Meeting My Abductor Again

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Chapter 35

“Since you claim to have been looking for me. Tell me how you have been doing that exactly.”

“I know that it is hard to believe me. I swear on my life, Talia. I searched everywhere for you. I even ended up asking Sophie top to help me.”
She can’t help but sneer.

“Don’t you believe me?” as his voice is pleading.

“I believe you all right. But what I find pathetic of you is that we both know you didn’t call Sophie just to find me. You clearly had other agendas for her.”

“Are you fucken kidding me right now Talia. So, you think I called Sophie for sex.”
Talia shrugs her shoulders showing him that it was a possibility.

His voice is now booming at her. “I haven’t had sex with anyone else since our wedding night. Its just been you. Even before then, when I chased away Sophie. I haven’t been with another girl beside you!”

She searches his face and she can tell he is telling the truth. “You have so many resources Axel, but you claim you couldn’t find. Why didn’t you try harder.” Her voice breaks.

“I swear I did Talia. I was going crazy that I couldn’t find you.”

“Wait. How did you find me?”
He looks down and he doesn’t meet her eyes.

She enforces it more. “How did you then find me?”
“I..I was the one who shot you” as his voice was low.

A few minutes pass and she doesn’t say anything. “Talia please say something. I already feel like dying at the fact that I almost killed you.”
She can’t wrap my head around it.

“You killed that man and you were going to kill me if you hadn’t taken off my mask.” The words come out in a sob that she had been trying to hold back.

“Please don’t cry, Talia. I didn’t mean to. I would never do anything to hurt you. The fact that I almost took your life with my own bare hands gives me nightmares and I can’t process that.”

“You are only sorry because it was me. You would have just taken someone’s life just like that. Like it meant nothing and what scares me more was the fact that this time it was my life that was being gambled like it meant nothing. Like it was worth nothing.”

“You mean everything to me.”
“This isn’t about me. It’s about the lives that you take for granted. You don’t even care. To make it worse you are sinister. You told me I could meet my killer.”
“I know Talia.”

“I don’t think that you are capable of loving anyone but yourself. That’s why you don’t value peoples lives. You take them as if those people don’t have families or lives.”
“Its part of my job Talia. I have to do it. I have reasons for it.”
“Yes, you do. You prey on fear. You want everyone to fear the mighty Axel It’s now only different or excusable because it was me.”

He takes a step towards her and she flinches. He rakes his hand through his hair. “Please don’t tell me that you are afraid of me?” His voice is pleading with her.

“I can’t lie to you and say I don’t. I was having nightmares and now that I know it’s you it makes it even worse.”

“Please.” his voice sounds broken.

“You shot me.” as tears stream down her eyes.

“I know.” She can see that he wants to reach out but when he tries her eyes widen in fear and that’s enough to stop him dead in his tracks.

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