. His playing was one where you would fall in love immediately, it was pure and untainted.

“It’s just that I haven’t played for years and I don’t know if my skills are still up to date.”

“No, you played magnificently, I even got lost in the music.” He sighs. “Why did you drink if you don’t mind me asking?” He looks down and after several minutes he answers “matters of the heart.” She waited for him to carry on. “One usually drinks to forget or numb their pain.”

“Yes.” after a long pause, she sees a tear roll down his cheek and his beautiful eyes glisten with tears. She puts her hand around his shoulder and he leans in and he presses his face on her shoulder, she embraces him.

She puts her other hand on his back and she lets him cry.

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