Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 32

The night that Styles had been drunk was forgotten since it was Him and her that only knew. She didn’t bring it up. If he wanted to bring it up he could but it was not her place to meddle with his business. Dante and she were becoming good friends.

She was getting ready because she was told that tonight she would be going on her first mission with the other girls and she was excited. Dante had nodded in approval that she was ready.

Talia was getting dressed in all black. She couldn’t let them down. They had faith in her that she could do it and tonight she would prove to them that she was more than capable of doing that.

She ties up her hair in a pony and secures it. She goes out to the front were there said they should all meet. She finds all the other girls already there. They are smoking. “Cute.” as Jane assess her outfit. She can tell that she is mocking her.

“Do you want some before we leave” and this time its Matilda who is holding out a cigarette. “No thanks. I don’t smoke.”

They all burst out laughing as if its some kind of joke. “She is too gentle.” As Layla scoffs at her. “You better not ruin anything new girl.” As she carries on. “I won’t.” as she tries to sound way more confident than she felt.

A black car arrives, and they all throw their cigarettes on the ground and they step on them until they are extinguished. They get into the car and she follows behind them. Inside Styles and Dante are sitting opposite to us.

She can feel Styles assessing her. “Are you all ready?” he asks us. “Yes.” as they all say in unison. She knows that they have arrived when the car slows down and then it comes to a halt.

“Talia you will come with me.” Before she could answer Cassie cuts her off “Boss she is a junior I think someone a bit more trained should come with you.”
“It’s okay. I think she would be safer with me in any case.” She realizes that Styles and she are dropping off. Talia notices that Styles is wearing a suit. “I am going to go and do some dealings. I need you to go and take this blueprint. It’s in one of the other rooms at the back. The blueprint is the reason we are here, and I am going to hold them off while you steal it.”

Her blood is high on adrenaline. “Yes, Sir!” Before she leaves Styles takes her mask that is resting on her neck and he covers her face. He looks at her directly in the eye “Be careful.”

“You too,” she replies.

She runs to the room as Styles is going to distract the dealers. She creeps slowly at the back making sure she doesn’t make a sound. She gets a bit worried at the thought that there might be a lot of guards. When she walks through, she sees they are being distracted by Cassie, Jane, Matilda, and Layla.

Makes sense as to why they all went. Cassie notices her and she looks away as she creeps through. She opens the room that she was told to go to and she starts searching frantically for the blueprint where could it be? She keeps on searching but she can’t find it and she feels as though she is running out of time.

She had to get her head in the game. Obviously, this blueprint was hidden in a very secret place. She starts to feel on the floor and she found what she was looking for, a secret compartment.

She opens it and bingo she found it. She takes it out and tucks it back into her belt.

She could sense that there was someone behind her. She immediately did exactly what Dante had taught her, and she swings back. But the person averts, and they start a series of blows and punches. It was one of the guards that were here.

Talia had to give it her all. She could not manage to disappoint anyone. She kicks the walkie talkie that he tries to grab. She lands a good blow which lands him on his knees. All of a sudden there is a silent sound and the guy is on the ground. Someone shot him before she manages to turn around.

She hears the sound again and there is a huge pain on the right side of her chest as she falls down. She sees that there is blood oozing from it.

He walks up to her and takes the blueprint as she is stuck on the ground. She felt helpless. she was going to disappoint them after all. Her eyes are closed shut. The pain is too much for her to focus on him.

Talia can hear him take out his gun. “Any last words?” She doesn’t open her eyes or say anything. “I will do you the honor of seeing your killer before you die.”

She turns away her face, but he brings it back to place. She opens her eyes as he rips off the mask. “No Talia! No!” as he sinks to the ground and he cradles her in his arms.

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