Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 33

Before she can see who it is everything turns black and she doesn’t try to fight it at all. She opens her eyes to a room that she has never been in before. Then all the memories came flooding back. She was shot, then she heard someone calling out her name. Now I’m here.

She gets up and feels sharp pain shooting up her shoulder. There is also a drip on my arm. She is in a hospital gown which meant she was at the hospital. She feels very dizzy, it probably was the morphine they were giving to her for the pain. She had been in a situation like this before. She balances herself as she gets up. The room spins and she waits for it to pass. When it passes she commences on her journey.

She needed to use the bathroom as she gets out of bed. She pulls the drip with it as she goes and opens the bathroom door. She switches on the light before going in.

She goes and sits gently on the toilet seat so that she doesn’t hurt her arm or loosen the drip. It felt great relieving herself. When she is done, she flushes the toilet and goes to the sink to wash her hands. She looks up at the mirror and she meets her gaze. She must say she looked like total shit. She looked pale, gaunt and her eyes had no spark in them.

She goes out of the bathroom and lets out a yelp when she finds Styles and Axel sitting in there. They all turn to her in unison and they stand up. They both look concerned and they both have guilt etched on their faces. What the hell where they both here for and at the same damn time. Thank goodness they can’t hear my thoughts.

She grips her drip and wheels it with her back to the bed. Axel takes a step forward to come and help her, “I’m fine. I can do it myself.” As her throat feels very dry and her voice is coming out groggily. She slowly sits down and lifts herself on the bed.

She looks to see if there is water. Bingo as she finds a glass and a jug of water next to her bed. She pours some and drinks it. It’s soothing as it goes down her throat. When she is done, she puts it back on the mantle. She presses the button for the nurse to come

Axel and Styles sit back down slowly. They are both looking at her quizzically. The door opens, and the nurse comes in.

“Are you okay mam?”
“No. May I please have something for the pain.”

“Okay. I will be back with it right away.”

She goes out. “Are you in pain?” as Styles asks in concern.

“Yes, I am.”

The nurse comes back with a bottle and a syringe. “I’m going to inject you with more morphine.”

“Okay.” As she braces herself for the injection. She had always hated them but if it meant it would take away the pain then so be it. She injects it slowly trying to not hurt me as much as possible. “Done.” as she bandages the part, she put the injection in.

“Is that all you need?”

“Yes, that’s all. Thank you”

“Pleasure. Call me if you need anything.” She eyes Axel and Styles weirdly as she goes out of the room.

She feels the morphine kicking in. She starts to feel herself go numb and dizzy at the same time. She was a lightweight and this is what she was hoping for. For the false courage to kick in.

She turns to address the two elephants in the room. “What am I supposed to do with the two of you?”

“I.” they both answer at the same time. Axel scowls at Styles. He also returns the favor.

Axel carries on “I want to speak to you. Alone.”

“No way.” as Styles interjects. “Do you forget that she is part of my team.”

Axel fires back “That’s cute. But don’t forget she is my wife.”

“You two are so loud so if you both don’t mind can you carry on your bickering outside its giving me a headache.” Before they can interrupt her, she carries on speaking “We can carry this on tomorrow. “As she yawns. She shoos them away.

They both look at her with disbelief in their eyes. Then they become a bit hesitant.

She closes her eyes and sinks into a slumber.

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